10 Best Pillows for People Who Can’t Sleep | Consumer Guide

10 Best Pillows for People Who Can't Sleep | Consumer Guide

Best Pillows for Sleeping – Top 10 List

If you’re in the market for a new set of pillows, be it because of a bad night’s sleep, neck and back pain or just simply because yours are getting tired, then we are here to help!

We’ve reviewed our 10 Best Pillows Online – take a look and find the set that will send you drifting off to the Land of Nod!

Reversible pillow with cooling gel on one side which disperses your body heat and helps you have a better, cooler night’s sleep overall, but will also mean that when you turn over that pillow — perfect coolness!

The premium memory foam construction helps support your neck and head, avoiding any uncomfortable nights or morning pains.

Naturally antibacterial and resistant to allergens and mold . It suits all kinds of sleepers, but memory foam pillows such as these are especially suitable for those with chronic pain , and this pillow is no different.

It’s perfect if you need a bit of added support. The cover is made of white spandex polyester for a better experience with the cool gel, but it is perhaps not the best choice if natural products are important to you. This cover is fully removable and washable. This is a brilliant memory foam option.

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This adjustable pillow is filled with a shredded memory foam , and the design means you can add or remove the foam according to your preferences, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

Made without chemicals, hypoallergenic and offering dust mite protection , this pillow offers it all. It is suitable for any sleep position, and you’re sure to enjoy going to bed with this pillow. It’s also machine washable , which is a great bonus, and the makers guarantee that it won’t go flat.

The fabric is a bamboo derived viscose rayon , which is ultra breathable and won’t retain heat.  This pillow is an adjustable cloud of happiness, and we love it!

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This is a premium pillow at a low price! The material that they are made from is super soft and luxurious: it’s a bamboo gel fiber filled pillow that guarantees softness and excellent sleep! They also come with a luxury bamboo cove r, which is a breathable, even more soft and supportive barrier, meaning you are even more likely to get that great sleep!

The cover has no-shift technology , which means it stays put, and your sleep stays undisturbed. No trouble falling asleep with this pillow!

They are also dust mite, mold and mildew resistant , as well as being allergen and chemical free, so if you suffer from asthma or have allergies, these be the perfect pillows for you! Additionally, they are fade and stain resistant, and machine washable . What more could you want?

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This microfiber filled pillow is a great down-alternative.

You want the comfort and feeling of down, but without the hefty price tag, or the potential allergies! These simple, yet effective pillows have a cotton/polyester blend cover , so perhaps aren’t the choice if you’re looking for something more natural or ecologically friendly, but if you just want a simple, comfortable pillow with a great feel that will replace your old ones, then these are the pillows for you.

The pillows are hand sewn and hand cut in a factory in the USA, so you can also be sure that you’re buying a nationally made product.

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Another gel filled pillow here, and only a little more expensive than the other pack we’ve included. So why these gel pillows? Well, mostly, they are just so amazingly comfortable that we had to include them!

They are soft and mold themselves to your sleeping style almost perfectly, so that good night’s sleep is right there with these — you just have to close your eyes. Dust mite, mold and mildew resistant too, so they will last, and last well. You won’t be buying another set of pillows for a while if you get these!

These are 5 star luxury gel pillows , with premium construction and a quality cotton shell. Sleeping on these pillows will be like sleeping on a cloud!

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A true memory foam  here. Memory foam is an amazing material — some people don’t like it for their pillows, but if you like a pillow with a firmer feel, memory foam is the way forward! And these pillows are an amazing price too!

They are extra firm, extra supportive and extra durable , and are perfect not just for helping your sleep, but are good lumbar support cushions, among other uses. It also has a dual surface so you can choose the best feel for you – rounded on one side, and flat on the other.

Another features is an infused  temperature regulating gel into the memory foam to avoid the overheating that sometimes occurs with memory foam, and well as including ventilation holes .

I really like this pillow, and think a good night’s sleep is practically guaranteed!

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If you’re looking for true luxury in bed, then these Hungarian goose down pillows are for you.

The price might seem a little high, but we think it’s worth it for the utter sensation of bliss you get from these pillows!

The outer material is 100% cotton, with 300 thread coun t, but inside you have 27 ounces of white goose down . It’s also hypoallergenic !

This pillow is perfect for side sleepers, as it is a little firmer than most down pillows. It is comfortable, soft and above all, a fantastic purchase for those of you who like an all natural with that added touch. Pillow will firm, retains its shape, and is even machine washable!

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If your budget won’t quite stretch to the Hungarian goose then this Hotel Pillow is a great option for you!

It’s not cheap, being 75% down (25% small feather) , but it is a more affordable alternative. The thread count of the cotton cover is 500, and it has a 60 ounce fill, so you are really getting bang for your buck with these pillows, if not quite the luxury of the previous set.

They are allergy free, and come in King size only.

These are also a softer down pillow if you aren’t a fan of a firm pillow. These pillows feel full and heavy, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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We are so impressed with this concept and don’t know how someone didn’t think of it sooner! The Pancake Pillow is an adaptable pillow where you can control the exact height and fill desired!

A fully customizable night’s sleep – we love it! With 300 thread count in a 100% cotton case these ingenious pillows don’t skimp on quality either. They come in a pack of two with an extra case free.

(Read our review of top bed sheets!)

Each pillow consists of 6 smaller inner pillows which are stackable and removable – meaning this pillow is perfect for every type of sleeper! They are filled with hypoallergenic puff microfiber , so are comfortable and durable too. It wears well and remained firm and comfortable even after prolonged use. 

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This antibacterial, anti -mite pillow set will also help you if you suffer from migraines or neck pain! The type of pillow that will make you feel like you’re vacationing at a 5-star-hotel.

These are filled with something we haven’t seen before:  hyper-fine silk velvet and high elastic cotton, and the filling ensures a great night’s sleep for everyone. It’s easy to clean, and can be machine washed on a cold cycle, and tumble dried on low. They are also fade and stain resistant.

This pillow gives you all the benefits of a feather pillow, without the feathers than can be so irritating to some. They are a great size, give great support and above all, are a great price!

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I think we can agree – there’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep. It sets you up all wrong for the day ahead; you don’t know whether you’re coming or going and well, it’s just all bad.

Having one of the best pillows available can make a world of difference to your sleep.

Did you know that as well as a whole range of different filling options there are pillows recommended for your sleep style? A stomach sleeper needs a different kind of pillow to someone who sleeps on their side, or back for example.

I personally need two medium soft pillows – I just can’t sleep well if I haven’t got some sort of support!

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