10 Most Terrifying Bathroom Design Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

One of the direst oversights is related to the cramped or awkward layout. Space comes at a premium in most bathrooms and to complete projects with flying colors, you have to make the most of what you have before you. Sounds simple? Well, it rarely is in practice.It goes without saying you must not fail to adhere to the building codes that prescribe a certain amount of space between fixtures. But, beyond that, a lack of space to work with is never to be used as an excuse. A tiny bathroom does not have to equal an inconvenient bathroom you know. It is possible to work miracles with a smart and creative layout. Thus, measure twice and cut once.Shop Designer Bathroom Accessories

Lackluster ventilation

The consequences of underperforming in the area of ventilation can be many. Most notably, the air in the bathroom easily becomes stinky and humid. Trapped in a small space, it breeds conditions that eventually cause various problems. They stimulate the growth of mold and mildew and make the metal rust.So, plan ventilation scheme right off the bat. Foster a good air flow with ceiling fans and natural ventilation options (adding a window). Usually, designers either opt for one, central overhead fixture or multiple units around the bathroom. Both approaches have their pros and cons you need to weigh. In any event, help people get rid of excess moisture and they will be more than grateful.

Lack of storage

Another grave mistake is not creating enough storage space. It is sure to give clients headaches and prevent them from fully enjoying and immersing in their private sanctuaries of relaxation. This is why one must always devise strategies for keeping clutter and mess at bay. There is no shortage of viable options in the market.Strive to maximize the vertical dimension and mount storage solutions like shelves and racks on the wall. This is something that ramps up storage capacities without occupying extra floor space. Likewise, always explore customized, built-in, and modular solutions. They cost a bit more, but pay rich dividends by enhancing functionality.A Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Mirrors

Falling for fads

In this line of work, keeping an eye on trends is always a good thing. This cannot be said about blindly following them, though. If you ask me, there is no need to overdo it with fleshy fixtures, bold colors, and crazy materials just because some designers thinks they are all the rage. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, to say the least.You are usually better off relying on classic aesthetics, neutral tones, and natural materials.  What is more, you can add a personal touch using accessories and small décor pieces. Another neat trick is to introduce pops of whimsical colors and texture here and there instead of slapping them everywhere. Learn to assess people’s sensibilities and respect their wishes gearing style.

Picking unsuitable materials

There are certain things in the world of design that should never be an afterthought. Materials certainly fall into that category. They matter a great deal and we should address a few more issues linked to their choice. For better or worse, we cannot just focus on the visual appeal when making decisions. People want products that are not a nightmare to maintain.Along the similar lines, you have to note that steamy and moisture-heavy climate of bathrooms is not the most forgiving one. You want those wallpapers to endure high humidity and cabinets to retain their shine for years to come. Products that are designed specifically to be used in these conditions are a safe bet. Experiment only within the boundaries of what is feasible and can withstand the heavy beating.A Comprehensive Guide to Shower Stools and Benches

Not looking at the big picture

When remodeling a bathroom, you are not working in an isolated design vacuum. In fact, a bathroom should never be a completely separate entity from the rest of the household, but its extension, preferably a crown jewel. So, you should not forget to take a stroll and see how other rooms look like.Carry that look and the feel of the home into the bathroom. Reflect main architectural, stylistic, and décor features. Capture the personality and taste of the inhabitants. Your signature elements should complement the appearance of the home. Creating an ultra-modern bathroom in a retro, traditional family home does not make much sense, does it?

Forgoing décor

A bathroom is not the room people typically associate with lovely décor. Well, this is an unfortunate presumption that restricts the bathroom to the role of a strictly utilitarian space. We argue that it can be much more. Interior design is advancing by leaps and bounds and encompassing new solutions. Visual bliss is attainable.Décor items are the key as they add to the sense of uniqueness and character. All the different pieces should create a cohesive impression. Then again, if you know what you are doing and have a knack for it, feel free to go for an eclectic style. And whatever you do, just avoid letting something like a toilet be the star of the show.

Overlooking future needs

It is surprising how many designers and their clients struggle to look beyond the horizon of today. They get caught up in evaluating what someone needs right now. Still, when envisioning a relatively small space like the bathroom, it is crucial to anticipate the future needs of all users as well, including those that are yet to come to the household. For instance, features like double vanities are a life-saver for new families expecting children. Also, you might want to see if it makes sense to make the bathroom more senior-friendly and prevent perilous slips and falls.  Ask families whether they plan to host aging parents or someone with limited mobility.

Disregarding eco-friendliness

There are more and more environmentally conscious customers who are recognizing water conservation as a major concern. All the flushing, bathing, showering, and hand washing can really increase utility bills and waste a ton of water resources.  This hurts the Mother Nature and the household budget.Fortunately, modern bathroom design is infused with green principles and solutions you should always consider. There are many inexpensive products such as low-flow showerheads, high-efficiency toilets, and auto-shut off faucets that make a big difference. To go an extra mile, consider integrating a gray water system.Read More About Three Design Styles Explained

Inadequate lighting

One of the big blemishes on the otherwise well-designed face of the bathroom can come in the form of a poor lighting. As a designer, you must never underestimate its profound power to highlight design features and elevate the whole style. Leaving these considerations for later stages is not recommended. Another reason is the purpose of lighting to provide usability to the space. So, it is always a good idea to take advantage of natural light, if possible. A large window is easily the best way to let the rejuvenating flood inside. But, even with it, it is necessary to add multiple layers of artificial lighting. Usual places to accommodate them are over a sink and mirror, as well as near the tub and shower.

Success by design

If you want to blow people away, there are many pieces of the puzzle that have to fall together seamlessly. Even what seems like a simple bathroom makeover can turn into a design nightmare. So, do your homework. Be aware and steer away from design mistakes that produce results that are disappointing, horrifying, and everything in between.Making compromises should never undermine the comfort and enjoyment. Envision a picture-perfect shrine of tranquility. Work magic with lighting and do not neglect the importance of storage and lighting. Navigate the labyrinth of important decisions and let people enjoy their peace and quiet. Create a stunning space that both enthralls with visuals and makes life easier with functional features.Now that you know what to avoid, do not hesitate to get your creative juices flowing.Shop Designer Bathroom Stools and Benches

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