10 ways to keep your bathroom clean and tidy

This is a practice that most people are NOT comfortable with, but leaving your dirty shoes way from your personal space will help you maintain a cleaner home and less exposed to harmful viruses and bacteria.

Keep the moisture out of your shower walls

A dry shower will keep the mildew and other harmful microorganisms away from your shower tracks, walls, and tiles. Use a shower squeegee to get rid of the water left on your shower doors and walls. The squeegee will remove anything you have left behind that will one day become soap scum. Yes! It is an extra effort, but squeegeeing away the water from your shower will really help you reduce the cleaning time in the long run.  Don’t forget to turn the exhaust fan on and open the bathroom doors (or windows) to dissipate a great deal of moisture out of your room.

Use hydrophobic products to coat shower doors & Walls

Use products that can help you repel water, minerals, and soap crust. This will save you a ton of time and unnecessary hard work. Why? Because whenever you have to clean the bathroom again, there is less for you to scrub away; just wipe it a little bit and your bathroom will look clean and shiny.

Get rid of the soap over the sink

Buy a good quality soap dispenser . We would recommend European brands such as Bella by agmHomeStore, Décor Walther, Aquanova, and Windisch. These Soap Dispensers are high quality products whose beauty and style will last almost forever.  The idea is to use liquid soap and eliminate the dirty soap dish. Liquid soap is the only way to keep your sink and countertop as clean as possible.

Use toothbrush holders

Toothbrush holders are necessary because it helps to keep the overall organization of your bathroom, save space, and keep your toothbrush safe and far from germs.

Organize your cabinets

We all want to have our cosmetic products and hair tools in one place; some may use the cabinets, other the vanities, but the majority for sure will put mostly everything on the countertop. Having all of your products in one or two beautiful bathroom organizers will help you create a clutter-free impression that instantly makes your bathroom look and feel pristine and beautiful.

Install wide towel bars or towel warmers

Have you ever gone to the bathroom to take a shower and find a wet towel halfway on top of the dried one? If this is your case, then you need a wider towel bar. With a wider towel bar, you can extend even more your bath towels and help them dry faster. If you don’t have enough space, consider a wall or standing towel rack or shower hooks. If you want to go even further, then you need a towel warmer so you can speed up your towel drying process.

Keep a good toilet brush & holder

A toilet bowl brush is an important part of your bathroom. It will help you keep your toilet free from sediments, mildew, and other things that’s better not to talk about. Toilet brushes come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, adding your bathroom a powerful sense of elegance and style.  

Use long lasting cleaners

There are thousands of products claiming to kill germs, but only a handful of them are proven to deliver the results they promise. For example: Cleaning products such as Mr. Clean, Lysol, Clorox, and PMR 86 are the most used in the cleaning industry.If you are an allergic type of person, please use a combination of vinegar, water, and a bit of baking soda. Baking soda and vinegar are two powerful products people love to use for cleaning. Both Vinegar and baking soda have their own sanitizing perks. For example: Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and a fine abrasive. On the other hand, vinegar is great at removing hard water stain. When you combine both products, you are mixing an acid (vinegar) and a base (Baking Soda) which creates a powerful cleaning product.

Keep disinfecting wipes under the sink

Having disinfecting wipes at hand will help you clean toothpaste splatters, water marks, toilet lid stains, and other messes. This way you will avoid the accumulation of dirt that usually are hard to remove. It is very important to keep your bathroom sanitized and free from germs.

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