5 Game of Thrones Design Ideas You Can Bring to Your Home

The battle for the Iron Throne is reaching its climax and the hype is going through the roof. The ripples of this global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones can be felt throughout our real world, including the realm of interior design.We all have our favorite heroes and factions, so let them be your guiding light when bringing the captivating world of Westeros to your home. Let this majestic world inspire your decorating and renovating projects and make the magic happen!

The cold winds arise

The interior design styles and tastes differ, but let us assume you want to rule the seven kingdoms from the comfort of your home. Well, in case you have a favorite great house, there goes the model for your home.For instance, if your heart is with the Starks in the cold north, you better stock up on warm accents such as fuzzy blankets, faux wolfskin, wooden furniture, cozy rugs, throw pillows, and hand-woven tapestries. The winter is coming so give your rooms a proper seasonal update.

Grandeur of the capital

For those yearning for the splendor of the King’s Landing, the good news is that there is no shortage of cool interior design ideas for your rooms. Summon a bit of luxury with the hallmarks of the capital’s court: gilded goblets, crystal chandeliers, floral curtains, ornate candleholders, and discrete shrines.Furthermore, add antique stools & benches and velvet fabric to bring some medieval historic flavor. The Lannisters, who currently hold the city, seem to adore yellow, crimson, and red, so use these colors strategically.

What is dead may never die

The Greyjoys may not be the most valiant of houses, but their seafaring kingdom offers some great designer ideas. Thus, you might want to embrace a unique style that echoes the raw beauty and crudeness of the Pike.Consider nautical accents and décor vaguely inspired by the exploits of the Vikings. Put a poster of a Drowned God on the wall and see if you can get your hands on a miniature wooden ship. The paint color of choice for the walls should be gray, obviously. 

A personal temple

Next, go ahead and assemble your sanctuary of relaxation, a designer bathroom influenced by the Game of Thrones. You can give it a royal treatment and invest in some designer accessories and centerpieces like mirrors, vanities, sinks, or cabinets. Golden elements in the form of designer showers will make you feel like a mother of dragons or a distinguished member of House Lannister, whatever pleases you more. Finally, check out amazing free-standing bathtubs and melt the stress away after you grow tired or overseeing your small kingdom.

Overseas adventuring

Daenerys Targaryen has finally set foot on shores of Westeros, but in previous seasons we got to see some breathtaking cities across the Narrow Sea thanks to her, such as Meereen. There, the rulers like things big, lavish, and preferably made of rustic stone.So, mix contemporary and traditional accent to pull off a sophisticated look. Implement oriental rugs, gold accents, and an oversized bed. Feel free to explore gothic, Moroccan, and Greek styles as they obviously influenced George R.R Martin when he was creating the “free cities”.

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