5 Samsung Refrigerators for Your Kitchen Renovation – Full Review

5 Samsung Refrigerators for Your Kitchen Renovation - Full Review

We’re still planning that dream kitchen. Everyone wants one! I know rather than a wedding book or idea bank in my head as a child I had a kitchen book instead, full of ideas of kitchen islands, large fridges full of space for healthy yet stylish food, breakfast bars…I still haven’t got that kitchen, but hey, a girl can dream. 

Today I’m dreaming of that fridge: you know, that massive fridge with the doors that open out to all your neatly arranged food; the one with an ice dispenser; the one with individually temperature controlled drawers to keep your vegetables fresh for longer; be even the one that makes your shopping list for you.

We’ve reviewed our top 5 Samsung refrigerators. Samsung be isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to fridges, but they create stylish, innovative and above all practical fridges that are just perfect for replacing your current fridge, or going all out and fitting into a kitchen renovation.

#1.) Counter Depth Euro Chef Refrigerator – best luxury purchase

This top rated fridge is the most expensive of the ones we reviewed, but boy, is it worth it! This state-of-the-art refrigerator has a capacity of 12 cubic feet , and is counter depth , giving you more space within your kitchen. This fridge can blend seamlessly into the construction of your kitchen, meaning it will never look out of place.

This model is also highly versatile: it has a special 4th drawer that can function as a fridge or a freezer, with 4 different temperature modes (fridge, chilled, soft-freeze or frozen) which is perfect for all you chefs out there, or just for people who vary the type of foods they have in their house on a regular basis. How often have you run out of space in your freezer? No worries with this fridge!

Twin Cooling Plus technology keeps your fresh food fresh and your frozen food well frozen, without the risk of freezer burn ruining the taste and texture. This model even comes with a stainless steel Chef Pan for pulling food directly out of the fridge and into the oven, in addition to the standard features of a door alarm, LED lighting and basic blue display options ! This refrigerator will not disappoint you!

  • Pros: stylish, and looks great in your kitchen
  • Cons: the price is a little high, and it doesn’t have an external ice/water dispenser

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#2.) French Door Refrigerator with CoolSelect Pantry – Best on Size

I love fridges that open wide and let me really see what I’ve got in there. It helps avoid that lost packet of food slowly fermenting in the back corner! With French doors , this fridge really lets you see inside its massive 28 cubic feet of space . Not only that, but adjustable shelving means you can always accommodate taller items. The other key feature of this fridge is the Cool Select Pantry: choose the optimal temperature, and separately store fruit and cheese trays. Perfect for entertaining!

This fridge also features the Twin Cooling System of the other more expensive model we reviewed, but additionally comes with an external water and ice dispenser – great for cold drinks on the go on hot days. It also has an Icemaster section inside, to help keep drinks even colder. Plus, this model is Energy Star rated, so you’re helping out the environment a little!

With the standard features of door lock, alarm, blue display and internal LED lighting , this large fridge is a great option!

  • Pros: huge storage space and adjustable shelving
  • Cons: be too large for some kitchens

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#3.) 4-Door French Door Food Showcase Refrigerator – best for families

This model, also at 28 cubic feet , is even more apt for showcasing your fantastic cooking and foods. It has 4 doors , and comes with Showcase technology . This gives you easy access to on-the-go items like drinks and snacks from the Showcase side, whereas the InnerCase lets you store larger fresher food items. Not only that, but this flexibility means that you can organise this fridge easily by food or even by family member! Perfect for encouraging your kids to pack their own lunches, or making sure they know not to touch a certain item!

Samsung’s Metal Cooling system means that your food stays cold and fresher for longer. This model has stainless steel panelling which keeps temperatures constant. And again, this fridge comes with the Twin Cooling system, LED lighting (which keeps temperatures lower within the fridge, is more energy efficient and  saves space compared to regular bulbs) and a space saving IceMaker to produce up to 10lbs of ice per day — imagine those hot summer days with this fridge producing ice for you!

  • Pros: able to organise and access food/drinks easily
  • Cons: it be too large for some kitchens

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#4.) Top Freezer Refrigerator with FlexZone – best budget buy

This fridge be the cheapest of the 5 we reviewed, but it packs a punch in terms of features for the price! Most noteably, FlexZone technology means you can convert this model from fridge to freezer and vice versa. Perfect for when there’s just too much food to fit in the freezer, or when a big event is coming up and you need more fridge space! Adjustable shelves also help with this.

Again, this fridge has the Twin Cooling system . It does not have an external ice dispenser, which is a small disappointment, but the price makes up for this — plus it does have an internal automatic ice maker to produce up to 3.7lbs of ice per day. Another great feature is the sliding pantry tray which lets you easily access your favorite foods, and perhaps best of all, a reversable door — so you can choose the direction it opens in! Great for kitchens with less space.

  • Pros: low cost with good features
  • Cons: lacks some of the more advanced features of other models

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#5.) 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub – best for the future home

This refrigerator is for you technology lovers! Samsung FamilyHub lets you manage your food, family and entertainment — all from your fridge, on a 21 inch connected touchscreen ! Food Management lets you create shopping lists, and see inside the fridge with built in cameras (you don’t even have to open the door!) as well as set expiration notifications so you can keep track of all your food items. Family Connection lets you connect multiple calendars, photos, notes and memos directly, and finally Entertainment allows to you stream music and videos as well as watch Samsung TV on the touchscreen, as well as being able to download apps like Spotify! This fridge has it all, and we love its connectivity.

But aside from being technologically savvy, this fridge has all the great technology we’ve seen in other models: Flex Zone, Ice Master, External Ice Dispenser — but it also has a Triple Cooling System and is Energy Star rated. This fridge has it all.

  • Pros:  great connectivity for organising your family life
  • Cons: can be tricky to sync non-Samsung products

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