7 Best Electronic Razor Brands – Product Reviews

7 Best Electronic Razor Brands - Product Reviews

In need of a new razor this Fall season?

Check out our wishlist of the 7 best electric razor brands and models. Most are available online or at your local retail store!

#1.) Philips S1510/04 – basic (but effective!)

A complete package from Philips at a great price! You can achieve a quick and comfortable shave daily! The blades of this great razor are specially designed to achieve a subtle glide on the skin. Thanks to the rounded edges, shaving can be done quickly without damaging the skin. In addition, thanks to its great design, it adjusts to the contour of your neck and face – you’ll get a brilliantly close shave.

This is a corded model, which could be an issue for some, as it can make shaving more uncomfortable. However, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to charge up the shaver, discovering its got no charge in the morning and having to go to work with a unkept beard. You do have to remove the heads to wash them, but once removed you can easily run them under the faucet to clean them quickly. This is a simple, but reliable shaver.

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#2.) Philips S5110/06 – for guys in a hurry

Always in a rush in the mornings and struggle to find time for your shave? With this Philips branded model you can achieve a great finish in a hurry. It has flexible heads that move in 5 directions independently.  Each movement of your hand is matched by the movement of the heads, adapting to the unique contours of your skin.

Thanks to the precision trimmer, you can get that all important finishing touch to your beard or moustache. It’s also perfect if you decide to leave sideburns.

Finally, this shaver runs cordlessly for a brilliant 40 minutes, merely requiring you to charge the low-power battery for 1 hour. However, a quick shave every day  only needs a brief 5 minute charge. And as a final plus, this shaver is easy to clean.

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#3.) Braun Series 7 720 s-6 – intelligent design

Another Braun shaver for our list! This high-quality model with intelligent technology is a brilliant shaver. The main advantage is that it has 3 possible shaving modes: strong, normal and extra-sensitive. Thanks to all these options, shaving can be adjusted to suit each skin type  beard thickness. It’s the perfect model for those with sensitive skin who want an easier time shaving.

With this unique system, efficiency is maximized while achieving soft skin. And thanks to the fact that irritations are avoided, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting shave like never before. Who wouldn’t want a shave like that! Fewer shaves = more time for sleep in the mornings, and everyone knows more sleep is a good thing.

Finally, this razor is fantastically easy to clean, as it is completely waterproof.

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#4.) Braun HC 5090 HairClipper – inexpensive but complete

This inexpensive Braun brand model is completely washable and waterproof. It comes with 2 combs with 6 adjustable cutting lengths. For those 3-day beards, using it without the additional comb allows you to achieve a cut of 1 and 11 millimeters. As soon as the comb is used, you can choose a length between 10 and 20 millimetres. To set the length, you simply need to move a finger.

This shaver gives you 40 minutes of cordless operation after charging the battery for 1 hour. And this shaver won’t get weaker has its battery runs down – thanks to its battery system, the cutting power remains constant. With this model you experience a personal touch to your beard styling due to the precise trimming system. And finally, with the non-slip grip you can comfortably handle the razor and define the style of your beard. Looking good!

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#5.) SERKER, 3-in-1 – sensitive for souls

Perfect model for those with a more sensitive skin. It has a 3-step cutting system and also has 2 blade levels to help care for your skin. In addition, the shaver has special grooves for different lengths of hair, thus avoiding uncomfortable pulling and reducing the risk of cuts. It also has a high precision trimmer. If you’ve got a stylishy trimmed beard, or long for perfect sideburns, then this is the shaver for you!

This shaver has a very useful small light that provides information on the battery status. You’ll need 8 hours for a full charge that allows the shaver to run continuously for 60 minutes. you’re not going to have any problems with your daily shave with this razor! And to avoid problems with battery life, this model has inbuild protection to help prevent power overloads. Finally, in order to make the shaver easier to clean, this model includes a cleaning brush.

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# 6.) Braun MultiGroomer MG5090 – all over use

This model lets you shave any area of your body. Braun has created a unique 3 in 1 product: it removes, shaves and trims hair. It also has all the necessary accessories for each function, such as a part for sensitive areas, a shaving head and a trimming head.

Because this shaver is 100% waterproof, you can shave in the shower. This way, your shave will become an integrated part of your grooming routine.

Finally, we can also point out that thanks to its maximum flexibility system, you can use this shaver anywhere on the body. Its 40 cutting teeth also remove hair down to half a millimetre. And the special head for sensitive areas allows for a close shave and finish without risk of cuts or irritations.

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#7 .) Remington R95 Dual Track – for travelers

Shaving whilst you’re travelling can be a real hassle. You don’t want to take up space with your usual shaver, but you don’t want to go unshaver either. The Remington travel shaver is the perfect solution. Simple, yet complete,  it has blades for double-sided cutting, achieving an exceptional cut. In addition, its 2 independent heads ensure that no area is left untouched.

The design is particularly compact and lightweight, so it takes up practically no space in your luggage or gym bag.  The charge lasts for 30 minutes, so it’s perfect for not having to rely on cables wherever you use it. You’ll need 8 hours to achieve full charge, but you can spread your usage out and plan when to recharge it. Its universal voltage makes it easy to use in different locations worldwide. Finally, a practical protective cover will prevent the head from being damaged in transit.

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