7 Great Resources for Bathroom Design

Similarly to the fashion magazine called Elle, Elle Décor is all about style, luxury, and impeccable taste. For a designer who needs something that looks rich and perfect, this is a great place to check out because the site is full of modern editorials and useful articles. The pictures they use are all original and made of the highest quality, and you can find a lot of discussions, news, and general info about the latest trends in the industry. Elle Décor truly is very contemporary, so it’s a great place for someone who likes keeping up with the trends.When it comes to bathroom décor, there are a tons of articles that you can use. From simple inspiration ideas to actual functional tips, here is where you’ll find the beauty you need to motivate you to work. Bear in mind, though—Elle Décor doesn’t really do cheap. It’s a great site but it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for budget-friendly options, so set aside some money if you plan to buy any pieces based on their recommendations.

The Spruce

This is one of the most creative sites when it comes to any kind of design, and both professionals and people who are simply looking to beautify their home a little will be happy to browse through it. The Spruce is lovely because they place value on practicality and real-life, easily-applied tips, so if you need some legit advice on how you can make something work, this is just the place to be.If Elle Décor is too expensive for you, The Spruce is going to delight you because they tend to offer a wide variety of inspirational articles that can suit anyone’s needs. Their bathroom decoration ideas are spectacularly easy to apply to any kind of home, and their remodeling tips are always easy to follow and make a lot of sense. They do have a unique perspective on bathroom ideas in a sense that everything they suggest seems to be aimed at both beauty and comfort, so here you’ll find the kind of functional aesthetic that will transform your bathroom into a true place of joy.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful is a colorful, preppy site that places a lot of emphasis on art. They are innovative and creative, but they also offer a lot of very useful remodeling tips and they write absolutely great DIY articles that people of any skill can follow and enjoy. If you want a clear, easy site that always gets to the point, you’ll like it here.When it comes to bathroom design, they usually suggest very chic, slightly retro options, and there are quite a few articles on vintage beauty and colorful, feminine decorations. Their article on outdoor showers is also great for people who are remodeling a house with a big garden because it can be a very interesting, unique detail to add. You can also find a lot of tips on how to decorate smaller bathrooms to make them look bigger, which accessories to add to increase functionality, and even which floor tiling to pick if you’re trying to color-coordinate everything in a room.

Ideal Home

If you like design, you’ve probably already bought a few Ideal Home magazines. Luckily, they also have an online site that’s very similar to it! Here you’ll find a good variety of quality pictures and inspiration that you can use, and they generally try to pander to a wide audience so there’s definitely something for everyone. One part of their site is dedicated to news and trend following, but a larger part of it is all about tips and tutorials.They have a whole section dedicated to bathrooms and they recognize the importance of making it one of the most relaxing rooms in the house. They divide their design ideas into traditional, modern, and country pictures, so you can pick something that will suit the tone of the house. Check out their article on transforming small spaces into additional bathrooms if you’re looking for some cool unique ideas that you can use.

Apartment Therapy

This minimalist site is a great resource for a young designer. Apartment Therapy launched back in 2001, and since then they slowly grew to become one of the more important media corporations in the industry. Their lead designer is Maxwell Ryan, who is known as “the apartment therapist” because he’s got a great knack for transforming seemingly hopeless spaces into something absolutely beautiful.Seeing as how they’re all about big transformations, here you can find expert bathroom design tips that will make your life a lot easier because they’re genuinely useful and easy to apply. They have a lot of “before and after” articles that showcase what a little creativity can do even for the shabbiest of spaces, so this can really encourage you to try hard and use your ideas to transform any room. It’s not just about designing new bathrooms, it’s about remodeling and redesigning old ones that need a makeover, so it’s great for people who don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch.

Martha Stewart

 Marta Stewart is one of the most famous media personalities around, and she’s known for her iconic magazine that you can enjoy online. While most people associate her with cooking and weddings, her original site has quite a bit of info about home décor and offers advice on utilizing your ideas to beautify any space. From money-saving DIY projects to organization tips, there’s much to be found here.Of course, bathroom-related tips are also great, but they are aimed more at an everyday person who needs a clever trick to bring life to this room rather than a professional who’s only exclusively focused on modern decorations. You will also find decluttering tips to make your bathroom look neater and more polished, and even advice on how to make it more eco-friendly. Use this site if you’re leaning towards practicality and want to keep everything affordable, traditionally pretty, and clean.


Houzz is a spectacular resource aimed at true professional designers. Not only does it offer incredible, high-quality photographs that you can use for inspiration, it’s also a shop where you can find good furniture and ornaments to complement any room in the house. It’s run by a married couple who wanted to help people that were remodeling their homes, and has since grown into a huge community of 40 million people all around the world.If you like their aesthetics, you’ll love their bathroom design ideas. They offer a lot of advice and real-life examples of shower, bath, and tile remodeling, and you can find plenty of makeover ideas. Their bathrooms tend to incorporate a lot of light-colored tiles and traditional settings, and they’re all about making it look clean and neat. Through their site, you can also hire professionals to help you remodel anything and everything, and to generally put your ideas into action.We live in a modern age, so using these internet resources is the most natural thing to do. Check out these sites and enjoy becoming inspired and motivated to design some gorgeous bathrooms!

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