7 Most Popular Makeup Mirror and WHY

Bella by AGM Home Store Polished Chrome One Sided Magnifying 5x Makeup Mirror is made of brass. The background of the mirror is painted black and its elegant form fits into any space. It is very practical because it can be a free-standing mirror, but it can also be fixed to the wall if you wish. Extra stability is provided with assistance magnetic ball joints.Magnification is very good, and it shows all “granny hair”and minor irregularities.This mirror has a curved rectangular shape (14cm x 20 cm) and it looks very modern and elegant.Note: It’s not very expensive, it costs only 68$, and can be delivered very fast!

Bella Jasmin

Here is a cute, small, round mirror, extremely functional, which is also a nice addition to any beauty corner. Bella Jasmin mirror does not take up much space. It has a magnetic joint (It’s so cool!) which allows you to turn the mirror in the desired direction.The elegant charm is given by the borderless frame with subtle LED lighting (electricity saving, energy efficiency class A). It owns a universal USB connection, and also you can use batteries (3xAA) which are not included in the delivery.

Striking beauty DORMIC BRITTA

Beautiful Dormic Britta Collection is a synonym for modern design and simplicity. And also for long lasting durability and resistance. You may choose between freestanding  or wall mounted mirrors.Britta Free Standing 3X Cosmetic Makeup Magnifying Mirror is round ( 7.9W x 7.3D x 13H in.) and it is coated with lead-free paint. You can opt for black or white coating with gloss or a simple matte finish. This mirror is made of brass and it has corrosion protection. It is adjustable and can be easily placed in the desired position. A Britta free standing mirror easily fits into any interior. It has a simple and elegant design and is very practical to use. It costs 296$.Wall mounted Dormic Britta has a double arm, it is adjustable, practical and still looks fantastic…Installation is simple (double pitch screw) and it is easy to place on any surface.This model is a complete hit because it’s very extremely stylish.


Is your makeup corner or bathroom spacious enough to fit a fine wall mirror? If the answer is yes then we have a solution for you….a great choice is a light mirror of clean lines that will easily fit into any space…Decor Walther SPACE Wall mirror is frameless , rectangular with beveled clear edge. The glass is cut at a specific angle to give an elegant and refined look. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.This mirror will make the room look bigger and more airy. It will instantly add a touch of light to the room.But remember, what is reflected in the mirror is also important … let it not be a toilet bowl by any chance. So, choose the right position for the wall mirror…Decor Walther TS 1 Hand Cosmetic Makeup Pocket Magnifying Mirror 7X with LED Light is small  enough to fit in a pocket or letter bag (3.7Wx4Dx0.98H in.).It is ideal for travel (because you can carry it everywhere with you). Also, it is a lovely little detail for your purse, and we can freely say that it is a fashion accessory that whispers that you’re a one classy lady.Color of this hand mirror is just magnificent, the glossy polished chrome is very elegant and modern.LED light and magnification of 7x gives a complete insight into every pore of your face.Powered by battery xCR2032,#V (button cell).

Something a bit different – Irresistible Windish Collection

Starlight Square 5x Rectangular Magnifying ADJ Mirror with brass and Swarovski crystals is one of the most elegant parts of every bathroom or make up room.If you want to invest in quality and attractive design than this mirror is the right thing for you. Although the price is a little bit higher (970$), it is worth every penny.Tip plus:To emphasize the beauty of this piece for decoration, you can also place a crystal vase with delicate white flowers on the dressing table.Elegant color of polished chrome or polished gold…it’s up to you to choose. In any case, this mirror is a real eye catcher and attracts everyone’s attention.


Aquanova Moon Stainless Steel Free Standing Cosmetic Makeup Square 2x Magnifying Mirror it is made of stainless steel. You can choose the color of the coating – a subtle white color or a strict but effective black shade…When you turn the mirror on the other side, you will get a  2x magnifying glass of exceptional precision.This cute little helper is very practical, easy to use and takes up very little space (dimensions:5.5Wx6.7×13.4H in.). It doesn’t cost much either, just 70$.This mirror is ideal for dressing tables and it easily fits into interiors inspired by romance and girls’ rooms in which the toilet mirror is a necessary detail.AGM Home Store in its range has a large number of beautiful and practical mirrors suitable for every home. See our offer and choose your favorites…

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