8 Best Baby Monitors for 2022

8 Best Baby Monitors for 2022

Your baby is the most important thing in your life, and of course you worry about them. That worry doesn’t stop when you go to sleep! You want to ensure that your baby is safe, secure and sleeping sounding. I’m not a parent myself, but on the occasions when I’ve looked after babies overnight, I’m always glued to the baby monitor listening for the sounds of their breathing, checking that they are okay!

Thankfully, there are a range of products on the market to help alleviate this worry, for all budgets and styles, whether you just want audio or whether video monitors bring you that extra piece of mind. We’ve reviewed our 8 Best Baby Monitors for to help you make this incredibly important choice.

#8.) Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This portable video monitor is one of the more expensive options on the market at $169.99 , but it comes with many excellent features to give you peace of mind that make it worth the price. A best-seller on Amazon, this monitor comes with interchangeable optical lenses , so you always get the best image possible of your child. The optical lens means that you can customize the camera performance with quick change lenses, giving you normal, zoom or wide angle options. You choose the option that best fits the environment and your needs at that moment. Close up zoom is perfect for when your infant is young, but as they grow and become more mobile you can switch to a wide angle lens giving you a full view of the room.

The large 3.5 inch LCD display in a unit with a retractable antenna, is noise-activated, so if you baby wakes up or makes some other noise, the screen will switch on so you can immediately see what is happening. The charge time on this unit is impressive: on full charge it will last for up to 10 hours in power saving mode or 6 hours with the screen continuously on . The secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission also provides 100% digital privacy with delay-free video and audio playback.

Other brilliant features include invisible IR night vision; remote panning, tilt and zoom; alarm function; scan mode (with add on cameras); two-way talk and remote temperature display . You can also expand your system to up to 4 connected cameras. You can charge it from any USB plug or laptop, making it quick and easy to power up.

  • Pros: excellent camera, easy set up, adjustable alert volumes
  • Cons: night vision can be unclear, reception can vary

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#7.) Xinmaker Smart Baby Monitor with Camera

Another video monitor here, but at around half the price of our previous option, at $79.49 . This monitor has a 3.2 inch high contrast color LCD screen , with a 1080 pixel resolution display to give you clear and sharp images of your baby. It has automatic night vision of up to 15 feet, and includes a temperature monitor to make sure baby isn’t too hot or too cold at night. In VOX mode the LI-Ion battery lasts for up to 20 hours from one full charge. With a transmission range of 960 feet , you can rest assured that you’ll be able to check up on your child wherever you are in the house. The monitor can also play one of 8 soothing lullabies , or allow you to speak to your baby via two-way talk . Sound activated LEDs on the parent unit will light up if sounds are detected from baby and the unit will automatically wake up and start transmitting sound and visuals.

  • Pros: clear video and sound quality, well constructed
  • Cons: battery can run down quickly in video mode, slight delay on transmitting sounds

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#6.) Beleef Video Infrared Night Vision Camera

This is a very similar option to the previous camera, but at a slightly cheaper price. If you’re happy to have a smaller screen, you prefer to save a few dollars and go with this option at $74.99. Again, this monitor has a high contrast color LCD display of 2.5 inches, with automatic infrared night vision – you’ll always be able to see your baby. The sound is of great quality, and there is also a two-way talkback feature so you can be there with your child even if you’re not physically there. 3 classic lullabies are built into the monitor, and this music automatically fades out in 40 minutes, helping you and baby have a peaceful night’s sleep. The VOX mode saves power by using only audio, and you can easily turn the screen on and off with one click. There is no automatic switch on though, so you will have to rely on sound if you use this mode. A 900 feet range ensures that you will always have a connection with your baby and if you do move out of range, the unit will emit a no signal alarm so that you can get back in range and connect with your child.

The battery charge only allows for 3 hours of use in video mode, which is one of the downsides of this monitor, but it is easy to set up, and you can always keep it plugged in with the long power cable provided. It also features a temperature monitor .

  • Pros: clear picture, good two-way audio
  • Cons: short battery life, volume can be too loud, even on lowest setting.

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#5.) Smilism Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Camera

This monitor, at $79.99 features a 2.4 inch high quality screen , with LED lights that indicate the sound level in the room. With just a glance you’ll be able to tell how your baby is doing. A great feature of this monitor is the 360° adjustable camera . It has manual 360° pan and a 60° tilt so you can make the monitor fit your needs exactly. It also features two-way video talk , helping you to soothe your baby when you can’t be in the room. When fully charged, and in ECO mode, the usage time is up to 12 hours . In this mode, the video screen turns off until it detects sound from the child. There is also automatic infrared night vision which adjusts to the level of light in the room and shows you a clear black and white image of your baby . Temperature monitoring helps you to keep track of the level of cold or heat in the room, and adjust accordingly for your baby’s comfort. There are also 4 inbuilt lullabies to help baby fall asleep, and a zoom function on the camera so you can check up a little closer on your sleeping angel.

You can also expand the system with up to 4 connected cameras , and you don’t need to connect to wifi, so no worry about being hacked. The range is an impressive 960 feet.

  • Pros: great signal strength and video quality, small and light, good battery life
  • Cons: no wide-angle view, can tip over easily when connected to power cable

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#4.) Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

The first of our non-video monitors to be reviewed, and a very recognized and trustworthy name, Philips AVENT make many high quality baby products, and this monitor is no different. This monitor uses DECT technology to ensure zero interference with a range up to 900 feet . You can control the parent unit with a power cable or via batteries, allowing you freedom to move around the house as you need! 5 sound activiated LED lights show the sound level with an easy visual, and there is also a comfort nightlight to help keep baby calm and sleeping through the night. Like many monitors, this also has a smart ECO mode for energy efficiency.

The AVENT DECT monitor gives you long usage, clear sound quality and a range warning , so you’ll always feel well connected to your baby. On full batteries (easily purchased AA batteries – you could also get rechargeable ones to save money!) this unit lasts for up to 24 hours , much longer than any of the video models, so if operating time is important to you, this monitor is the way forward, and at a price of $37.00 , it’s also a great budget option.

  • Pros: brilliantly clear sound, very sensitive to sound, great value
  • Cons: no video image, can interfere with other DECT technologies, having to change batteries

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#3.) ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Camera

Back to video enabled monitors now, with this version from ANMEATE. This monitor guarantees and stable and reliable signal using 2.5GHz of wireless digital signal, and an interference free connection. You can expand the parent unit with 4 baby unit cameras, allowing you to look after more than one child in more than one room! With this model, at $74.99 , you get super clear pictures day and night, with night vision mode. Two-way talkback is included so you can talk to and calm your child, and the range is an impressive 960 feet (of open space) and there is an out-of-range warning. The camera also includes many features including : temperature monitoring, 2X digital zoom and pan and tilt . It is also activated by sound when in smart ECO mode (and you can choose the sound sensitivity here!) and also has an audio only mode to help save battery by up to 50%. There are 4 alerts and 4 inbuilt lullabies to play.

  • Pros: operating time of up to 12 hours, clear images
  • Cons: no remote tilt or panning option, connection can be lost if space not open

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#2.) UU Infant Video Baby Monitor with Camera

The cheapest of our reviewed video baby monitors at $69.99 , this monitor still has many great features. Super clear video and sound are transmitted through 2.4GHz wireless technology , helping to prevent signal drop outs, and the range is up to 825 feet . You can also, as with many of the video monitors, expand your family of units to up to 4 child unit cameras paired with one parent unit. This monitor comes with a built in 950mAh battery , which will last 6-8 hours in full video mode and 10-12 hours in audio only mode, so you can sleep assured and you will still hear your baby and that the battery won’t run out overnight. There is a two-way talkback function and temperature monitoring , as well as 4 inbuilt lullabies , 2x digital zoom on the camera, a soft nightlight for calm sleep and a manual pan and tilt function . UU Infant also provide you with a baby car mirror as a little freebie!

  • Pros: affordable, very portable, simple set up
  • Cons: slight delay on sound arrival, temperature monitor can be unreliable

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#1.) Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

Our final reviewed product is another non-video monitor, and it’s a Philips AVENT monitor – but a more luxury version that the other lower priced monitor we looked at. At $127.49 this seem a little pricey for a non-video monitor, but you are getting unparalleled quality from a recognised brand as well as guaranteed sound quality. A private connection is ensured using DECT technology, with a range of up to 900 feet. This particular model also features a talkback feature , night light and lullabies to help you comfort your baby, even if you can’t be in the room, and it also monitors the temperature, via a customizable sensor with a vibration alert .

The parent unit has a vibration alert and docking station for easy charging. LED lights signal sound levels in an easy to read format, and these sound activated lights indicate levels of sound in baby’s room even when the parent control is muted. If you want a high quality non-video monitor where you don’t have to worry about the audio dropping, or the sound quality, then this is the monitor for you.

  • Pros: fantastic range, no interference, long lasting battery life
  • Cons: control screen has no backlight, too many buttons can make use confusin

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