8 colorful bathroom ideas

If you want to brighten the mood in your home, colorful bathrooms are a good place to start. And with all-white and all-black bathrooms dominating interior design for the past couple of years, the less common colorful bathrooms get the chance to shine through. With the variety that this splash of color brings, as well as the fewer number of examples, it could be helpful to look through some colorful bathroom ideas to find the best colorful approach to your design. 1. Monochrome One way to go about adding color to your bathroom is the monochrome approach. This does not mean that the whole bathroom needs to be the same color. Instead, choose an accent shade and stick to it when it comes to larger areas in your bathroom, such as walls, tiles, vanities, accessories, and curtains.  Then make the color pop by adding contrast. Use materials such as brass, stainless steel, or wood in a creative way or contrast the color with black and white elements in the rest of the room.2. Emphasize the color with black and white elements Black or white elements keep the brightly colored room in check and make it easier for accessories to match the larger elements. This allows you to create a sense of cohesion and rhythm in the room, breaking up any monotony that might occur.  By experimenting with different elements, you can add to the impression of uniqueness and still not overwhelm the room. Also, bear in mind that white is useful for creating an illusion of space, while black can help you make a large space feel more cozy and intimate. Subtle details like this help get the most out of a brightly colored room.3. Color-blocking Color-blocking has originally meant juxtaposing smaller blocks of colors that are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. However, it is sometimes also used to refer to combining blocks of color that contrast one another in terms of saturation or brightness. It adds instant visual interest to the room, and it is affordable, relatively easy and fast. You can use it across the whole bathroom, or you can accentuate certain parts of it, like around the vanity mirror or a window. A good rule of thumb for creating your colorful bathroom is the 60-30-10 rule. If you are new to color combinations, try to paint 60% of the room a neutral color, 30% a contrasting hue, and 10% accent color. Colors: trendy and timeless If you are in the process of picking a color, here are some trendy ideas to get your inspiration from. You can brighten up the room with a golden yellow and add white and green details for a luxurious and elegant, yet vibrant look. Emerald greens and other forest-inspired shades are very popular at the moment, and they add a sense of natural harmony to our homes. They look great when combined with white or black elements, as well as everything wood and granite. Speaking of greens, you can explore different shades of mint for a gentle and classy, yet refreshing look. Mint has been a staple bathroom color for years, and with good reason. It also looks great when combined with light pink.4. Patterns Carefully placed patterns can make a room seem more harmonious and visually appealing. They can also be used to emphasize the accent colors. The sense of order will complement the vividness of a bright color like burnt orange or neon yellow and blue. Whether you decide to tessellate geometric shapes like hexagons or to add a simple stripe on the wall to add symmetry to the room, patterns will help direct the eye to the colored area.5. Tiles Whether you choose the monochrome approach with identical tiles in the whole bathroom, or to accentuate the focal points with colorful or patterned tiles, it is important to do it in a carefully planned manner. The repetitiveness of the tiles can be either resting to the mind, or create a sense of monotony. When choosing the color palette for your bathroom, make sure to co-ordinate it with he tiles and be mindful of the overall impression.6. Cabinetry Depending on the rest of the room, you can opt for more neutral vanity and cabinets, or decide that that is the perfect place to introduce some color to your bathroom. If you decide to add color to your cabinets or vanity, make sure to make only one part of it an accent color, and keep the other neutral to maintain balance. Choose the focal point depending on the surrounding elements and their visual appeal.7. Curtains and mats Aside from their practical purposes, textiles can also be use to bring color and texture into your bathroom. They can be easily replaced and are simple to experiment with, so they can be incredibly helpful in creating a cohesive look in your bathroom, as well as making a color statement. For example, you can use a patterned showered curtain in a similar color to emphasize the shade of the walls. Aiming for contrast? Make the bright color shine harder with an area rug in a complementary or adjacent color.8. Accessories and wall art Although it might seem like a rather unimportant factor, an accessory like a carefully chosen picture, a real or artificial plant or another decorative item can brighten up the whole bathroom. Depending on the bathroom, this can mean a whole range of things, from cute photos to ornate paintings. The important thing is to protect any such accessories from water and steam by providing good-quality frames or taking other preventative measures. In any case, with an almost unending choice of eye-catching decorations and vibrant colors, you are at least sure to have fun experimenting.Whatever approach you choose for making your bathroom colorful and refreshing, it is hard to make a mistake. It is one of the best places to start experimenting with color, as it is a very forgiving space, which can also be easily redecorated in case you don’t like the results.

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