8 Details that Matter: How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

The summer heat is quickly approaching; so, get your bathroom in tip top shape. For many of us our bathrooms become our favorite sanctuaries. It is where you can have a moment to yourself, relax and take a deep breath; all while enjoying a glass of wine in the tub. If we could, we would all spend more time in our bathrooms. Hence, that’s why the modern-day preference is to transform the bathroom into our own luxurious getaway. So, with these 8 tips you are sure to create your very own luxurious bathroom.Designer Bathroom Accessories: Luxury bathroom accessories are vital in the way your bathroom looks. Decorate your bathroom with luxury and quality. More often than not, your bathroom accessories dictate the mood and style of your bathroom. Pull the look together with soap dishes, soap dispensers, waste baskets, shower benches, and vanity stools that complement each other and fit within the theme. Consider artwork for the walls or sculptures for open counter space. Candles or incenses can be a fantastic way to create a relaxing and inviting space.Get Funky with Asymmetrical Tiles: There is a saying, “Every odd is a style!” This saying stays true, even when revamping your bathroom. Add that dab of funk and character to your bathroom by using asymmetrical tiles. They take you away from the traditional style, while still looking classy.The Lighting Pattern: Lights reflect the mood of the room. Just as brilliantly arranged lighting in photo shoots can turn an ordinary picture into an extraordinary picture; similarly, creatively arranged lighting patterns can add the perfect regal appeal to your bathroom. On this note, pick lights that will pair well with the tiles of your bathroom wall.Bathtub Material and Quality: This is the most crucial recommendation for maintaining the lavishness of your bathtub. The reason, the material and quality of your bathtub is so crucial is because, bathtubs hardly get dry, and they get the highest exposure of dirt and moisture. Naturally, any compromise in its material quality will fade the overall look of a bathroom and the bathtub. AGM Home Store carries top brands like Ideavit. Which uses only high quality, long lasting materials, like solid surface. Which is a fantastic option if you want to bring the highest quality bathtubs to your sanctuary.Mirror Framing and Mirror Separators: Perfection here is going to be handy! When setting your mirror frame make sure it is in sync with the wall tiles or the vanities. Instead of plywood and drywall, mirrors would be one of the finest recommendations as a separator between different areas of a bathroom, such as showers, bathtubs, and toilets. Mirrors can enhance the lighting and set the mood in a better fashion, adding the perfect appeal to a luxury bathroom.Vessel Sinks: Are you looking for something modern and trendy? Well, look no further than vessel sinks. These are perfect to dress up your custom bathroom, especially with the right material. These sinks bring that lavish appeal, as well character to the bathroom. Seating above you vanity counter, they will add another dimension to you bathroom. Moreover, it’s something fresh and different from the traditional ideas of bathroom sink designs.Right position of the windows: Windows add the illusion of more space, because of the added natural light they bring. The added illusion of space and the natural light makes your designer bathroom visually more appealing.  To liven up the window add a plant.Get Creative with Mirror Selections: Sticking with the same traditional square size mirror, you are simply making it too traditional. Try something different like oval and rectangular shapes, to add that modern day twist.

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