8 Reasons to Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

8 Reasons to Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Reasons to Buy a Robot Vacuum.

The invention of the robot vacuum cleaner is a breakthrough in technology. The first robot vacuum cleaner was released in 2002 and was developed by a small group of MIT students who would later create a company called iRobot. As you would guess, the name of their first automated vacuum cleaner was dubbed the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner.

It was the first autonomous cleaner can find its way in the house, avoiding obstacles, cleaning the floor, without human aid. At the push of an on a button and without your supervision, it will clean your home within an hour. Hence, it goes a long way to save you a lot of time in your day.

You’ll find that when you compare robot vacuum cleaners to your everyday upright vacuums, there is a world of difference. Today’s robot vacuum models require minimal maintenance – many are smart home vacuum that give you full command on your mobile device. Simple press Clean and your vacuum will begin.

Here are eight reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

1. Multi Floor Vacuums

Part of being a robot vacuum is that it should be able to auto detect floor types – power suction on a carpet for pet hair will be much different than the suction power needed for wood floors.

While researching different models you will find that all of them come with built-in floor sensors. Once it identifies the kind of floor it’s cleaning, the machine can self-adjust its suction power for cleaning that floor type. For example, it can be able to distinguish between a hard floor and a carpet and change the cleaner accordingly. For this reason, it will not get stuck cleaning any floor type. Equipped with upgraded navigation mapping gives it the ability to move seamlessly through your home without getting trapped or missing areas.

Some of the super modern robot vacuums include a new mopping function as well.

2. Intelligent Navigation

The iRobot Roomba brand was the first to create implement floor-detection sensors. Today’s models have the ability to detect high-dirt areas and adjust power suction accordingly. In addition to that, the sensors help the robot to move towards the dirtiest place in the house and clean it thoroughly until no dirt is detected. Bottom sensors are made with the random algorithm technology which can detect even the smallest particle of dust. Most importantly, the robot is made intelligent enough that it will not fall down the stairs while cleaning.

The vacuum sensors also guide it from not hitting the walls or bumping into furniture in the house. Besides that, it will not turn aside from the desired cleaning area.

3. Compact Design

The robot is designed using the compact technology to ensure that it is as slim as possible. The main merit of this feature is that it can go under the furniture or confined space to clean. The most significant merit of this design is that you will not have to move the furniture while the cleaning is going on.

Additionally, it can fit into tight spaces or the hard to reach places which in most cases are considered off the limit for manual cleaners. The tight corners of the house include the corners, nooks, and cracks. For this reason, you will have every corner of your floor cleaned.

4. Easy to Use

You do not require any unique skills to be able to operate this machine. The machine is fully automated to work without human supervision. All it requires you to do is turn it on and leave it to perform its cleaning work. As a matter of fact, you only need to press the ON/OFF button, and you will have a sparkling clean house without having to leave the couch!

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5. Self-Recharging

You do not have to worry about recharging the robot. With the help of its infra-red sensors, it can find its way to the charging station by itself and recharge. The better part about this feature is that, even if you forget after vacuum cleaning your house to recharge it, you will not have to worry about it because it will recharge itself and be ready for the next vacuuming job.

Most importantly, after finishing its cleaning job, it goes back to the charging station for recharging. Moreover, even in the middle of the cleaning process if the battery gets low, it will stop cleaning go for recharging and come to finish the cleaning process.

6. Schedule Cleaning

Robotic vacuum cleaners come with a built-in schedule program in which you can schedule up to seven cleaning schedules. With the help of this scheduling program, you can program the machine to clean your house whenever you want it to. With many of the newer models you can create a schedule right on your mobile phone. Because of this feature, you can be sure that the machine can clean the house even when you are not at home.

7. Super Convenient

The machine eliminates the struggle of pushing an upright vacuum cleaner around the house. This is especially important for someone who has difficulty moving around. Besides that, it removes the need to carry a heavy vacuum cleaner from one room to another. Most importantly, they can be an excellent gift for the elderly like parents, grandparents or anyone who has difficulty moving around the house to clean it. Pet owners love it the most!

Also with robot vacuums having come down in price the last few years, they make for great gifts. You can purchase a good model for as low as $150. It’s the type of gift that will steal the show.

8. Avoid Cleaning Allergies

The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a HEPA filter which will go a long way in decreasing chances of getting cleaning allergies. In addition to the excellent filtering system, the machine is so low to the ground hence you will not have to worry that it will throw dust particles in the air when cleaning. Moreover, its filter system can easily capture most of the allergens which you can quickly remove later. Most importantly, when you use a robot vacuum cleaner, you can turn it on and leave the room to avoid being affected by the allergens.

Reasons to Buy a Robot Vacuum

With modern advancement in technology, you do not have to continue vacuuming your floor.

After activating your robot vacuum from the box, your only job will be to change the dust bag from time to time. Besides that, you only need to empty the bag. Equally important, ensure that you keep your floor clean of any obstacles that might get in the way. These are the only maintenance practices that you need to observe when you buy this cleaning machine.

The cleaning work can be tedious, but if you choose a robot vacuum you can virtually eliminate this part of your day. The machine is fitted with brushes, filters, cleaning mechanisms and a well-built-in casing. This feature ensures that your house is thoroughly cleaned in no time.

Overall I hope this article convinces you to go out and purchase your first robot vacuum cleaner. As mentioned, they are not too expensive today and after a few weeks, you won’t regret taking the dive!