Bathroom Design: Decorating with Swarovski Crystals

We decorate our homes with various items and materials, yet crystals often fly under the radar. Well, things are moving in the right direction because now, gems, crystals, and geodes have a wide array of practical purposes: They used to be an exception rather than a rule, but today, they are a common sight in many homes.These sumptuous pieces are popping up everywhere, including smallest rooms in most homes, the bathrooms. Namely, this precious medium has breathed new life into a stale interior décor landscape. Crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors have been recognized as an incredible visual tool, and there is little doubt about the best of the best: Swarovski crystals.After all, the crystals are a true wonder of nature, one that emits an opulent feeling and helps you put together a relaxed and pleasant ambiance. There is something irresistible about their dazzling color and shine. Some people swear by energizing properties of crystals, but we decided to focus on what we can see, and that is a shimmering spectacle of luxury.In other words, we are driven by pure aesthetic inclinations and aspirations of transforming interior spaces like bathrooms. Thus, if you are planning bathroom makeover or remodeling, my advice is not to fail to use the gleaming charm of crystals to personalize and decorate the space. So, it is time to roll up your sleeves or grab a wallet (or do both).

Crystal interior bliss

A Swarovski home décor is increasingly popular in recent years. It poses the best way to bring crystalline majesty to your home. From a beautifying point of view, there are few other Mother Nature’s creations of nature that can rival their magnificence. Besides, there is a plethora of ways to integrate them and make the interior magic happen.Most notably, the famous crystals can be used to capture the essence of a jaw-dropping, luxurious bathroom. We have seen various decorating projects involving them as well as a slew of Swarovski crystal bathroom accessories  hitting the market. They fit materials like granite, marble, and other high-grade surfaces perfectly.What is more, an additional benefit is that you do not have to worry about all the warmth, wet, and steam damaging these sturdy pieces. The maintenance requirements are practically non-existent, which is not a common blessing in bathrooms. Their quality is everlasting and does not go out of style, suggesting that they can serve as crown jewels of your décor for years to come.

Paragons of style

The beauty of it is that subtle and versatile as they are, crystals work well with various design styles.  One can reach the heights of classic luxury or match them with vanguards of modern minimalism. Of course, some colors (white and gold among others) work better than the others, while white and transparent crystals are the most straightforward way to foster a spellbinding atmosphere.But, I have also seen many bold and unconventional combos that simply blew me away. Black, for example, can do miracles when put in contrast with whites and natural materials such as wood. In any event, it is a good idea to come up with a color scheme beforehand. Monochrome is always a sound choice that looks sophisticated. Then again, a vivid multi-colored palette can really make things interesting and elegant.Once you set the desired mood and stage, turn your attention to places that can hold crystal bathroom décor.   It pleases me to say that the possibilities are virtually endless. The crystals can adorn the lighting centerpieces, your fragrance collection, furniture pieces, wallpapers, tiles, appliances, etc. One thing I would not miss, though, is to invest in is a large Swarovski mirror: It is a great statement piece that also serves a clear purpose.Furthermore, the hardware is an obvious choice for crystalline face-lifting, so you can start there. Small crystals are ideal for cabinets and drawer knobs. Similarly, a doorknob decorated with crystals can give people a taste of the splendor that waits inside. The Swarovski crystals can even embellish a clawed-foot bathtub, which is one of the most mesmerizing things I have seen to this day.Naturally, the list goes on and encompasses many Swarovski bathroom accessories that are a safe bet. You can seek a spectrum of top-notch products such as shower curtains finished with Swarovski crystal. Also, note that a crystal garden trend is gaining traction. It has produced many impressive displays of crystals together with candles, flowers, trays, containers, moss, and bowls. Finally, crystal mobiles enable you to conquer awkward spaces such as corners.

All the possibilities

On the other hand, if you know what you are doing, it is possible to make DIY creations, such as Swarovski crystal tree or crystal wall hanging. The whole movement was built around crystal crafts and handmade items, which means that there is no shortage of cool ideas online. With simple tools and a bit of work, you can save money and get unique pieces, which is a win-win.Of course, you can also display your rock collection and jewelry tastefully, preferably in a nice glass case or on a custom-made shelf. Think outside the box. Do not feel constrained by conventions. Be original and inventive, not afraid to break the rules here and there. And in case you run out of inspiration, browse the web and find amazing Swarovski bathroom ideas.Feel free to combine crystals with other decorative detail, such as tufted gold bathtubs, bronze statues, ornately carved armchair, brass chandeliers, etc. Something like a Swarovski Silver Faberge egg is sure to spark interest, but you can also go for a specially designed paper holder, towel ring, picture frame, candle holder, soap dispenser, toilet brush, etc.Remember to put your unique spin on Swarovski bath ideas and try to leave a personal stamp on the space. Just do not let other things (dirty mats, for instance) take away anything from the allure of crystals. Also, other accents and design elements should complement the crystals, not compete with them for attention. Likewise, a luxury bathroom should never be messy and cramped.

Let there be light

Smart use of light is paramount to letting your décor and design fully shine. You could say that crystals and light are a match made in heaven. Skylights and walls of windows are the cream of the crop when it comes to inviting rejuvenating sunlight in and blurring the lines between the interior and the great outdoors. Short of these astounding features, figure out ways to let in the most light possible.At the same time, invest in striking lighting solutions such as polished chrome steel chandeliers and pendants. Crystals always show their full beauty in airy, spacious, and bright spaces. To reach the whole new level, take advantage of marvelous bathroom design ideas  and a slew of products that incorporate crystals. Witness the enhancing visual symphony of light and reflection.Finally, do not forget to have fun when decorating. Summon bling and glamour with designer bathroom concepts and a bit of your own creative wizardry. Surround yourself with the enthralling grandeur that reflects your taste, sensibility, and personality. The ultimate reward comes in the form of indulging in a bathroom of your dreams, a calm-inducing, light-filled, and style-infused space.

Attaining divine felicity

Gems and minerals have always been an object of imagination and fascination. Recently, there has been a rising trend in people finding inspiration in crystals when decorating their homes and creating bespoke environments. And really, who can blame them: Timeless beauty of Swarovski crystal adds special touches of sublime style and luminous sparkle to everyday life, elevating the whole living space.So, do not hesitate to make a powerful visual statement and jazz up your shelter. Give your bathroom a luxury look that gives you a spa-like or lavish resort experience.  Make it a true feast for the eyes and the soul. Space constraints and budgetary concerns should not be allowed to inhibit your dreams and visions. Take a plunge and then enjoy a heavenly bubble bath to melt all your worries and stress away.

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