Bathroom Design: What’s Upon Us in 2022?

It must be said that some things never change. You always need quality bathroom sinks, ample storage space, and nice tiles. Good planning is paramount to completing your endeavors successfully. Wood has been around for quite some time and does not show the intention of withering away. However, on the other hand, there is an avalanche of new concepts, ideas, products, and technology. They enrich bathroom design and present us with a growing spectrum of possibilities. They are as great as your imagination and budget, so roll up the sleeves and dive into well of inspiration.First off, notice that in this day and age, the bathroom’s purpose is not just hygiene. Modern design is advancing by leaps and bounds, transforming smallest rooms in many homes into shrines for chilling out, grooming, and beauty.  Therefore, we are encouraged to think big. The most obvious implication is space, which often comes at a premium. Bathroom expansions are taking place across the globe, sometimes at the cost of sacrificing square footage of other rooms. Then again, even if expansive remodeling is not an option for you, there is are a slew of ways to make the magic happen.For instance, investing in smart storage space always pays dividends and allows you to maximize every available inch. Hence, the demand for compartmentalized drawers, shelves, crevices, and cabinets is rising. At the same time, we come across small solutions that can make a big difference: Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find soap and gel distributors around (sometimes they are wall mounted), items that typically exist in hotel bathrooms. Finally, we have seen many designers figuring out how to “hide” the storage and create an impression of more space.

Outside the box

Functional architecture is having a big influence on bathroom design right now, which is why modular furniture, wall mounted sinks, built-in sinks, and self-supporting vanities are gaining prominence. And if you add simple, straight shapes and minimal decoration and you got yourself the paragons of contemporary design. Speaking of which, you should note that industrial school of design continues to shape bathroom trends. So, do not hide original architecture and features like piping. On the contrary: use these elements to emphasize a unique look.This reminds us that imperfectness can be a way to add character and original flair to the interior.  So, it does not come as a surprise that designers are eagerly exposing brick walls, wax concrete floors, and rustic wood.  The latter matter is a real modern staple, which heavily influences décor projects.  For example, to infuse a natural touch, one can cut wood into different-sized circular shapes and put on the wall to liven things up. In case you are not willing to roll up the sleeves, there is an option to apply wallpapers that emulate this organic look.  In any event, you should strive to break the monotony and linearity a bit. Feel free to experiment with asymmetrical arrangements and shapes as well as unconventional materials (sea pebbles, anyone?) that are also climbing on actuality top. And those who are feeling a bit lost in all of this should make sure to utilize the internet to keep up the pace with trends. You can find a bathroom sink buying guide, tutorial on installing wall tiles, instructions regarding DIY décor projects and much, much more. Do not hesitate to steal ideas from others as long as you try to make them your own.

Materials and centerpieces

What a time it is to be a design aficionado. Organic materials like bamboo coexist with engineered and shining high-tech surfaces (transparent glass, for example). The results are spectacular, to say the least. I am also overjoyed to announce that shine brass is making a big comeback. It will reign supreme in the area of accents. Likewise, we expect to see more and more homeowners embracing sublime rose gold. Small luxuries should never be overlooked as they go a long way in creating a distinctive feel and style. Ideal comfort and peerless beauty stand side by side with prime functionality.Furthermore, current trends also bring a multitude of possibilities when it comes to designer sinks as well as luxury sinks. Traditional porcelain is always an option, but we are inclined to give preference to innovative and unusual modern sinks. Just take the example of a beautiful hand-carved stone sink that sits on top of a custom-made vanity basin. Naturally, the layout and size of your bathroom dictate whether you will go for a traditional countertop sink or maybe a double sink. Regardless of this, ponder on implementing darker tones and natural materials that are immensely popular in recent years.If you really know what you are doing, you can balance opposing styles and pull off an eclectic look. You may, for instance, combine a white bathroom basin with stone tiles and hardwood flooring. To adhere to latest trends a bit more faithfully, consider floors with big tiles. They not only give off an illusion of more space, but also accumulate less dust.  Of course, natural stones are always a sound choice, so see if you can invest in quartz or marble. Yet, those who are not able to splurge on high-end materials should not fret. One can find a variety of ceramics that imitate wood, marble, clay, and concrete.

Water bliss

We are noticing more love and demand for open showers and multi-functional equipped showers. Some extraordinary bathrooms feature a combination of benches, steam systems, ambient mirrors, linear drains, etc. Italian showers remain designers’ darling, with their minimalist appearance and glass walls. Indeed, they are easy to maintain and fit into various styles and décor. This does not mean that baths are taking a backseat, though. In fact, they are emerging ever more beautiful and comfortable.Freestanding baths never seize to amaze us, while inland baths potentially represent the ultimate choice for 2022. They wow with sophisticated, graphical, and architectural aesthetics. What is more, they come in all shapes, be it oval, round, square or asymmetrical. To compliment them with furniture, there is no shortage of stunning solutions you can rely on. Among them, two-tone cabinets and those made from the bleached wood stand out from the rest.

In style

It seems that all-white trend is finally losing its allure and now poses a way to actually date your bathroom. Yes, this also means that boring white subway tiles are on their way out. They have made way for unique textures, colors, and patterns to enter the spotlight in 2022. This is a welcome change if you ask me, but more importantly, it reflects the shift towards warmer style. Although purified aesthetics still grow strong, those who want to stay on top of trends will definitely need to consider daring choices that go beyond whites, grays, and earth colors.Namely, in the color department, it is time to think boldly. Blues dominate the interior landscape and one can find them on everything from cabinets and vanities to appliances and bathroom sinks. Also, it seems that the days when bathroom doors were neglected are numbered. Now, they also start to wow with color, ornamentation, and style.  Along the similar lines, tiles are adorned with geometric, multicolored, and patchwork patterns.  Green tones appear everywhere, which is a small wonder taking into account that greenery is Pantone’s color of the year.Finally, bear in mind that the world of technology shifts interior design ecosystem. Even in classic bathrooms, new renovations can include cutting-edge, automation systems such as motion-detectors and smart LED lighting stripes for a vanity mirror and above counter sink. One of my favorite high-tech innovations is a customizable touchscreen that can be integrated with mirrors. Some marvels of technology are there for sheer awesomeness and wow effect, but there are also those like towel dryers that are the embodiment of space-saving functionality.

The best of all worlds

In the vivid world of bathroom design, things never rest idle. This year has a plenty of exciting trends in store for us and they echo the principles of modern style with a touch of originality. Therefore, pay attention to detail and add refined touches.  Employ contemporary, striking, and space-saving solutions.  Shop around for designer bathroom sinks , lavish accents, nature motifs, and tech gadgets. Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, get your creative juices flowing, and design your dream sanctuary of relaxation. Blend timeless charm and pristine warmth of organic materials with the best contemporary design has to offer.

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