Bathroom Towel Decor and Design Ideas You Have to Try

Before you become certain you can incorporate a new set of towels into your current style, first you need to think about the colors, the textures and the mood in your bathroom.Bathroom paletteThink about the room in its current state. If the dominant colors in your bathroom are vivid and bright, you can tone them down with the color of your towels. If they are more neutral, you can allow yourself to experiment more with the effects and go for the wilder colors and busier patterns.Light plays an important role here as well. Instead of letting your towels blend into the rest of the room, explore the beauty of contrast. For example, if most of your surfaces are dark, emphasize their elegance with light-colored towels.Patterns and texturesDon’t forget about other textile materials in the room, such as curtains or bath mats. Depending on how busy your bathroom already looks, match the towels with other elements or use them to contrast the existing setup.Also, if your curtains are heavily patterned, opt for solid colors on your towels. You don’t want to get lost in all the patterns and repetitiveness in the bathroom and weaken the desired effect of orderliness and harmony.MoodThe mood of the room is something that is easily changed. Just by changing your towels, you can decide when and how often it changes.One option is to change them with the seasons. You can get a set of towels for each season, or have two different sets for warmer and cooler periods of the year. Choose warm, right colors for the summer and cooler, more neutral colors for the winter months.You can also change them according to the atmosphere you want to achieve. Use warmer, earthy tones to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Choosing a bright red or a neon green nuance can provide an additional boost of energy in the morning, while a pastel palette can help create the feel of a soothing, clean environment. If you are hoping for a dash of luxury, purples and deep blues can give your bathroom a touch of the royal look.Finally, add accessories and ornamental elements in matching colors and styles. Aim for one, single impression that you want the room to leave and pick accordingly. This will help tie the whole room together and make your effort worthwhile.

Color code your towels perfectly

If you want to play it safe, you can always go with white or ivory. Towels in these colors complement every bathroom and add a touch of luxury to the overall impression.On the other hand, if you want to experiment with color, or liven up your black and white bathroom, towels are the safest place to start.Two colorsIf you feel like experimenting, try using two different shades of towels. Make sure that the shades match each other. The easiest way to do this is to watch for their proximity on the color circle. For example, match blues with greens or purples. If you are looking for a more dramatic look, and if the palette of your bathroom allows it, dare to reach for complementary colors. That is the trickier option, but if you choose the shade carefully, you might achieve quite a daring look.Solid + patternedAnother variation of the two-color system is the solid + pattern rule. It is a great way to create contrast in your bathroom simply through towel selection. One classic combination is to get a set of white towels and a set of contrasting, darker, patterned ones. You can create additional symmetry in your bathroom if you store them in an alternating order and place the stacks on the opposite ends of the room.Pick shades according to sizeIf you are not too comfortable with the two-color system, try to coordinate the shade according to size. You can create a feeling of depth by using the full spectrum of the chosen color on one complete set of towels. Buy larger towels in lighter shades on and gradually increase the saturation as you reach the smallest face towel. This will also make the presentation of the towels more appealing.

Present them like a professional 

Open storage as opposed to keeping them out of sightOpen storage has been the dominating trend for some time now, and for a good reason. It creates the illusion of spaciousness in smaller bathrooms and creates a relaxed, unimposing atmosphere by keeping the space open. It also allows for experimentation in storage and accentuates the role smaller pieces such as towels play in holding the entire design together. Instead of simply folding them and putting them away, you can present them in several different ways.Stylish hooks and racksMatch your towel holders to the rest of the bathroom, especially when it comes to texture, and make your towels pop.Simply placing towels on hooks and racks seems simple, but if you place them strategically, it is one of the easiest way to bring additional symmetry into the room.If you are using a towel rack, you have more presentation options than you think. This is where matching colors, sizes and patterns really comes into play, as you can use several towels at once. Start with the largest one, and add the smaller ones on top. Combine towels of different designs. For example, you can start with a large patterned towel, put a solid-colored one on top, and add a patterned face towel on top.If you are using towel hooks, make sure that you place them at the same height and that their positions are symmetrical. Also, the texture of the hooks should complement the other textures in your bathroom. For example, if most of your metal elements are glossy, opt for matte hooks or hooks with rich textures.Rolling, folding, and stackingThanks to the open storage trend, we keep seeing new, creative ways of storing and presenting towels. The two basic techniques, rolling and folding remain, but the towels are combined into more complex, symmetrical groups, like pyramids or cubes.Although you do know how to fold towels, check out different techniques just in case. You might be surprised. Once you learn how to fold or roll them like a professional, you can present them on trays, on stools next to the bathtub, or in large wicker baskets that bring additional warmth to your design.One of the most popular ways to store towels is to place them in between the elements of a floating vanity. This is not only convenient, but also a source of presentation possibilities. Feel free to experiment and stack them according to shade, color and size, or simply stick with the luxurious feeling of a row of neat, fluffy white towels.

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