California designers whose cozy, colourful creations will delight you this fall

  For Kathy Ann Abell Interiors basic inspiration is the warmth of home, which combines aesthetic with functional furniture and beautiful details. They simply know how to create that special feeling that makes you feel tucked away like in a nest.They first listen to your hopes and dreams, and then, based on them, create amazing, playful and warm spaces. Do you want to bring autumn feeling to your living room? Take a look at this gorgeous interior. The neutral base is completed with colors such as burgundy red, rich chocolate brown, and warm yellow. The furniture looks cozy and traditional. A large punch made of natural material is an absolute hit and completes this autumn story. In this interior, there is no drama, just cosiness, and beauty.For those who don’t like too much colors but love that cozy feeling :

 Gabrielle Aker and Oh beauty Interiors

  [Source]Gabrielle Aker loves industrial style, untreated surfaces, the contrast of black and white, wicker lamps, and rustic rugs… Autumn design is usually colourful, loves a lot of cushions, lamps, soft blankets… But for those who love a reduced, simple style, this Oh beauty” corner is ideal. The colour of the sofa is so trendy, and the shape is perfect for resting or afternoon tea. This Indian retro rug with its faded patterns is the heart of the room. Just one look at it …mhm.. and you will wish you are there.The wooden table is simple but amazing. Its texture has become one of the leading trends in interior design. This one speaks for itself, perfect shape and colour easily fit into any room.A soft pink candle in the middle is there to complete the atmosphere.

Give a little imagination with Breeze Giannasio Interiors

[Source]This space is like an autumn dream, full of interesting patterns, and unusual details. Imagine spilling rustling leaves on the floor, nowhere would it fit so nicely.This fresh, sophisticated, and modern design looks like a perfect piece of art! Breeze Giannasio Interiors   know how to do it! A bold approach and amazing talent are the right combination. Sometimes it looks like they are just playing with multiple colours and shapes like in this interior….Lamps give a golden touch. Floral wallpaper is white and grey, cold, but perfectly matches with the rest of the interior. And that floor..It’s as if the soul of nature lives in it. Mirror gives the room extra space…[source]

Marea Clark Interiors – more than just a word…

[Source]…Don’t underestimate this simple design and it’s modest and gentle colours. There is nothing overpowering or glamorous in it. It is the quiet whisper of autumn…This Marea Clark  is tucked away and calm, but not sad in any way. We can freely say that this room is a kind of oasis of peace that will tuck you in and warm you in these cold days.

Melinda Mandell- Nostalgia in the corner of your soul

  [source]This corner is a perfect place for relaxation…A good book and a cup of tea while outside it’s pouring autumn rain. Lots of cushions, shelves with antique books and all you need is a soft blanket and little time for yourself.[Source]And for the end…autumn glamour with masculine character This refined interior has a certain weight…Do you feel as if a grey cloud has hovered over it and crystal clear drops will start falling? The view is magnificent, although there are no autumn leaves in front of us, we can smell that special atmosphere.Breeze Giannasio Interiors in this particular design combines classic looks with modern materials. As you can see, special attention is paid to every detail in the room. Cold colours dominate, their sharpness is softened by brown shades and details that have that touch of old gold.If you were right there, what would be the first thing you would do?Pour whiskey into a heavy crystal glass and turn on the gramophone to listen to some soft jazz? It’s that well-known autumn nostalgia …

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