Christmas Ornaments You’ll Never Forget

Regardless of whether you’re into steampunk novels and movies, you’ve got to admit that the whole aesthetic of it is very pleasing. Victorian-era elegance mixed in with mechanical details and industrial features simply scream creativity, and if you like the visuals, you might want to make this Christmas steampunk-themed. How to do it with ease? It’s simple: utilize cogs, clock hands, and any copper or brass-toned elements to put together your own mini constructions. For example, a snowflake made out of clock hands is easy, light, and will look perfect as a contrast to the greenery of your tree.5 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind

Sci-fi madness

From steampunk and straight into sci-fi, or even cyberpunk, depending on where you take this. Want a surefire way to have a completely unique ornament ready for the holidays? Use your old computer’s RAM memory sticks. Does this sound weird? Don’t worry, it totally is. It’s also surprisingly gorgeous and can be made to look super festive with the help of a few ribbons and a little glitter. Here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own.

Puzzling ornaments

Do you have kids who have way too many puzzles lying around? If they never play with them anymore, it’s time for you to repurpose this into fun little ornaments that are very easy to make. Find a few details that you like in the whole puzzle and put them together to form smaller pictures, then use glue to keep them together. Poke a hole and pull a string through it, and then you can hang it up on the tree! You can also paint over the puzzle pieces to make them all into a solid color, and then put together your own funky little shapes.

Tasteful jewelry

This can be done either with your child’s plastic baubles or your own old jewelry that you just never wear anymore. Granma’s vintage pieces also work! To make it work, find a simple plastic snow globe at the store, and buy a bunch of rhinestones and some glue. Start gluing the rhinestones and the pieces of your jewelry to the globe, and once it’s dry, coat the entire thing with clear polish to make sure it sticks.The Top 5 Guidelines for Interior Design

Tasty treats

Edible Christmas ornaments? Genius! That will definitely minimize the time you have to spend putting things away after the holidays are over. All you need for this is the right recipe and a few molds and you can find that here. Bake them, poke a hole to pull a string through them, and put them up to make your Christmas tree look entirely delicious! If you’re in the mood to get creative, try these suggestions. Make this year’s holidays fun and unique!

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