Creative Cleaning Products for your Bathroom Sinks & Vanities

Natural Cleaning Products for your Bathroom Sinks & Vanities What is the first thing someone notices when they walk into your bathroom? Is it the color, the accessories, the aroma, the lighting, the vanity, the faucet, or the sink? With so many different elements in your bathroom it is hard to say. What we can say with certainty is that if your bathroom sink and vanity is clutter or filthy, everyone will notice. Number one rule is to keep it looking sleek and clean, because after all, anyone could show up. That is why your bathroom sink and vanity should always sparkle. With that being said let’s talk about some cleaning products you may have not thought of, but that are very effective.Cleaning Products: Many people forget the material of your bathroom sink is just as delicate as your floors. Just as you wouldn’t put any product on your floor, you should also not put any product on your bathroom sinks or vanities. You should avoid using abrasives to clean the surface of your sink and vanities as this can leave a permanent blemish on them.1. If you are looking for a mild cleaner that can be used as an all-purpose cleaner mix dishwashing liquid and water into a spray bottle. This is great for getting rid of stains and spills.   2. For a natural cleaner mix lemon, water, and vinegar into a spray bottle. This is perfect for deodorizing and cleaning. Use this natural cleaner on your porcelain tiles, as well as on your sinks and vanities. It is quite strong in scent, but it gets the job done! Leaves the perfect sparkle. 3. Last but not least, you can mix dishwashing liquid or water and baking soda together until you create a paste. This is a great bathroom scrub that can help remove the soap scum. Plus, it brings the sparkle back in your bathroom sink and vanity.

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