Design a Bathroom Your Spouse Will Adore

Designing a bathroom is both a thrilling adventure and a daunting endeavor. To achieve dazzling results, one has to plan ahead of time and figure out which materials, colors, furniture, and finishes to use. So, whether you want to pull together a masculine bathroom or a ladylike retreat, brace yourself. Here are some nice ideas to delight your spouse with a well-designed shrine of relaxation and tranquility.

Ladies first

Women tend to spend more time in bathrooms than men and they hold functionality in high regard. Adding furniture helps you make the bathroom better in that department. Think in terms of something like a bathroom stool, bathroom bench, window seat, or a shower chair. Open shelving is a must because it allows easy access to various items, while furniture-like cabinets and vanity stools and benches echo the rules of classic bathroom design.For some more visual splendor and work space, install engineered quartz countertop and infuse some feminine elegance with colored accessories. It might also be a good idea to splurge on a custom vanity as well as a nice vanity chair and make her feel like a queen when doing makeup. Likewise, a stunning mirror is a great centerpiece. Just pay attention to lighting and try to create a layered and dynamic atmosphere.A spa-like bathroom with shower benches and seats is a special treat. But, in case you work with limited space, you can still amp up the luxury: Use striking surfaces such as marble floors, beige ceramic tiles, and subdued, warm tones on the walls. Put screwdriver to good use and add vintage drawer pulls to the vanity. The grand finishing touch should be the tub. So, let the showering and bathing bliss ensue with a drop-in tub, freestanding clawed tub, or a walk-in steam shower.

This is a men’s world

Masculine bathrooms are usually dark, minimalist, and simple. Marble and concrete are widely used and form the essence of the modern sensation.  Thus, contemporary bathroom remodel is a safe bet. Employ sleek solutions such as flat-panel cabinets and under-mount sinks. Men are often satisfied with a shower; however, a bathroom should always serve as a soothing oasis, so measure twice and cut once. You could introduce a shower seat or a shower stool at the very least.To go an extra mile, I would advise you not to shy away from darker and earthy tones as well as multicolor and patterned walls. Dark wood cabinets, black-shaded sconces, and brown tiles are bold and interesting choices that give the space character.  Note that modern vinyl wall coverings are worth considering as one can inject texture and pattern to the bathroom. Besides, maintenance is a breeze as it is possible to wipe the surface with a sponge.A man-cave bathroom is a great concept to explore. Mimic the truck-stop bathroom looks with raw steel countertops, rustic finishes, wall-mount sink, and unconventional wall art in the form of license plates and road signs. Wall-mount urinals are quite popular for men’s bathrooms as well. You can also go for a more industrial feel with elements like wire baskets. Finally, mountain-style aesthetics are a nice option for those going about projects such as powder room remodeling.

New design heights

Do not hesitate to get into the rich world of amazing bathroom design for him and her. Blend visual appeal with functionality and assemble an enchanting personal sanctuary. Enable your spouse to soak in comfort and melt away the stress. Bathroom at its best is the shelter where you can shut out the world and envision your own in its place.

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