Design Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom into a Tropical Oasis this Summer

People go to great lengths to escape the heat, but they overlook one solution that is right before their eyes. So before you pack your bags and head towards a tropical paradise, ask yourself if you can summon one in your bathroom. Create a small exotic gateway inside your living environment, one that celebrates summer style and keeps the heat and stress at bay.

A personal sanctuary

The world of interior design is intrigued by the smallest rooms in most homes, the bathrooms. They are shelters reserved for chilling out and personal care. When designing the space, one should follow the principles of good home design and steer towards the soothing vibe.Those who can pull it off should go for a spa-like bathroom full of lush plants.  Indeed, tropical plant life and exotic arrangements are excellent tactics to mimic the charm of the gleaming pearls of the high seas, the timeless islands. Likewise, it is advisable to fill the bathroom with earthy touches and natural details.For example, ceiling beams are always a good investment. Furthermore, it is possible to capture the deep mystery of the sea with custom-designed, blue mosaic tiles that echo the Caribbean splendor. Green tiles are also a sound choice, although it pays off to opt for a different tone in case you already have a plenty of natural greenery.

Décor and accessories

A modern bathroom design advances by leaps and bounds and constantly spellbinds us. To get the ball rolling, you can always check digital hubs for design ideas and get your creative juices flowing. At the same time, try to be unique and put a personal stamp on the space.Do not hesitate to add home décor and furniture that one does not usually find in the bathroom. Think outside the box. For instance, note that bathroom benches are also a welcome addition, which allows you to improve the comfort and functionality of the space. As for designer bathroom accessories, they are a special treat. Why not feel like you are in a spa or a five-star hotel?

More power to you

Wall décor should be full of tropical references such as seashell botanical prints, artful vignettes, wooden masks, and framed charts and maps. In addition, incorporate some nautical flavor with wicker baskets and model sailboats. Hang a few guest towels in a turquoise color.Finally, a mirror is an absolute must as it visually expands the space and fosters a magical sensation. Of course, the list of bath accessories goes on and includes a plethora of other attention-grabbing elements. So, get high on decor ideas and make the magic happen.

Swim in summer style

Bring the vast blue sea indoors and take a vacation every day, from the comfort of your home. Exalt the pristine beauty of sand beaches and crystal-clear water. Aim for a refreshing feel with an abundance of lush greenery, maritime tones, and rich accents.  Give your bathroom a tropical update and get taken away to another place, where bliss and relaxation reign supreme.

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