Easy ways to make your bathroom shine with style

Don’t let your bathroom be average. Pay attention to every little detail. Ask yourself how can I improve my spa decor. Make a list of stuff you are not happy with and start from there. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy all the things you want, don’t worry, have fun with DIY projects. Imagination can really do anything.Here are some interesting suggestions… 

  • Throw away old mismatched towels! Repaint some ornaments and remove the others. 
  • Get a pretty shower curtain. 
  • Replace the old boring chandelier with a new, more original one.
  • Do you have an old tub that needs a boost? Re-glaze it.
  • Update little things, toilet handle for example.
  • Put a colorful rug with a non-slip backing to mask uninteresting floor tiles.
  • Refresh the wooden door with a little water-based paint.
  • Give your old tub a vintage appeal by paneling it.

Involve a little of yourself in all these changes. Let your interior be a reflection of your personality. Make your bathroom both trendy and comfortable. In that way, you will truly enjoy all the rituals of your little spa oasis!

 Like Madonna said: express yourself!

…here is a combination that will impress anyone who steps into your bathroom: modern mirrors and plants. For example, a vase of flowers will delight everyone…If you are a romantic soul, have fun with details such as retro pieces of furniture. Choose a gentle  color palette and complete it with brass details or hang a vintage pendant (visit garage sales or flea markets), all these little changes will make the bathroom look impressive.If you don’t like strong colors or a lot of details in the interior, focus on two things: selection of dominant color and only necessary accessories. Pigeon gray or white are an elegant and modern choice. Plus tip: silver or gold accessories go well with the reduced minimalist look.  If you are a pot lover we have a few pieces of advice for you. Ok, greenery is IN. But, do you know which plants love bathrooms? Try low-maintenance plants like mother-in-law’s tongue or spider plant. Bamboo in a big translucent dish is also a good idea. Don’t neglect the appearance of pots. Let them be an eye-catching detail that will impress visitors.

Step out of the template! Tell your story out loud!

Be elegant with marble surfaces and cute details such as brass toilet Paper Holders and stylish trash Can. It is made of brass in the color of polished chrome and looks like artwork. Express your eco attitude with eco-friendly materials and natural forms. Define your style and go for it! When you know what you want it is much easier to define your wish list. Add a reclaimed wood wall  to emphasize the natural look of your bathroom. Put in details like Decor Walther, BASKET WP Laundry Hamper Basket Malacca with Lid 15 x 25 inch  which is made of rattan and looks amazing…Eclectic style loves subway tiles…Want an instant refreshing look? Fake a tiled floor with vinyl! Black and white combinations with trendy geometric patterns are most common and do the work! Make the space magnificent with small details. Choose carefully. If you are hesitant, look for inspiration on Pinterest and feel free to borrow ideas …You may surprise everyone with your dark side! Windish, Barca Black Rectangular Bathroom Vanity Countertop Guest Towel, Organizer Tray is an object that you can use in various ways. You can put perfumes, creams and other things on it.

Pack everything with style!

You thought no one would notice your toothbrushes and the uninteresting ceramic bowl they’re in?Oh, how wrong you are! These are the little things people often overlook when decorating their bathroom but it can spoil the whole impression, believe us! Feel free to overdo it with cosmetics, but don’t neglect the packaging!Declutter beauty products. Hide some, expose some!Plus tip: The scent is half the experience! The best scents for the bathroom are fresh ones like mint, tea tree, lemon eucalyptus, or floral. Try using essential oils, vinegar, and baking soda because of their antibacterial and anti-mold performance. Consider scented candles that create a relaxing atmosphere, they are also a beautiful detail.

Discreet shine for a better atmosphere

Choose the cold glow of metal as an attitude. It will make the space look elegant and modern.Catalyze your style.Sinks made of transparent materials interwoven with gold and silver veins are also very in, they look gorgeous.

Hang some art or just frames 

Give the room a personal touch with creativity & budget-friendly know-how. Bathrooms produce moisture and steam, humidity can jeopardize your precious collection. Make sure your bathroom always has a fresh supply of air. Just in case, pick inexpensive pieces and artworks on canvas. 

Sculptural, 3D artworks are also a good idea. 

Bathroom stall poetry is one way to make your bathroom look more interesting and cool. A mix of humor and irony is a perfect blend.  Friendly reminders such as “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat” are funny sentences that will do the job. You warned  the visitors in a funny way.Now that you have done everything to make your bathroom shine, relax and enjoy it. 

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