EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner Review : AP14001HS

EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner Review : AP14001HS

EdgeStar AP14001HS Portable Air Conditioner.

The EdgeStar is one of the best dual hose portable air conditioner units.

As a 4-in-1 model it offers fast cooling + heat pump for winter.

air conditioning, heating function, dehumidify & fan

Buyers say it’s fast to set up and effective in medium or large rooms.

It’s an affordable unit with powerful cooling + luxury features ~ one of the best portable air conditioners for large rooms.

EdgeStar AP14001HS Review:

In terms of power, it’s quick at cooling large rooms.

AC Power: 14,000 BTU

Room Size: 450 – 525 sq. ft.

Cooling Temp:  61 – 89°F

Buyers say that it’s great for living rooms or home with open layouts — a few buyers say it’s perfect for high ceiling.

Another benefit of the EdgeStar AP14001HS is the powerful dehumidifier. It can remove 85 pints of moisture daily. (much more than similar ac units).

Dehumidify: 85 pints per ay

Dehumidifier includes a direct drain function for continuous drainage – great for basements!

Buyers also say it’s energy efficient — using the remote control, you can simply select the function:

air conditioning, dehumidify, heating, or fan mode

EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner Review:

The EdgeStar portable air conditioner comes with 2 types of air filters:

1.) Washable air filters – when circulating air, this ac filter removes air contaminants, pollutants and dust.

2.) Pre-filters – provide a secondary level of air quality protection. They trap the smaller air-particles such as allergens, dander, dust, etc.

The EdgeStar portable air conditioner includes a thermostat controller which lets your desired temperature.

LED screen shows you the current room temp — you can set the new temp on the machine or using the remote control.

Like the Whynter units, buyers like that it’s a fairly quiet portable air conditioner.

On max power, the noise level will never go above 54 decibels — comparable AC units operate above 60 dB (even on lower power).

Noise Level (dB): ≤ 54 decibels

Because of its low noise, many buyers use it as their bedroom ac unit. Some even use it as a secondary ac unit.

EdgeStar Portable AC Review:

  • Model: AP14001HS (75 lb)
  • AC Cooling: 14,000 BTU
  • 4-in-1: air conditioning, heating, dehumidify, fan
  • Cooling Range: 61 – 77°F
  • Heating Range: 61 – 77°F
  • Dehumidify: 85 pints daily
  • Quiet operation: ≤ 54 decibels
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant: R410A
  • Thermostat with controller for adjusting temp
  • Energy-efficiency rate (EER) of 11.2
  • Multiple fan speeds

What’s Included:

  • EdgeStar portable air conditioner 
  • Installation kit and insulation
  • Exhaust hose
  • Remote control (plus batteries)
  • 4 caster wheels

EdgeStar AP14001HS Air Conditioner:

The EdgeStar portable air conditioner is looking to be a top seller in .

Powerful AC motor makes it extremely effective for cooling large rooms — open layouts or high ceilings. One buyer said they keep doors open because it’s powerful enough to cool multiple rooms.

The high-powered dehumidifier is nice add-on feature too!

Dehumidify: 85 pints daily

Dehumidifiers of this size, without the air conditioning function can cost $150 – 175.

If you’re looking for a high-powered portable air conditioner, I think the EdgeStar AP14001HS is worth considering.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

EdgeStar AP14001HS Review:

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