Feng Shui Decor Tips For Prosperous Home

What is feng shui? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that tends to establish perfect balance, harmony, and positive energy flow between elements in your home. All Feng Shui rules are designed to improve physical and mental health, relationships, material condition, and status…in fact all segments of life. Feng=wind and shui=water are two basic elements vital to human existence, they flow around the world.According to traditional teaching, there are two opposite forces: Yin and Yang.Yin is feminine, and yang is masculine energy. One cannot exist without another, but between them must be harmony.How to use 5 guiding elements of Feng shui This ancient Chinese art of placement will help you to assert a sense of control over your space. An environment with all 5 feng shui elements in balance is peaceful and harmonious. Earth, water, fire, metal and wood , and their relationship are crucial for your happy home.  Wood is associated with personal growth and vitality. If you want to incorporate this element in your home decor use green tones and wooden furniture, and plant a money plant or bamboo.Metal is pure logic and intelligence, this element is related to knowledge and mental sharpness. If you want to emphasize metal elements in interior use: brassy and pastel tones, metallic furniture and details like sequins pillows or candlesticks.Wate r is associated with wisdom and serenity, movement, relaxation, and purification. Add some water features like mirrors, aquariums, objects with touches of blue, curved shapes, pictures of pure, calm water…Earth is balance and stability… Put some rocks and crystals in your apartment. Earth also means stability and security in relationships, so bring plants and wooden furniture in your home, paint the walls in beige and brownish shades.Fire is passion, fame, and action. It’s raw energy, good for your social life. Fire represents transformation and expansion. Put some red details in your home as it will help your social status…But don’t play with the fire because you may lose control. Too much of these elements can irritate and make people nervous. What is a bagua map? Most common tool in feng shui home design that analyzes energy in space is the Bagua map…It has nine quadrants: wealth, fame, health, children, wisdom, career, helpful people, love, and family. Easiest way to use it is to overlay it on your floor plan. Simply place the octagon-shaped map over the layout of your home. Northside must be over the front door entrance.Every area has its own rules.  For example in the first area (wealth, element water) should contain an object that reminds you to be grateful… In this area avoid trash cans, bills, toilets… Decorate it with valuable items like the artwork of people and live plants. In the field of fame put tall items, diplomas and other evidence of achievement. In this area, the red color is recommended. Avoid black and water items.In the field of love avoid sharp and broken objects. Put some candles, objects in pairs…Family segment loves floral prints but doesn’t tolerate metal items. The central area is reserved for health, and this segment of your home must be clean and harmonious. Put some square items and details in yellow or gold. Avoid wood items and green color.Children’s area – let’s have fun, arrange this space so that it is filled with toys and games. Avoid fire items and sharp objects near the children.In the area of wisdom put books, pictures of mountains..In the area of career, put mirrors and crystal… Helpful people field loves round objects and tools for sorting…How should I decorate my home with the help of feng shui Declutter!   The first tip for a peaceful, prosperous living space is: declutter your home! Allow the good energy (chi) to flow through space… Hidden unnecessary things like items under and behind furniture are bad energy. Also, you have to get rid of excess stuff from overloaded closets, bathroom cabinets, vanities, and shelves. Broken items are bad energy too. Donate the things you don’t use anymore…Open the window and welcome the air and light!   Air must move through space… First, beautify the entrance to your home, positive energy should enter your home through the front door so remove the mess…Wash the windows well, as they symbolize the eyes. Clean windows let more sunlight into the interior and allow positive energy to spread around. Then open the windows for fresh air…Money, money, money… Living in a mess can affect your financial situation. But did you know that you can improve your money status with feng shui rules?Feng shui element of money is wood, and as we all know water strengthens wood and nourishes it. Plants filter the air and attract good energy! Plants are beautiful and at the same time purify the air.  Good feng shui are plants like happy bamboo, lily, ficus, palm, philodendron, English ivy…The cactus is a bad feng shui plant…And be sure to remove all introduced plants from your home, they bring bad energy which is reflected in many aspects of your life.Keep a bowl of rice in the apartment, it symbolizes fertility and abundance. A plate with oranges and lemons in the house is another item that brings material progress.Pictures of water, waterfalls, lakes, or pictures of forests, plants, sand beaches, mountains are good for your status as well.In the southeastern part of the apartment, display a pot with money, antique coins or gold items or put a little fountain in the business zone.. Place photos or artwork there that represent your pursuit of enrichment.The best colors to attract money are purple, green and red.In the bedroom yin and yang energy must be in balance. Best feng shui soothing bedroom colours for romance are white, black, gray and blue, while mauve and gold represent love. There are countless questions about harmony in the bedroom.Did you know which are good colours for couples trying to conceive? Believe it or not, they are silver, bronze and the colour of pewter.Did you see those gorgeous bedroom designs on Instagram? So many shiny details, beautiful patterns, furniture like from imagination… However, many of these combinations accumulate negative energy even though at first sight it does not seem so.

  • Combine feminine and masculine details for balance. If you want more of the yang energy use red, pink and peach and then mix it with the darkest colours.
  • Avoid putting a television in the bedroom
  • Best bed placement is the one that is far from the door. It’s also important that the feet are never directed towards the front door. This position is called the position of the dead.

24h in the kitchen   If you are wondering how to establish a proper flow of energy through the kitchen and create harmony we have a couple of tips for you …

  • First, you must know that the most important aspect in the kitchen is the location of the stove. South or southwest is an ideal position. It is desirable to place a mirror above the stove so that the whole room is clear to the cook.
  • If you have kitchen and bathroom doors facing each other that is bad! Solve this situation by placing partitions, billboards or in some other way because otherwise, the energy will move too fast.
  • The kitchen must be clean and clear of unnecessary clutter. Also, very important is that space has enough fresh air and good lighting.
  • Which colours do you have to use for harmony in the kitchen? Look at the bagua map and pay attention to the ratio of the basic 5 feng shui elements. For example, if you have an East facing kitchen , use a wood element (main colours are green and brown) and a water element because water nourishes the wood. Imagine a walnut kitchen and soft blue walls with lots of light and beautiful white curtains (white is a metal element that attracts water) and images of plants and nature. If your kitchen is located in the southeast be sure that it expresses the energy of wealth. South-facing kitchen is connected to fame and reputation, so use bright and fiery colours…

We hope that we have managed to explain the basic rules of feng shui well. You know the saying: a clean house, a clean mind. If you want your home to be harmonious, beautiful and tidy, it is enough to apply some basic rules of this ancient Chinese philosophy.

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