From Interior Design to Mega Yachts, the Genius of Philipe Starck

There are great interior designers and architects around the world, some are known for being extravagant, creatives, practical, innovative, revolutionaries, and timeless, but when it comes to the use of creative thinking to improve the lives of people, we find Philipe Stark one of the best in the world.He is well known for his abilities to change visual perceptions while playing with absolute functionality. Every creation harbors a deep sense of responsibility for society and the environment. His designs go from loudspeakers to chandeliers, from motorbikes to mega-yachts, or from everyday objects to beautiful and sensational interior designs. His creations are part of a cult and many of them are also part of museums and exhibitions all over the world.He believes that creation, no matter the form or shape it takes must improve the lives of as many people as possible, the purpose of being “Good” before being “beautiful.” Let’s see why Philipe Starck is considered one of the best interior designers of all time.SLS Brickell, MiamiA very simple yet intriguing design showing off an appealing rectangular sink with chrome legs going away with a beautiful infinity mirror. Very clever! SLS Brickell, MiamiA seductive free-standing egg-shape bathtub, guarded by pink shower doors, mirrors, and a bold double sink  bathroom vanity.  Yoo Panama Hotels & Residences by Philipe StarckInteresting combination of shapes, textures, and designs embraced by a wide range of black, gray, yellow, and white color tones. Exceptional!Yoo Panama by Philipe StarckYoo Panama is a luxury residential project located on Balboa Avenue, Panama. This is a spectacular strip bordering the sea that offers magnificent views of the bay and Panama City.Yoo Panama by Philipe StarckThe concept of Yoo is not only about design, it’s about creating a lifestyle through amazing amenity spaces and common areas where people can come together and get to know each-other, share ideas, visions, and much more with objective openness. Yoo creates spaces to inspire the feeling that anything is possible!  Yoo Panama By Philipe StarckIt seems that luxury is one of the element that composes these kind of designs, but in reality it’s about original thinking. Ideas that brakes paradigms while motivating and inspiring the imagination of the beholder.M Social, SingapureWe are now in M social Hotel, Singapore. This magnificent place has 293 rooms that thrives in a environment where friendship and new experiences are paramount. According to Starck, M Social was built on a democratic premise of giving the best while being affordable to the greatest number of people, particularity those with a millennial mindset. M Social, Singapore by Philipe StarckM Social, Singapore by Philipe StarckLe Meurice Hotel, Paris, France.Le Meurice Hotel Restaurant, FranceOh La La! This is the extravagant Le Mueurice Hotel. Since 1815, this majestic piece of architecture has been one of the first luxury hotels in the world. Today, while the hotel retains its 19th century splendor in the suites and bedrooms, Philipe starck has made a major redesign of both the hotels’s restaurant, the bar, and some of the public areas. Le Meurice Hotel, Paris, FranceLe Meurice Presidential apparment where Salvador Dali stayedThe extraordinary Sailing Yacht “A” is a luxury yacht commissioned by the millionaire Andrey Malnichenko. It was designed by Philippe Starck and engineered by naval architect Martin Francis. One of the Sailing mega-yacht “A” bathroomsThe 78 metres  super yacht “Venus” is another instant icon that came out from Starck’s drawing board. Her sleek exteriors feature a notable large portion of glass and an appearance far away from conventional. “Venus” Yacht InteriorMotor Yacht “A”The world famous Motor Yacht “A” was also commissioned by Russian owner Andrey Malnichenko and launched in 2008 by German yard Blohm+Voss. Stark spent 4 years designing the interior and the exterior of this intimidating ship. Motor Yacht “A” master room InteriorFaena Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSpectacular, contemporary, and stylish, The Faena Hotel is extraordinary. The utilitarian facade of the seven-story brick building, a turn of the 20th century grain warehouse, posses the imaginative interiors created by Philipe Starck. Pool Faena Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina Lobby Faena Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSteeped in Philipe Starck characteristic design flair, The Faena Hotel is as captivating to the eye as it is pleasing to the heart. Flourishes include unicorn heads on the walls, velvet curtains, crimson-upholstered chairs and crystal chandeliers. There is no reception desk; new arrivals are greeted by an “experience manager” who serves as a personal concierge throughout their stay. All bathrooms are equipped with the finest bathroom accessories such as makeup mirrors, soap dish holders, chromed soap dispensers, and this beautiful Luxury Three hole widespread basin faucets, the ultra elegant Goose.Faena Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFaena Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFaena Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAprilla Moto 6.5 by Philipe StarckIt is quite unusual for a company such as Aprilla to hire a in-house designer to help them launch a radical new model. Philipe Starck is not Italian and never studied in Italy, I say this because Italians are very proud, but that couldn’t stop the French designer and motorbike fanatic to create one of the most remarkable designs in motorcycle history: the Moto 6. 5.

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