Game of Thrones Inspired Home Design

You can look for antique furniture with a rustic style, yet try not to clutter your apartment with details. Focus on practicality and durability. When you do incorporate accessories, make them few and make them count.In small quantities, adding banners or emblems can help you achieve the style you are looking for. However, if you want your house to retain its elegant, noble character, keep insignia at a minimum.


  A formal Roman dining room could not be imagined without a divan, a backless sofa, often decorated with pillows. This piece of furniture fits beautifully into the scenography of Westeros, as it is a symbol of luxury and hedonism. It would fit well in Highgarden, King’s Landing and Sunspear inspired homes.

Standalone bathtubs

 sourceWhen it comes to bathrooms, a Westerosi interior designer wouldn’t have much choice besides the wooden tub. However, you can enjoy its charms without its downsides. You can invest in a gorgeous, modern standalone bathtub and scheme and plan all you want in the comfort of a bubble bath.

Goblets, cutlery, and dangerous trinkets

 sourceIf you are unwilling to make bigger changes to your home, you can also produce an impactful effect with the right details. Make your guests feel like lords and ladies with elaborate goblets and service sets. Having objects intended for practical use look like something out of a fantasy land creates an entirely different experience than just showing off decorative trinkets. You can also turn a part of your kitchen into something of an alchemy lab. Keep your spices and herbs in mysterious-looking glass containers and bottles. Complement them with details such as a mortar and pestle, and feel free to hang some herbs upside down to dry.


 sourceThere is hardly anything more dangerous than knowledge. So, have a rustic wooden bookshelf with your favorite volumes help you build up your courage. Top it off with an eye-catching bookend or some leather book covers (but there is no need for chains, right?) and you are good to go.These are the general Westerosi elements to incorporate into your design, however, as every one of the Great Houses has a characteristic style, you probably have a favorite. Here are some guidelines and suggestions to getting your favorite house style just right.

House Stark

  Explore your Stark side with Winterfell inspired home design. Go for a dark grey and white, minimalist palette, natural, sturdy materials and pay attention to the lighting. An irreplaceable piece for achieving a Northern home atmosphere would be a faux-fur rug. As it is quite a striking piece, make sure to tone down the rest of the room. Leave the lavishness to the Lannisters.Complete the look of your bedroom with a rich, quilted blanket or a bed cover. Stay faithful to natural, earthy tones.If you have a garden or a balcony on which you grow plants, a Stark garden would be a bit on the wild side, so no need for meticulous trimming.


House Lannister

  A Lannister inspired home revolves around comfort, luxury and glamour. Rich reds, golds and high-end materials (or materials that appear to be high-end) should be at the center of your design. For an authentic impression, you can choose brass elements for anything from doorknobs to standing lamps.Inspired by Mediterranean cities, King’s Landing is always bathed in sunshine, so take into account the sources of natural light in your home. Where necessary, add artificial sources of warm light. If you are going for candles, opt for large, standing candelabras. If you are redesigning your bedroom as well, consider a canopy bed with light, flowy drapery. It should be the centerpiece of the room, with other elements of the room somewhat played down.When it comes to living room, one should think about Tyrion and place a classy decanter set somewhere on a small table. This addition could also color your evening conversations with a hint of theatricality.

House Targaryen

  Creating a style that reflects Daenerys’s progression from a Dothraki tent to the Dragonstone castle would be quite a task and the result would probably be a Westerosi version of a cosmopolitan, bohemian style. This is one of the houses whose style would now leave a lot of room for interpretation. Would you describe it with luxurious oriental rugs or minimalistic dark tiles, which can handle some heat?

House Martell

  The inspiration for the Martell residence in Sunspear obviously has Spanish and Middle Eastern roots. A Martell style home would require a lot of open space and large enough windows to create the warm atmosphere that you need. If you focus on light materials and intricate patterns, you are on the right track. Colorful tiles, mosaics and ornate rugs are also crucial to this style.


House Tyrell

  The feminine, polished style of Highgarden has undoubtedly won over many hearts. If you want to incorporate this style into your home, focus on quality, balance and sophistication. Look out for subtle floral prints and springtime color palettes. When looking for furniture, seek out combinations of rose gold and pearly white and invest in airy, white curtains so that the light in your home is diffused and filtered. Whether you have a garden, a few flowerpots on the balcony or on your window, having lush, yet symmetrical and orderly flowers in your home is necessary for a successful Highgarden look.


House Greyjoy

 sourceIf you really want to recreate the look Iron Islands, you know that these are not sunny islands with sandy beaches and palm trees. It would mean that you are looking for a rugged, minimalist look. So, I you have the need to make your home or a section of it suitable for a Greyjoy, go for sturdy materials without unnecessary embellishments.  The only exception to this is their house symbol, the octopus, which you can incorporate into your design in moderation.Also, since they have the largest fleet in the Seven Kingdoms, a somewhat bleaker version of the nautical style could be the right place for you to seek inspiration. 

In conclusion

Whatever house style you choose, plan it carefully and adapt it to the conditions that you are already present in your home. For further inspiration, think about your favorite character. How would they organize their bedroom? Which of the modern styles would they embrace? Whatever you decide, enjoy recreating the atmosphere of this fantasy world with your own tastes.

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