Get Your Bathroom Ready For Summer

sourceBrighten up your bathroom with light shades on your walls. You can invite more sunlight into your bathroom with shades of white or gentle yellows, or invoke a sea-resort atmosphere with shades of green and sky blue. In any case, think of a color palette before you start buying new accessories for your bathroom, and only paint the walls once you have them all in one place. That way you can be positive that all the elements fit well together color-wise. You don’t even have to paint all the walls in your bathroom, just draw attention to one accent wall. You can even do this with sea-themed wallpapers. Wallpapers are a low-effort, high-effect choice; however, they will not last too long in the high humidity environment of the bathroom.Painting your bathroom won’t even have to be that much of a chore. With warmer days, the paint will dry relatively quickly, and with the right planning, this could only take up one afternoon.


If your bathroom has a window, furnish it with lighter curtains and keep it clean, as the summer sun is notorious for drawing attention to smudges and dirt. You can also think about getting additional artificial light sources into your bathroom, especially around the mirrors. With summer festivals and cocktail parties knocking at your door, you need to have all the right conditions to get your make-up on super short notice.


We used to be unbothered with all the sharp angles, dull colors and cold-looking, usually white surfaces in bathrooms, designed solely with their practical use in mind, but now, that is changing. Bathrooms are gaining importance in design and becoming more spacious and lavish, and their design more innovative every year. Recently, looks more typical of the living room have been sneaking into bathroom design.This kind of reimagining the bathroom can range from hanging pictures on the walls to bringing in a wall-mounted TV or even an armchair. To keep this from making your bathroom look overcrowded or cramped, choose furniture in lighter colors and go slowly with this kind of redesign project.Let this new approach to bathrooms inspire you. Try different arrangements out and prepare for unexpected combinations that look and feel good together. Do not forget that you need to get the dimensions right, as not many bathrooms were designed to accommodate an out-of-the-box trend like this. So be extra careful with planning, and if that feels like too much work, just imagine being able to watch your favorite movie while soaking in the bathtub.

The short strokes


Go through shelves, drawers, and cabinets and see what it is that you never or rarely use. Once you are finished with throwing things on the unnecessary pile, think about whether you can give anything away instead of tossing it into the waste bin.After you’re done with cleaning out your bathroom, make sure to give it a good, thorough scrub. However well designed it may be, a room that looks dirty is an eyesore (and remember that the bright summer sun makes dust and dirt more visible). Include cleaning the surfaces, scrubbing the units and mopping the floors into your regular to-do list. Not only will this look better, but you will also feel more relaxed in a clean, ready-to-use bathroom.


MatIt is time to pay attention to the details. Even slight changes, such as replacing your bath mat or rug, can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to choose lively, sunny colors, especially if the rest of your bathroom is a bit on the dim side when it comes to color.TowelsAnother easy, but effective move is to replace your towels with a set in the right color. You can never go wrong with white towels, but also, do not shy away from experimenting. Even the way you fold and store your towels can have a noticeable effect. Roll them up; place them in a nice basket, or just sort them by color. If you don’t keep them hidden away in a cabinet or a drawer, feel free to consider them a part of the decor.Plastic detailsEven something as simple as replacing your plastic soap dispenser with an eye-catching, but not necessarily expensive ceramic or stone dispenser can make your bathroom feel more luxurious. The same goes for other plastic parts in your bathroom, such as the toothbrush holder or the soap dish.Shower curtain source You can also change the whole impression of the room just by replacing your shower curtain. It takes up a large amount of visual space, so the right curtain can tie the whole room together.



 sourceNothing says summer like lush, flourishing plant life, so there is no reason for hesitation. It is highly likely that you can introduce a plant or a few into your bathroom even if you think the conditions in it may not be suitable for plants. There is a chance that some plants would thrive even in conditions that are not so ideal and they would certainly improve the visual impression, as well as the air quality in your bathroom. If you don’t have time to take care of any more plants, there is always the option of bringing in cut flowers in an appropriate vase.Either way, this is one of the quickest ways to bring more joy into your bathroom. Plants like orchids, tillandsias, and lucky bamboos come to mind first, and they all simply love the bathroom.Bathtub TraysIf your bubble baths are not accompanied by the lovely invention called the bathtub tray, treat yourself to one and enjoy the convenience it brings.PhotosEspecially if you are going for the living room aesthetic, do hang some photos on your walls. This can be a particularly good idea if you don’t have a lot of space for other, larger decorations, as you can fit a collection of photos onto practically any wall. With the right photos, you can definitely change the mood of your bathroom for the better.Scents and candlesNothing says summer like a fresh citrus scent! This is the first thing you and your guest will notice in your bathroom, and it is not something you want to leave to chance. Leave a great impression with the right air freshener, essential oils or candles. If your bathroom is small, remember to avoid strong smells and stick to fragrance diffusers, adjusting the number of the sticks depending on the size of your bathroom.Candles and bathrooms are always a winning combination. Pick a floral or a citrus fragrance to complement your summer baths.Finally, remember that you are preparing your bathroom for the summer so it can be more comfortable for you and those you love. So, if a specific design choice cheers you up, it is probably the right one, even if it doesn’t follow all the rules of design.

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