Give Your Bathroom a Swarovski Makeover

All of us like to be surrounded by beauty, because beauty inspires. Our home is the place where we spend most of our time, it’s our shelter, our sanctuary and we have every right to make it as gorgeous as possible. The bathroom is especially important, as this is the place where we begin and end our days. Just imagine, you’ve had a long, stressful day and you don’t feel like doing anything. Your muscles ache, your head is splitting, and you just can’t take it anymore. But you go home, make yourself a hot bubble bath that smells of honey and vanilla, and you luxuriate in the hot water for half an hour as you sip on a glass of wine and listen to relaxing music. Watch all your troubles melt away as you emerge from the bath like Aphrodite, your skin velvet, your mind fresh and renewed.Every woman deserves to feel like a goddess from time to time, and if you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a real temple for your beautiful body, the best way is to turn to the brand that marked the history – Swarovski crystals. Renovating the bathroom takes a lot of time, it’s stressful and requires a lot of planning. But if you still want to build a haven that looks and feels expensive and luxurious, there’s an easy way to do that, and all it requires is your refined taste and creativity.

The world of Swarovski

With a 120-year-long history, Swarovski crystals have always been such an exclusive brand that still brings sparkle to our everyday lives through their enchanting products. And it’s not just their jewelry that looks so magical. Many companies use their crystals to make everything from striking little figurines of pure art to practical everyday objects such as soap dishes & holders. So not only can you bring a touch of beauty to your face with a pair of earrings, you can make your bathroom look glamorous with small, luxurious additions without all the bother of having to renovate. The Swarovski business has always put emphasis on design and their high-quality crystals are popular all over the world. From 1895 Wattens in Austria, the small manufacturing business grew into this incredible company that aims to make everything they touch extraordinary. So, if you want only the best for yourself, this is the way to go.

Devil is in the details

Every fashion diva knows that accessories make or break an outfit, so it should come to no surprise that seemingly small details in the bathroom can transform the whole room. A beautiful mirror with a delicate frame will make your morning ritual of applying makeup all the more enjoyable, and towel racks & stands decorated with blue Swarovski crystals can help make everything look more sophisticated. A lot of people don’t really know how to make a bathroom look beautiful, but if you coordinate small details you can make a space that any guest would be impressed with. Match your toilet brushes & holders with your toilet paper holders, pair your towel rings with your soap & lotion dispensers. It’s never about grand changes, and a true lady knows that. Just as you trust your instincts when it comes to dressing yourself, trust them when it comes to decorating.

Make it neat

True elegance has no price and your house reflects you as a person. So if it’s constantly untidy and lacking aesthetic harmony, people might assume that you just gave up.A messy bathroom with a bunch of things lying all around is something no one enjoys looking at, so make sure you assign a proper space for everything to make it neater. Have decorative jars for small things like cotton balls, nail files, tweezers and scissors, and a proper medicine cabinet for your aspirins and your first aid kit. Wastebaskets are often overlooked, and yet very good at keeping things orderly, and bathroom organizers and tissue box holders will make everything look immaculate. Put your shower gels, loofah sponges, lotions, creams, oils and other necessities on a shelf to have it all in one place. Ladies understand the importance of not only upholding a good image, but also of being surrounded by beautiful, well-organized things that show off their taste.

Modernize it

A sleek, modern bathroom is something any person dreams of. Something that looks and feels new and expensive. Think of details with polished chrome and white Swarovski crystals, something that screams opulence, yet looks very cool. Make a statement that speaks of your refinement, of your calm, shrewd approach to style. Create an environment that reflects you as a person, a place that you can enjoy, uninterrupted at the end of the day as you take that hot shower and get ready for bed. Or maybe something in warm tones, a timeless combination that will always remind us of grandeur.Polished gold paired with black Swarovski crystals is the definition of splendour and affluence because black and gold will always be a winning combo for anyone who enjoys lavish displays of style and grace. Sometimes you really don’t need much – elegance, after all, lies in simplicity, but if you’re clever and have good taste, you’ll know just how to make your bathroom look like a dream.

Prepare for spa days

Famous and beautiful Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt and one of the most influential women in our history had her own bathing rituals that were considered sacred. Even Cleopatra, who lived in the ancient times, knew that preserving beauty isn’t easy and that any woman who values her appearance spends a lot of time and money keeping herself looking radiant. Our Queen took baths in donkey milk and honey to maintain the suppleness of her skin, which isn’t all that different from ladies today who like to take long baths filled with special oils and salts. Any woman likes to feel pampered, so having the ability to prepare a spa day in your own bathroom is priceless.A good bathroom isn’t just about something that looks good, but something that makes you feel good as well, and being surrounded by Swarovski crystals will make you feel like a queen ready to rule the lands with beauty and grace. Keep your big, fluffy towel on a decorative towel rack, and your favorite products at the edge of your big tub and surround yourself with magnificence.

A true mark of taste

Knowing how to color-coordinate and arrange every detail perfectly is important. Things you buy will come off as tacky if they don’t serve their intended purpose, but with Swarovski you can generally be ensured that everything you get will be of highest quality and not only beautiful, but entirely functional as well. Sometimes, subtle additions like frosted glass bathroom accessories can turn a dull bathroom into something classy and lush. Of course, when decorating, the first thing you need to do is pick a color theme and then base the rest of the details on that.That doesn’t mean you need to keep everything monochrome, feel free to play and use Swarovski of your favorite color to give everything a luxurious makeover. Even simple things like your towel bars can be made to fit the theme. True taste comes from within, it comes from being willing to play and be adventurous. Discuss different ideas with your family and experiment to find the right kind of style for what you want to accomplish.

Make it your own

All too often, when wanting to make our home modern and beautiful, we give away our own ideas and put someone else’s definition of taste in place through various decorators and style advisors. While these professionals do know their job, you’ll never feel good unless your home looks like you. Trust yourself because any woman of class has the natural ability to understand good aesthetics. This kind of makeover is the perfect way to have freedom to give everything a personal touch. From robe & towel hooks to the mirror and bathroom rugs, you should be the one making all the decisions. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there and you should feel satisfied with the result.In the end, take this opportunity to have fun, because this is truly a challenge of your skills. Transform your bathroom into an exquisite temple of your polished, elegant taste. The sumptuous Swarovski flair has a long history in fashion and design and it’s a gorgeous mix of both classic and modern styles that brings a glowing light into any room. You deserve to be surrounded by beauty at all times, you deserve the allure that will bring happiness to your home.

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