Heres Our Review of Googles NEST Themostat – Help Advisors

Heres Our Review of Googles NEST Themostat – Help Advisors

With temperatures changing, it’s important to have a reliable themostat that’s able to make quick changes to your home HVAC system. However, the new alternatives, with the aim of creating more modern houses, are becoming increasingly important, and are even being incorporated into home design and decoration.

This is the case with Nest, the intelligent thermostat that, even though it only occupies a small space on the wall, can become a leading player in controlling the climate and ambience in your house. Here’s our review of the smart thermostat that Google wants to install in every home.

Introducing Nest — the startup founded by the creator of the iPod

To discover the origins of this singular gadget, we have to go back to , the year in which Tony Fadell (who directed the development of the iPod at Apple) decided to venture into the gadget sector – specifically those intended for the modern idea of Smart Homes.

Thus Nest was born, a startup that – like all ideas which, directly or indirectly, are related to the multinational  influence of Steve Jobs – was destined to be a success. And so it was: the product developed by Fadell to control the temperature of the home would soon become one of those must have items in American households that wanted to transform their space into something more comfortable and efficient.

Later, Fadell’s idea was acquired by Google for just over 3 billion dollars and, after three generations, has landed in the Spanish market where it hopes to meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers.

The smart thermostat that helps you save on your electricity costs.

The Nest intelligent thermostat saves you money on your electricity bill, and looks good whilst doing it! Thanks to its attractive design, this smart thermostat can be a design element in your home, in addition to being useful.

The evolution of this device over the last seven years has resulted in the creation of a final product that is discreet in terms of volume and elegant in terms of appearance. The third generation of this gadget is smaller than previous generations, protruding barely a few inches from the wall and has a bright 2.1 inch screen where you access the various settings and options.

It is available in 4 finishes (white, black, copper and stainless steel) and comes equipped with a sensor so that it will automatically turn on and show you the temperature when you stand in front of it. This sensor also allowings it to recognize if it is receiving direct light – which means that a sunny day won’t influence the overall control of an effective temperature in the house.

Nest’s main funcions include:

  • Programmable auto power off and on functions.
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Manage the device through an app on your smartphone .
  • Intuitive navigation system (orange for heat and blue for air conditioning).
  • Voice control through the assistant Alexa (Amazon) and Google Home .
  • Statistical reports on savings in kilowatt consumption.
  • Alerts you to potential problems
  • Integration between the intelligent thermostat and other company products such as security cameras or smoke detectors.

Perhaps the only but of this gadget is that it does not have remote temperature sensors . This means that the device takes temperature references from a single point within the house, which can generate some imbalance between the different rooms.

Same thermostat, different profiles

One of the most common problems of conventional thermostats is their inability to adapt to the circumstances of the interior of your home at all times. What happens when you leave? What happens when the whole family goes out for a walk and only one person remains inside?

The home automation and energy efficiency studies carried out by Fadell and later by Google researchers revealed that it was at this time that the balance of the temperature inside the house is at greater risk and, consequently, also any potential savings in the resources used to maintain a stable environment.

With the arrival of the intelligent thermostat these problems are now in the past. Nest allows you to create different user profiles and associate them with a smartphone, so that it can detect the presence of people at home and adjust accordingly, or automatically shut down if no one is home. Plus, after a week, Nest learns your schedules and programs itself to fit the profile of your household.

Easy to install and get started with intelligent climate control

Replacing your old thermostat with a smart thermostat could seem like an impossible challenge for a person with no technical skills. Where is this cable going? How do I attach this screw? Have I done it the right way?

Luckily, Nest simplifies this process to to the maximum, and it doesn’t take more than half an hour to have the thermostat connected and programmed, ready to start to start saving on your electricity bills.

As a system compatible with all conventional heating systems, you shouldn’t encounter any problems when doing the changeover: simply cover the hole left by the previous thermostat with the trim panel included in the box and adjust the settings to the type of housing and heating that you have.

And if you want to further improve the performance of this smart thermostat, did you know that the windows in your home are a hotspot for escaping heat, and this makes it more difficult to effectively control the temperature. You can avoid this energy loss by using quality glass PVC windows with double, or even triple glazing.

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