Hot Christmas Decorating Trends from Pinterest

A surprising trend that came seemingly out of nowhere, there are a ton of ice skate decorations that are popping up this year. It looks very unexpected and yet beautiful—ice skates remind us not only of winter, but of grace and holiday fun. Find a few miniature versions to hang up on your Christmas tree, or use your own old skates to make a sculpture. You can paint them over and cover them with metallic paint and glitter, and then nest it inside a green wreath. Another fun idea: instead of stockings, why not hang up Christmas ice skates?5 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind

Subdued colors

Minimalism and Christmas rarely go together, but unless you have a house full of kids, perhaps you’ve grown a little tired of tacky, flashy decorations that only seem fun at first, but start hurting your eyes a day later. If you’re a fan of something more subdued, take a look at how simple and elegant it is to make candle holders. With only a clear glass bottle, a few cedar branches, and tall white candles you can make something eye-catching, but sophisticated. When it comes to the Christmas tree, why not pick only one color and make it a touch more uniform? White ornaments and pale lights are subtle, but still very festive.

Unusual Christmas trees

This is an interesting trend because it seems people are looking for more innovation when it comes to Christmas tree ideas, so a lot of them are eschewing the tree altogether. That’s right, instead of evergreens, people are using ladders or even cardboard to make a base for all their ornaments. If you want to do something interesting, the ladder idea is pretty genius—all you need is a few boards of different sizes for a makeshift shelf, and then you can get as creative as you like. Use cotton balls to create fluffy snow, or cover the boards with white cloth and glitter. Weave garlands and twinkle lights around, and then place any kind of figurines you like to bring in the fun. You can also use snow globes, miniature gifts, or even candles to make it lively.The Ultimate Guide to Shower Heads

Plaid stockings

Keeping up with the more neutral trend, plaid stockings seem to be very popular. Black-and-white combinations are certainly versatile, but you can also pick green-and-black if you want something a little less stark. Hang them up along your mantelpiece or on bedroom doorknobs, and enjoy the lovely rustic vibe.

Candle centerpieces

What to put on your dining room table to make it look a little more festive? While a candelabra is a nice, traditional option, why not make your own candle centerpiece and decorate it so it fits the whole atmosphere of the room? This option is very elegant and perfect for someone who wants to show off their refined taste, but if you’re bored of all these minimalist trends, feel free to bring in color. This idea is really great—upturned wine glasses filled with Christmas ornaments. It’s really easy to make and fun to do, and it definitely won’t break the bank. Just make sure to secure the glasses to a platter to avoid any breakage.

Tree skirts

Fan of knitting and need a new creative outlet? Then embrace the tree skirt trend on Pinterest and make a unique decoration to cover the floor around the tree. This is a great idea for people with children who like to crawl underneath to reach all the gifts, and it makes the whole ensemble look very homey and rustic. Of course, even if you aren’t skilled at knitting, you can simply buy something from Etsy because more and more people are making these. Let Pinterest keep inspiring you! Pick your favorite trends and have fun decorating your home.Get More Design Ideas From Our Blog

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