How Swarovski Crystals Have Transformed Bathroom Design

With more than 120-year long history, Swarovski has built a reputation that still remains completely unshaken. While you might associate it primarily to jewelry, a nice pair of earrings isn’t the only thing you can crystalize and make beautiful. Its uses are deeply versatile, and besides a pretty necklace, now you can find things like towel racks and soap dish holders that interior designers are very eager to use. Swarovski used to be a tiny manufacturing business in Austria, but their high quality and impeccable craftsmanship have earned them international renown. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of them and who doesn’t admire that unique glimmer of their work.

Affordable luxury

While we can’t call them cheap, Swarovski has a good balance of luxury and affordability that can appeal to a great variety of buyers. They managed to introduce elegance that won’t break the bank but that will still look just as good as some of the most expensive décor features you can buy. Installing a few towel stands or placing soap dispensers with lovely crystals encrusted in them is a quick way to bring a dose of sophistication, and a lot of designers love having this option.

Making a real powder room

With Swarovski, your dreams of making a real powder room for your guests can become a reality. You can truly decorate the bathroom so it has more than just a practical purpose, and making a luxurious place where your guests can feel like they entered a mini spa retreat is now easy. From hanging Swarovski beaded curtains that add a touch of glamour to beautifully ornamented sinks and toilet seat covers—Swarovski made it possible to create a little oasis of peace. If you make one of these in your house, your guests will immediately become impressed. It simply elevates your whole living space when you show such thoughtfulness.

Modern vibes

The best thing about Swarovski is that it’s versatile. It was often used in rustic, graceful décor, but slowly it’s being embraced by contemporary designers. When matched with materials like polished chrome and marble it can truly modernize the bathroom, while adding some sparkle and freshness to neat minimalism that’s now so frequently used in design. Every interior decorator who doesn’t know how to bring life into their arrangement should consider the glimmer of Swarovski.

Quality over quantity

Oftentimes, when people want to make an impression, they stuff the room full of baubles and shiny ornaments just to make it look more interesting. Swarovski doesn’t need that. Rather than a ton of cheap decorations, you can utilize a few simple, luxurious-looking soap dishes and towel hooks and make everything look fresh, refined, and gorgeous. Surrounding your bathtub with Swarovski element is also a good idea. Just imagine setting up a few flickering candles, filling up the tub with bubbles and essential oils, and then taking a long, hot bath as the water swishes and reflects in the crystals that surround you. It really adds a whole new experience into the mix and it looks wonderful in master bathrooms if you’re trying to create your own pretty little retreat. Beautiful details are a mark of good taste. Swarovski has truly transformed the world of bathroom design and made it easy to create an oasis of luxury and refinement. A lot of designers utilize them in their work, but even an average person can find plenty of ways to beautify their favorite room in the house with the addition of a few small details.

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