How to choose the perfect toilet paper holder for your bathroom

Do you want your bathroom to look like the cover of a top designer magazine? To achieve that refined look, the first step is to come up with a rounded, stylish theme. And what will make your relaxation corner a functional and harmonized space are the details!Nowadays, the offer of bathroom accessories is so rich that we can freely say that the possibilities are endless. There’s a handful of potential doubts about decorating the bathroom interior, from dilemmas about the color of the walls, choosing quality toilets, choosing towel rails and other little things that adorn every bathroom …So how are you supposed to pack all that into a nice, practical and pleasing to the eye ambience? One of the details, often overlooked, is the toilet paper holder. Usually, people try to hide the toilet paper holders and that is exactly what they are doing wrong, because holders can be that one detail that will make your bathroom a super stylish space. You know when you walk into a room and say WOW why didn’t I think of this? Such a small and seemingly unimportant item can be transformed into a real gem of your spa corner.It is often said that the bathroom is a reflection of our personality. In fact, every detail of it says a little about you. It is not the same to come across a simple plastic toilet paper holder (the most acceptable budget option) or to see an elegant metal, freestanding holder with clean lines and perfect reflection …Entire design teams have worked hard to allow you to find a holder that suits your personal taste. It is up to you to choose the one that best fits the rest of the bathroom accessories, your budget and personal style.Are you a fan of glamour?Then opt for an antique look of luxury forms such as Bella by AMG (brass chrome). Are you, on the other hand, a fan of more modern shapes and materials? Highlight the brilliance of your room with the help of Swarovski crystals (Windisch Swarovski Wall Toilet Paper Holder). Also, vertical holders are very beautiful, which with their elegant form are associated with chic decorated spaces (like Decor Walther Straight 9 Free Standing or simple Windisch Vertical).If you prefer a boho style or an eclectic approach, basket-shaped floor holders may be the best solution for you. Let the inspiration for interior decoration be nature, bold colors and unusual carpets like Bath Mats and Rugs. Ideas that can inspire you are all around you …Functionality is everythingThe most logical position of the toilet paper holder is certainly the one close to the toilet bowl. Remember the old days, when almost every house had a simple holder with a lid screwed into standard white bathroom tiles? Although the trend isn’t completely gone, everyone interested in interior design moved away from this classic, or better to say, outdated setting.Toilet paper holders that are attached to the wall can be open or closed (with a cover that protects against moisture). The open holders have a hook or roller on which a roll of toilet paper is applied. In the end, they have a horn that serves to keep the roll from falling off. They can also be for one paper roll or double.But today, wall-mount brackets also come in a variety of shapes, materials and colors. They often have such beautiful engravings or are interwoven with semi-precious stones and as if whispering: Look at me, look at me…Toilet paper holders can be made of different materials, each of which has special characteristics that need to be harmonized with the needs of the household.Plastic holders are lightweight, easy to attach to all surfaces and easy to clean. The downside is that they are not stress resistant and can easily crack. For lovers of natural materials there are wooden holders. If you want solid materials, choose chrome and stainless steel.The stainless steel toilet paper holder is characterized by traits such as reliability and stability when it comes to moisture (corrosion protection). This material also has antimicrobial properties.Holders can also be made of other materials such as e.g. glass or porcelain. This kind of production is mostly limited and is justified only aesthetically because such holders are extremely sensitive, i.e. fragile.Minimalism has crept into the bathrooms as wellIf your bathroom is small, the best solutions are clean and elegant shapes and bright colors. The matte surfaces of the toilet paper holder make the space neat and somehow unencumbered. The same effect is achieved with simple metal holders such as e.g. BA Quattro Wall Toilet Paper Holder by Bella.Let’s say you like pink walls and pop art? Soften contrasts with matte white cleanline holders such as LB Grela Wall Toilet Paper Holder.The elegance of floor toilet holdersToilet paper floor holders are often multifunctional. They are designed to look more like a fine detail than a classic toilet paper holder. The disadvantage of these models is that the rolls are often exposed to moisture and water spray.The stand is often equipped with other elements such as a space for storing a brush and space for spare rolls of toilet paper. Basically, all vertical floor models have a pivot on which additional rolls are placed. Some models may also have an additional stand for a mobile device or magazines.Floor racks that look like a rattan basket are used primarily for decorating the interior in Eco style. For example, the Basket ERH Malacca round Free standing toilet paper holder. In addition, this irresistible combination of natural materials and recycled toilet paper says a lot about your attitude towards environmental protection.Now imagine a stone floor toilet holder such as Stone RRB stone Standing Toilet Paper Holder by Decor Walther combined with marble floor, white retro bathtub and copper details. Is there really anything more elegant? This combination is recommended for all style addicts.Did we mention that freestanding holders have one practical side in addition to their aesthetic functions? They can be moved according to current needs of the tenants. Plus, if you move often, it is wise to invest in one such accessory, since it goes wherever you go ….We hope that we have convinced you of how important it really is to pay attention to every detail in the interior mostly when renovating a living space.AGM Home Store offers a large selection of toilet paper holders made of supreme quality materials. We suggest that you take a look at our offer today and replace your annoying old toilet paper holder with a new model and enrich your living space

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