How to Design the Perfect Fall Storage Solution

Everything in life is passing, except for laundry. As any big family will tell you, laundry seems to be endless and things are always getting dirty, especially if you have small children. The basket is always full, and even if there’s nothing to wash, there’s always something to iron or fold and store away. To help you deal with the mounting pile of clothes, consider investing in adjustable shelves and tall cabinets that won’t take up much room, but can still let you store all the cleaning supplies and detergents neatly.


Bathroom Design Trends Poised to Dominate in 2022

Hang your boots up

Tall boots look pretty great, but they’re a little tricky to put away. To help you store them without bending them out of shape, try using pant hangers with little clips. If you’re worried about the clips leaving marks, you can always glue little sponges to pad them. Once you have the hangers, you can simply install a little bar in your shoe closet and put them up.

Bring in a locker

If your kid plays sports and keeps bringing bulky equipment back home, putting up a small locker inside the garage might not be a bad idea. You can get a simple locker like the one they have at school, and here they can store their gear and it will no longer get in the way at home.

Sliding storage shelves for the garage

Alternatively, you can also install sliding shelves and closets inside the garage and use them to store anything from tools, to old school books, to sports equipment. They’re an efficient way to deal with narrow areas, and this kind of shelves is usually double-sided and quite handy in cramped spaces.


The Trendiest Fall Design Ideas

Corner shelves everywhere

Corner shelves are a godsend for small places without much room to maneuver. They are easy to install, and while you might not be able to pile on too many things on top, they can still hold shoes, kitchen spices, books, or decorations.

Make a crate shelf

You can use wooden crates as a way to hang up mini shelves on the wall. These can easily be spread around the house whenever you need them, and they won’t get in the way because you can put them high up.

Slipper basket

If you have a small table next to your entrance door where you put away keys and mail, slip a wicker basket underneath it. Fill it up with slippers for guests and family members, and that way they can slip them on as soon as they enter the house.

Shoe tray

People keep dragging wet, muddy footprints all over your floors? Fill up a plastic tray with small rocks, then place that inside of a rustic wooden crate. It’ll look almost like a decoration, but in reality it’s great for leaving your wet shoes to dry in there before you store them away.


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Make it fashion

Here’s a fun idea you can try: install hooks on one of the walls in your hallway and then hang your nicest hats. That way you will not only decrease the clutter but you will also wear your hats more, plus it looks super fashionable!  

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