How to go from OLD to MODERN?!?!

Do you have old items that you just cannot get rid of? No worries, old/vintage items can add that flawless pop to your home. Times are changing, but that doesn’t mean out with the old in with the new. Old, vintage items can always be blended with modern items; which, will give your home that perfect feel. When transitioning to a modern design you could lose that homey feel to your house; so, do not go all the way modern just yet. We recommend when designing a room, to make the old/vintage piece the accent of the room. Here are a few vintage items that blend very well with a modern design.

  • Vintage accent chair with a modern sofa; keep the room sleek and classic, all at the same time.
  • Antique Tables (coffee tables, side tables, etc.)
  • Vintage lighting adds that rustic home charm…all while keeping the appearance fresh.
  • Antique wall clocks, are perfect for that timeless POP!
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