How to make any bathroom look and feel bigger & more organized

To avoid an impression of chaos and visual noise, which could make your bathroom feel even smaller, make sure to avoid having too many strong contrasts and dividing lines in it. That refers to the colors you use, as well as materials, so pay attention to the role the texture of a material plays in dividing or unifying the room.The easiest way to achieve this unified effect is to plan and use materials that are similar enough that they can be perceived as a part of a whole. If there are sharp lines visually cutting your bathroom in half, for example, if the color of the tiles on one side is significantly different from the color on the other, switch to more similar colors.


Adding mirrors is a classic interior design trick. In a smaller bathroom, they can have a trifold purpose: to create the illusion of space, to reflect more light, and to create symmetry. If you want to create the illusion of space, install a bigger mirror. Also, do that in a way that creates the smallest number of new dividing lines, depending on the way your bathroom has been set up.Depending on your style requirements, you can opt for a large frameless mirror which will further help you achieve the effect of spaciousness. If you are looking to add more texture to the room, and your space is already visually unified enough, you can choose a mirror with a rich, intricate frame to liven up the room.

Expand it with color

The simplest solution to increasing the amount of space visually is to paint most of your bathroom white. This is a classic solution for a reason, as white reflects light and makes the space appear larger. If you are thinking about this option, but worry about accidentally creating a cold, clinical look in your bathroom, there are ways to avoid this result. When everything is white, focus on texture: a marble countertop fits into the concept while it adds enough texture to be visually interesting. Experiment with different materials such as textiles, metal, and wood, which will add an impression of warmth to your all-white bathroom. If all-white feels like too much for you, you can achieve a similar effect by using one or at most two very similar light hues, such as very light pink or beige.

Light it up

Following this pattern of space and color, light is naturally the next step. If natural light is available in your bathroom, make sure to remove any obstacles that might stop it from lighting up your bathroom. If you have curtains, make sure that they are made of breezier, lighter materials. If you are concerned about privacy, but you feel like the curtains might be breaking the flow in your bathroom, you can also replace your clear window panes with frosted glass ones. If you don’t have windows or skylights make sure to have several light sources in your bathroom and to keep it well lit, as darker bathrooms inevitably look more cramped.

Floating vanities

Replacing your regular vanity or pedestal sink with a floating vanity can help create a more spacious impression. In a small bathroom, any amount of floor space is precious, so a floating vanity can help you make the room feel lighter. If you also plan how to organize the space inside the vanity (e.g. with labeled see-through boxes), you can get quite a lot of storage room out of even the smallest floating vanity.

Glass panels

Shower enclosures or bathtubs take up the most space in any bathroom. Replacing curtains or framed shower panels with frameless or semi-frameless glass panels is an efficient way to remove a significant dividing line in your bathroom and achieve an effect of unity in this space. Once this separation element is transparent, your entire bathroom will be visible at once. If you want to ensure more privacy in the bathroom, you can install a frosted glass panel that will still keep the bathroom light enough. A clear shower door that is well maintained will help your bathroom seem more unified as well as bigger.

Rethink storage and reduce clutter

Although elements such as mats and photographs can make a bathroom feel livelier, they can often make a smaller bathroom feel cluttered. See what you can part with, and retain only the most remarkable items for maximum effect. Make a plan for buying and storing products and keep them well organized in see-through boxes and according to the frequency of their use.Keeping bathroom products out of sight will reduce visual noise in your bathroom and make it feel bigger and more organized. Keeping them in identical boxes on shelves or out of sight in a cabinet will help you achieve this. When it comes to finding space for storage, think about the frequently under-utilized corners of your bathroom, such as above the toilet or above the sink.Finally, even if you cannot implement all of these steps, focus on following the general principle behind them. If you can only change one thing, focus on that which will create the most unity in your bathroom. Think about the different materials that you have in your bathroom and see what element causes you the most trouble. A small bathroom may pose a design challenge, however, if you do it carefully and plan in advance, you can certainly design yourself a cozy space to be proud of.

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