How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Fabulous

Bathrooms are destined to serve as pristine, tranquil havens, but the reality is that they can smell less than fresh, to say the least. Sometimes, foul stenches start lurking and manage to spoil our enjoyment. Well, it is within your power to do something about this. Purge odors and other uninvited guests from your personal sanctuary and make it a more pleasant space. Here are some tricks, tips, and tools to make it happen.

Facing the elusive menace

Fragrances and smells are not typically associated with the bathroom design, but that is about to change. Visual appeal and functionality are no longer the only qualities you have to worry about.So, ask yourself:  How does your bathroom smell like now?The first thing to do is to roll up your sleeves and clean the bathroom. Regular maintenance is the key to managing odors and smells. Even with a stunning designer bathroom look you can have a sense that something is missing or amiss for that matter. Therefore, pay attention to detail like drips and drops on the floor that tend to accumulate.Note that instead of aggressive and toxic chemicals, you can utilize a wide array of household products and natural cleaners for the task, such as vinegar, baking soda, shaving cream, even black tea. Adding essential oils to DIY cleaners boost their cleansing power.

Something in the air

Next, it is time to deal with unpleasant odors and lingering smells.  If you are full of bathroom design ideas, but have no idea on how to combat smells, do not fret. Try to discover sources of origin, such as old shower curtains.Furthermore, there is a multitude of odor eliminators at your disposal. You can use an odor removing detergent or a laundry booster designed to remove odors. Desiccants like DampRid come in handy because they reduce the humidity levels.Also, bear in mind that it is ambient moisture that nurtures a favorable climate for odors to take hold. What is more, to wage an effective war against smells with winds in your sails, you should improve the air circulation. This decreases the dampness that produces musty, mildew odors.Adding ventilation systems and extra windows makes a huge difference, but it can cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, you can also purchase a small electric fan as well as plug-in air purifiers. Another neat trick is to put drops of purification or essential oil on cotton balls and let the air conditioning disperse pleasant smell into the air.

So fresh, so clean

Those who like scented air fresheners, candles, and diffusers must know that they do not address the root of the problem, they just mask it. Thus, they should be used only after you have launched a merciless offensive on the stenches. Choose mild fragrances rather than harsh sprays.Finally, remember that shabby bathroom décor pieces can add fuel to the fire, especially if you have loads of second-hand and vintage items.   You should take advantage of fresh bathroom décor. It does not get better than potted plants, the natural air purifiers and odor absorbers. Consider adding a basket of potpourri as well.These things are a part of the natural bathroom design, one that is visually striking, health-preserving, and smell-busting. So, do not miss your chance to indulge all your senses and immerse in soothing relaxation at its finest.

Smells cannot have it their way

A modern bathroom is a space that does not only look, but also smells good. There is no other way to defeat odors than to embrace regular cleaning routines. Do away with natural allies of odors like the humidity, freshen the air, and feel the invigorating sensation coming over you. You need to keep bathroom odors at bay without relying on frantic rubbing and scrubbing or strong chemical cleaners: Do it the natural way.

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