How to Use Mirrors for Style and Design

A well-placed mirror works miracles for any space. It allows you to see your home in a whole new light and open doors to new possibilities. Take the example of wall mirrors that are a design staple across different styles and schools, tools that foster a bright, open feeling.They are sort of a no-brainer, which is not to say they always hit the mark. In fact, I would encourage you to think beyond traditional conventions and techniques that are limited to simply hanging mirrors on empty wall space.First off, mirrors are undoubtedly a great way to add sparkle and spark visual interest in your living environment. They add depth and charm, making the most of the light present in the room, both natural and artificial one.  There is no shortage of ways to make the spellbinding visual symphony happen.So, try placing a mirror right behind a lamp. You might not be able to look at it, but it will amplify the glow and create a nice spectacle.  To take things a step further, put two mirrors close together, on adjacent walls. According to Leslie Hendrix Wood, “Double hung mirrors add interest and intrigue to any room. The double mirror is especially effective in adding depth and light to a small space. I love the impact double hung mirrors make, especially in a powder room’’

An open secret

Furthermore, mirrors have an incredible power to visually open a small room and create a much-welcome illusion of more space.  So, how about one magic trick? You can pull it off by placing a full-length mirror in between two windows and give off a simulacrum of having one more window than you actually do.Kristina Wolf says “use the reflection to make the room seem larger. This can be done using almost any decent sized mirror. If you’re looking for ways to do it a little differently, try placing a floor-to-ceiling mirror behind a dresser or cabinet. Usually mirrors hang above a furniture piece or are used as a full-length or full-sized mirror. Something special happens when the right sized mirror is placed behind the furniture, making the room feel larger and it also yields a more interesting view.”On the other hand, a somewhat different approach is to place a mirror across the window and enhance the light and the view in the room. As decorative windows, mirrors always do the trick. Unlike the transparent windows, though, they can be installed pretty much anywhere.Indeed, there are many other ways to cunningly suggest that there is more space that meets the eye and most of them rely on smart aligning of mirrors with other design elements and furniture.  The goal when decorating with mirrors is not always to fool the eye, though.

Different strokes for different folks

There are decorative mirrors, mirrors that play a functional role, and those that can do both: Make a statement and make your life easier in one stroke. So, you are in a position to accomplish a wide array of design goals, be it bringing a dramatic effect or doing stylish cosmetics.Remember that the outcome is affected by the size, shape, ornamentation, and detail, but also the frame of the mirror. Yes, there is a lot of ground to cover, but if you are already feeling overwhelmed with the spectrum of choice, you should check out a nice mirror buying guide and get the show on the road.In general, large mirrors are a great addition to areas like empty spaces above the mantel. But, you do not always have to go big in case you do not wish it so. In fact, it is not always a good idea to do this. A giant wall mirror can make some rooms look like a public gym. Therefore, if you are not feeling overly confident, start small.Sometimes, this approach gives you more space for maneuver. Contrary to its bigger counterpart, a tiny mirror or a couple of them can causally adorn a shelf. Besides, you can remove them if the mood change strikes. So, do not use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.It all depends on your preferences and sense of style, as well as the budget.  But, if you ask me, even if your budget and knowledge are limited, it pays off to splurge on one majestic piece and go for designer mirrors.  Some people are not aware that beautifully-crafted, one-of-a-kind mirrors can act as full-fledged art pieces.Tastefully Inspired Blog has singled out some great examples that draw the eye here. One cannot but love these mirrors that speak to the designer that exists within all of us.

A bag full of tricks

One of the key tricks is to find the right location for the mirror. Along the similar lines, choose between using a mirror as a focal point and an accent. Note that the former option does not force you to use only larger-scale mirrors. Done right, placing a small mirror, let’s say with a stunning framing, can give you a new focus of attention.In any regard, there is no reason to go overboard and turn your home into a house of mirrors, but you should not limit their role either. Try to deliver a visual statement that is both subtle and glamorous. Mirrors breathe life into blank corners and empty stretches of space.So, if you have a console table that needs sprucing up, hang an attention-arresting mirror above it and see it suddenly brimming with character. Whatever you do, make an effort to think outside the box. The possibilities are virtually endless, just like a number of images a mirror can reflect. One of the neat techniques is to employ mirrors as one part of a larger arrangement. For instance, you could flank it with wall art, framed photos, decals, etc.Feel free to play with different shapes, but pay close attention to the symmetry of the arrangement, which determines the visual impact. Measure twice and cut once.

Shape of you

If you find the right shape, you can fit a mirror almost anywhere, including the center of a bookshelf. Likewise, it can be a great replacement to TV, hanging at the heart of an entertainment center.I really like round mirrors and I discovered that they can also serve well in place of medicine cabinets. Of course, there are numerous options when it comes to ordering perfect-size, custom-made mirrors, so explore them.Just make sure you do not create visual disarray. Try to grasp how the shape of the mirror compliments or disrupts the shapes and lines around it. Again, I think round mirrors pose a great choice because, in a typical home, there are so many sharp angles and straight lines that can be softened.Another aspect to take into account is the proportion. Namely, if you are using multiple mirrors, they usually need to be proportionate to each other, and in any event, to the wall they hang on. Hence, hanging a slew of small mirrors on a huge wall is probably not a wise move. Even a design expert would struggle to make something like this work.

Room by room

Understand that the design principles that apply and guide your decisions may vary from room to room. Bending the rules a bit is something that can turn out to be a great success because mirrors are quite versatile objects. So, do not think that the same principles should dictate your choice in a designer bathroom and a bland entryway.There is also a difference in techniques when you are bringing mirrors to well and dimply-lit spaces. In a bathroom, a mirror plays an important role, and not just in a sense of aesthetics. It must be functional and well-lit, usually located above designer bathroom sinks. Sometimes, we also see smaller, makeup mirrors that serve a clear purpose.  No matter how small, a mirror can always make a big difference.On the other hand, a wood framed mirror fits most kitchen layouts and designs. It can sit on the shelf or hang on the wall: It is up to you to express your individual style and preferences. One final innovative solution I want to mention is using a mirror for a backsplash, instead of regular tiles. This trick works better when you utilize antique mirrors because they conceal splatters better.So, infuse the home with sublime style and do not overdo it. The glittering beauty of mirrors is at its purest when it comes across as effortlessly stylish and pristinely elegant. Beyond everything else, always have a purpose in the placement of mirrors and get your creative juices flowing.

Let the soaring style prevail

Following the rules presented above, you can maximize the décor-uplifting potential of mirrors and elevate the style of the whole home. They work like a charm both as standout centerpieces and guileful accents. You should not hesitate to departure from what is expected.At the same time, get a hold of all the ins and outs of decorating with mirrors. Use them to boost visual appeal and enlarge your rooms. Combine them with light sources, décor prices, and other objects to bring an enhancing ambiance to life. Know what you want to achieve by adding mirrors to your home.You should be able to capture the imagination and wow the visitors, especially with unique and bold solutions. Do not miss this invaluable chance to assemble more inviting and enthralling environment and brighten up your space. Your home will never feel the same again.

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