How Wall Mounted Accessories Can Save Space in Your Bathroom

In most households, bathrooms are the smallest rooms. They often get neglected despite the fact that they serve as zones of tranquility and relaxation, where people spend quite a bit of their spare time. Another problem is that storage space is either in short supply or it overshadows the design of the room. Eventually, small bathrooms become cramped and cluttered, which kind of beats their whole purpose.Still, budgetary or spatial limitations should not impede your everyday satisfaction and joy. Where there is a will there is also a way. And when splendid ideas meet sublime execution, awesome things are bound to happen. So, do not wait until you barely have a place to put down toothpaste. Here’s how you can free up square footage and transform the bare, uninviting space into a spellbinding oasis.

Small spaces big dreams

Working with a small bathroom is a peculiar mix of exciting and daunting. One has to plan ahead of time and play it smart. So, instead of tearing down walls and paying a truckload of money for a remodel, how about you make good use of those empty surfaces? With some neat tricks and simple upgrades, it is possible to maximize the space.  In the process, you will be able to make your bathroom more beautiful, organized, and functional.One should consider bathroom design as well as fixtures right off the bat. It is the blend of these two aspects that produces a great, astounding space, suggesting you should not sacrifice either of them for the sake of the other. The best accessories are those that not only make your life easier, but also take away that hard, cold look that many bathrooms feature.  Although tastes differ, there is something special and pristine about luxury bathrooms that emit an aura of softness and sophistication.

Vertical limit

Hence, it is time to think vertically and make the most of every inch of space you have at your disposal. At the same time, you need to think about how each and every solution influences your comfort and the overall style. Freestanding units play a vital role in big, en suite spaces but they are simply too large for other bathrooms. That is why we will rely on wall mounted accessories and units. The good news is that with careful selection, you can add effortless elegance and give the bathroom a facelift.Those with a high ceiling might be in a favorable position, but do not let miniature bathrooms discourage you. There is nothing that can stand in the way of ingenuity and sound planning. By following good design principles and smart strategies, you should be able to squeeze in a lot into a small space without making it cluttered or unsightly.

The four walls

Wall mounted bathroom accessories go a long way in boosting the functionality of your space. Namely, there is virtually a myriad of space-saving on the market. They fit any layout and aesthetical preferences. In case you want to go DIY, that is fine. For example, you can repurpose some items like spice racks and magnetic strips that one would typically expect to find in a kitchen. Even a shoe rack may act as a holder for bulkier items. In any event, the internet is teeming with amazing ideas and projects for revamping the bathroom.Then again, it often makes sense to simply cherry-pick from a wide assortment and purchase appropriate products. It is certainly a quicker solution. Accessories do not cost an arm and a leg and besides, they allow you to enjoy your privacy and solitude immensely more. Thus, in the next section, we will cover some of the most popular and useful items that can help you gain space and come into style.

Storage space is the king

First off, we have to address wall-mounted storage. Counter space comes as a premium and vanities and sinks are hardly any better. This is to say that things like open and floating shelves are an absolute must in any bathroom. They save a great amount of space unlike cabinets, dressing table, and other pieces of furniture. What is more, they can hold your treasured collectibles, cosmetics, personal items, and décor.Also, it pays off to make good use of wooden baskets and plastic bins to neatly organize stuff on the shelves. If you do it right, you will completely eliminate the need for cabinets and furniture. Be creative and bear in mind that you can kill two birds with one stone and arrange the shelves decoratively. Once you sort that out, you set the stage for other design and storage ideas to take hold.Note that the list of possibilities is long and includes wall hung baskets, wall mounted accessory holders, and mini cabinets.  Rest assured that no matter how small the accessory is, it contributes to your space-saving efforts. You would be surprised how handy wall mounted toothbrush holders can be. I have also seen many bathrooms where mason jars hold the lion’s share of small stuff.  In general, all multi-functional pieces that suit open design are worth considering.

Piece by piece

Those who purchase a lot of wholesale shampoo, soap, and toilet paper need to think about storing them nice and easy. Products such as wall mounted soap dispenser or a wall mounted soap dish are simply a must have in every bathroom. As an alternative, you can constantly refill smaller-sized bottles and keep them on a shelf within reach. Oh, and I would definitely invest in a wall mounted toilet paper holder to prevent the mess and chaos from ensuing.Along the similar lines, a wall mounted towel bar poses a nice investment. The same goes for a wall mounted towel ring as well as double rack and a hotel-style rack. My personal favorite, though, is a heated rack that keeps your towels hot as you get out of the shower. For additional effect, place plush, colorful towels. They complement the rest of the environment and keep things interesting. You can also hang them on a decorative hook on the wall.A recessed medicine cabinet is another nice example, a solution that keeps clutter at bay. It does not intrude the space and most importantly, it keeps everything you need within reach. At last, it should also be mentioned that even toilets, vanities, sinks, faucets, and other fixtures can be mounted.  Considering that the basic rule for saving space is to mount as much as you can, this approach is rather fruitful.

A peaceful sanctuary

Walls are your main, natural ally, but remember to use the side of the door as well if you run out of wall space. Likewise, it is possible to hang storage to the side of your sink. Furthermore, why not add a sneaky shelf above the doorway or add magnets to the inside of your cabinet? Wherever you see empty space you should recognize the potential for putting the right accessory.When choosing it, you should stick to materials and finishes that match the fixtures. If the budget is not a concern, feel free to splurge a bit. And provided that there is enough space, do not shy away from hanging artwork and décor pieces. You also have an option to apply sponged paint or textured wallpapers and make a big statement. Think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing.Finally, do not make the mistake of overlooking mirrors. Think beyond those clunky, wall-sized frameless mirrors. Instead, opt for beautiful framed mirrors and leave enough room for other accessories. One great thing about mirrors is that they create an illusion of more space. A similar effect can be achieved with other glass pieces and products. Ultimately, any investment of time and money is more than worth it: When you give your bathroom a royal treatment, it tends to respond in the same fashion.

A well-deserved makeover

Believe it or not, a small bathroom can be a blessing, not a curse. The key to dazzling success is to make small updates that help big time and fresh up your bathroom. There is no need to spend money like there is no tomorrow on expanding and remodeling the room. The aforementioned solutions work pretty much in space of any size and style: They add warmth to the space and enable you to treat yourself with an enthralling retreat.Therefore, do not miss a chance to infuse the space with luxury and implement pops of color and texture. Get clutter off the counter and employ affordable and unique solutions. Focus on accessories that you really need first and then add flavor and non-essentials later. Deliver special, personal touches and assemble a personal shrine of relaxation and contemplation.  The reward comes in the form of countless hours of soothing bliss.

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