Inside Interior Designers’ Homes

There is hardly a better place to draw inspiration from than the homes of famous interior designers. In here, modern-day wizards get a chance to freely apply their wildest ideas. They also put all the skills they honed over the course of their careers to good use. There are no constraints, just the sheer, uncompromising creative energy. So, it is time to marvel at the sublime beauty and impeccable stylistic virtue. Get an inside look at these majestic living environments and jumpstart your own project.

Barbara Barry‘s tranquil sanctuary

Barbara Barry’s Beverly Hills home is a sight to behold. The living room is its heart and soul and also a master class in the sublime use of color and texture. Soft fine gray tones dominate the backdrop and set a nice stage for other elements. Fine layers all come together seamlessly and soaked in natural light, subtle shifts and twists get a chance to shine. Likewise, there are various pops of color and smaller gestures that spark interest. Blue linings of the draperies, abstract wall art, pillow fabrics, and accessories round up an enthralling interior realm. 5 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind

Sheila Bridges’s blue haven

Sheila’s Harlem retreat is a perfect reflection of her sensibility. She proved that one can use a favorite shade extensively and bring a stunning interior to life. In this case, soothing blue tone covers all main surfaces, including walls, floors, and furniture. Sheila, however, knows how to break up this blue order and infuse her home with more diversity and character. She took her time acquiring interesting and eclectic décor pieces and accessories. Just to name a few that draw attention, her living room features an alabaster Swedish chandelier, large French convex mirror, and marquetry table.

Vance Burke’s Oasis

In Palm Springs, one well-kept secret exists— Vance Burke’s personal Oasis. Many things went right here.  However, I would emphasize the role of brightly colored upholstery and bold shapes that ooze the sense of scale. Blue and green details infuse the rooms with even more appeal: these elements perfectly complement the desert landscape outside, which “pours inside” through large panes of glass. Vance certainly captured the essence of the mid-century style here, but he also did one great thing: he put a modern twist on it.10 Most Terrifying Bathroom Design Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Douglas Mackie’s modern castle

This 18-century building is a remarkable spectacle, but once you step inside, another world opens before your eyes. Douglas Mackie was determined to bring the interior to former glory and also equip it for the modern age. Original features such as stone fireplace were meticulously restored and the entire apartment re-plastered. An oversized piece of modern wall art is a true focal point and it was also the starting point of decorating and it complements laidback, subdued tones that reign supreme in the rest of the space.

Oxfordshire home belonging to Diana Sieff is a real blast from the past. The hallway is a feast for the eyes in its own right— it features a pair of ‘40-style chairs flanking an 18th-century lowboy and a beautiful hunting picture. In the bedroom, a four-poster bed takes center stage, along with eye-popping floral wallpapers. Here, Diana demonstrates how smaller spaces can actually look bigger with oversized pieces of furniture. Finally, one of her trademarks is the use of shutters instead of curtains. They are minimal and less light-blocking, thus a clear win-win, she asserts.

Bunny Turner’s

Bunny Turner’s home is extremely pleasing to the eyes. She harnesses inspiration from pop culture, including popular rom-coms. Also, she points out to the importance of using colors to set the mood. This whimsical flavor is visible in every room. In the hub of domestic life, bold chevron rug arrests attention and contrasts a fireplace filled with logs nicely. In the bedroom, she used her favorite tone, squid ink, for bedding and décor pieces. There are many similar examples of styling with colors, such as blue chars from The French House and a yellow stunner sofa. Challenges of Designing a Kids’ Bathroom

Unleash the inner designer

Upon seeing how top designers live, you might have a new perspective on your own situation. These people eat, sleep, and breathe design, which is at its fullest and purest in their sanctuaries. But, you should not try to simply recreate somebody else’s home, even if that person is a reputable designer. Take inspiration from aforementioned examples, but do your own thing. Be original. Create an environment that embodies your sense of style and personality.

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