Inspiring Bathroom Ideas for Warm and Cozy Fall Design

Create the illusion of warmth by changing the temperature of the light from cool to warm, and if you have cool-colored lightbulbs, replace them with the ones that are more yellow or orange in tone. Also, if you have only one or two light sources in your bathroom, consider adding a few more. Candles are practically always a good idea, but there are also options such as a small table lamp on your vanity, or additional ceiling lights. Just keep the lights soft, warm and slightly dimmed, and bask in the intimate comfiness of the atmosphere.

2. Warm colors

Invite warmth into your bathroom by opting for warm, fiery colors and natural shades. Elements that can be easily replaced, such as the shower curtain or towels are a great place to start. If you’re aiming for brightness and liveliness, look for brighter oranges and reds and if you don’t want your colors too loud, you can go for dark reds or auburns, which you can combine with deep greens for the autumn forest effect.Just remember to keep the design change subtle, and don’t change everything at once. Instead, you can only hint at what you have in mind just by adding a few elements in the color of your choice.

3. All things soft

Bringing in elements that balance out the smooth cold of the bathroom with their rich, warm texture is one sure way to make the room feel more inviting towards the end of the year. Equip your cozy retreat with soft, warm textiles of all kinds. Bathrobes and soft towels, perfect for warming up after a shower are a great investment in your feelings of coziness. Displaying them out in the open provides additional texture to the room and makes it feel less cold.The same goes for bath rugs and mats! You don’t want to miss out on the warm fluffiness of what’s underfoot. Finding the best way to incorporate a rug or anything that makes the floor feel warmer will make a huge difference in your endeavor to make the bathroom feel more inviting and cozy.

4. Layers on display

If you keep your textiles out, or at least the part of them that you are currently using, display them in a way that creates visual interest. That way you can attract the attention away from the tiles and onto “warmer” elements of the design. Depending on your bathroom’s style, combine them either so that the different towels or robes create interesting contrasts, or stack them somewhere you or your guests will certainly notice them. You can also make use of patterns that have a seasonal theme and complement them with your set of regular towels.

5. Engage the senses

If there is one thing that can instantly enliven the atmosphere in any room, then it’s the scent. Depending on your preference, get scented candles, incense sticks or air fresheners, and bring the alluring smells of fall into your bathroom as well. Whether it’s cypress, cinnamon, spiced pumpkin or any other, the scent that you choose will decide the first impression of anyone who enters your bathroom. Also, to keep things interesting, you can alternate between your favorite scents and not miss out on any in the season’s delicious collection.

6. Bring in a touch of nature

Unobtrusive, yet effective decorations made of natural pieces such as dry flowers, leaves, pinecones, or acorns emphasize the inspiration behind the design, but they don’t take up much space nor do they require any special effort. They go well with wicker baskets and elements that come in warm wooden colors. Mixes of these natural elements look splendid in glass jars, while flowery garlands usually make lovely additions to walls and even windows. Also some houseplants, like ivy which thrives in humid places, can help your bathroom both in terms of appearance and in terms of air quality. Essentially, these elements balance out the strict, straight lines that often make bathrooms look colder and more sterile than they have to be.

7. Bring in some artwork

Spice up the atmosphere in your bathroom with some artwork, photos or even Thanksgiving decorations, since Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Invoke the mystery of the season with anything from a subtle print on your textiles to a framed poster that gets you excited for the spooky season. Add some photos that make you feel good on a rainy day and make your bathroom feel more welcoming.

8. Get a bath caddy

If you don’t have a bath caddy already, what better time to get it than the fall! Make your warm bubble baths that much more enjoyable by combining them with a hot cup of tea or a glass of mulled wine with cinnamon and cloves.

9. Get a chair (or something for that purpose)

When your bathroom gets really warm and cozy and you don’t feel like leaving just yet, then have a seat. Somewhere. Really, if you have the room for it, get a cozy chair, an ottoman, even a footstool will do, and apply your make up/do your grooming in comfort. When you’re getting ready to head out into a cold, dark day, or if you are just warming up in the evening, a comfy place to sit on is a game-changer.Any slight change to your living space can make a difference in how you experience your environment. So even if you don’t have time for some more significant changes, with these ideas you can bring some refreshment to your space, and enjoy the fall even when you’re indoors.

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