Most Elegant Halloween Decorations

Not everything needs to be screaming orange just because it’s Halloween. Pumpkins are a pretty cute decoration, but if you want to make them a little more sophisticated make sure to go for a monochrome look – paint them in ivory, and then if you like, you can add a few gold or rose gold accent pieces. Better yet, pick one pumpkin to be your focus piece. Cover it with tulle or a light, gauzy fabric, and then add embellish with sewn-in beads or even faux diamonds. Prop it up on a pedestal, and then surround it with other pumpkins.

Decorate Your Bathroom in Black and Gold

Bathroom design is incredibly important in any home, and it’s a particularly fun room to decorate for Halloween. If you want something a little unusual, use black and orange to give it that delightful autumnal vibe.source A black candle here and there, an orange toothbrush glass, a few pumpkin towels, and maybe a mirror with a black frame. Of course, this might inspire you to actually consider using darker tiles to decorate your bathroom, so feel free to experiment.

Make Some Rustic Wreaths

Wreaths don’t need to be garish to be fun, and you can easily make your own if you want a few customized pieces for decoration. Use vines and wheat to make your base, and then simply add a few black bats to make it holiday-appropriate. The bats can be made out of cardboard, vinyl, and even leather.

Use Spooky Cutouts

You can get creative here because all you need are big character cutouts to glue to your windows. The cutouts can be anything – from ghosts and vampires, to the Nightmare Before Christmas characters. Use simple black cardboard to make them, and then stick them to the windows and install some outdoor lighting to illuminate the windows.The black cardboard will make them look like shadows, and the added illumination will make everything look spookier. It’s a lovely, tasteful decoration that will amuse people without going overboard.

Candles Everywhere

Instead of plastic toys, you can simply use lighting to make a creepy atmosphere. Douse down the lights and experiment with candle placement all around the house. Use skull candle holders or antique bottles if you want something more sophisticated, and illuminate your entire home only with that.Decorate as much or as little as you like and enjoy this holiday. As long as you don’t pick gaudy colors and let yourself think outside of the box when it comes to ornaments, you’ll have a perfectly elegant Halloween.Read More Designer Bathroom Blogs and Articles

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