Plants to Grow in Your Bathroom

Before you proceed to the list, think about the growing conditions in your bathroom. Is there natural light? If so, you can open your home to most of the plants on this list. If not, there are also solutions in the form of artificial light. It might seem like a lot of work, but if you play with different positions of the lighting elements and combine them with the right plant, you can be on your way to a soothing, serene atmosphere, aligned perfectly with the purpose of the room.Another thing you need to consider is space and the way you use the room. Make sure you don’t have to move the plants too often in order to perform your routine and that they are not in your way.The last condition you need to keep in mind is the temperature. Although most of these plants can endure slight deviations from their preferred temperature, most do not appreciate sudden or extreme changes in room temperature.Once the conditions are ideal, think about the general style of the bathroom. The way you place the plants depends on the impression you want to leave. Due to the tiling, many bathrooms tend to suffer from patterns that seem monotonous. Carefully positioned plants can break this monotony and instead, create a sense of rhythm.On the other hand, if your bathroom seems too crowded or chaotic, you can also position plants so that you introduce more symmetry into the room. Either way, the right plants will certainly enrich this often overlooked room.

Species that thrive in bathrooms

1. Spider plant

This popular, hassle-free plant will adapt smoothly to the conditions of the average bathroom. It copes well with low light and welcomes a bit of humidity as well. However, if your bathroom has a large window, place the spider plant farther away from it, as it does not tolerate bright, direct sunlight too much.The spider plant is famous for its characteristic plantlets that form from the mother plant. It is a good choice for bathrooms with limited space, as it prefers smaller containers that fit snugly around its roots. Placing it in a hanging basket or a pot on a higher shelf accentuates its eye-catching form, as well as its delightful little shoots.

2. Lucky bamboo

Often arranged in groups of three due to the belief that this will bring luck and prosperity to the household, the lucky bamboo is also a simple, low-maintenance houseplant. Kept in glass containers, which in themselves can be quite decorative, it appreciates low to moderate light and humidity. If you want a subtle, yet captivating houseplant, the lucky bamboo is a great choice.

3. Ferns

Ferns will enjoy the humidity in your bathroom. Depending on the species, they require moderate to bright light. They tolerate temperature fluctuations well, but they prefer warmer environments.

 4. Orchids

Orchids will add a touch of passion and warmth to any room, and balance out any stubbornly straight or strict lines in your bathroom. The warm, humid air in your bathroom will favor these beauties and they will reward you with flowers that last for months. You will need a bit more light to grow orchids, at least a medium-sized window. However, they do not appreciate direct light.

5. Tillandsia

Otherwise known as air plants, members of the Tillandsia family are the rebels of the plant world due to their ability to grow without soil. If the conditions are right, you can practically forget about them, as these amazing plants hardly have any demands. A bathroom with plenty of natural light is the perfect home for air plants.Air plants will welcome the steam in your bathroom as a treat. Let your imagination run wild the possibilities that air plants offer: as they need no special flowerpot, you can get quite creative with how you house and arrange your air plants.

6. Snake plant

Snake plant, also known as Sanseveria, is a hardy plant that requires minimal effort on your side. It does not like to be overwatered, and in the humid conditions of the bathroom, it will only rarely require watering. Sanseverias tolerate most light conditions, except for direct, scorching sun. Not only are they durable and long-lived, they are also one of the easiest plants you can get. Another reason to get a snake plant for your bathroom, besides the aesthetic one, is that snake plants are highly efficient at purifying air and removing toxic chemicals from it. So there you go, pick a plant from our list, go to the nearest garden center, and start creating your little bathroom oasis!

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