Roomba 980 Review

Roomba 980 Review | Help Advisors

The Jetsons promised me a robot-roaming machine to make life easier. Where’s my Rosie the Robot Maid?

Well, welcome to the next generation of easy-living vacuum cleaning. It’s a newer technology, but undoubtably the tip of the iceberg in a revolutionary time of machine learning (modernly called Technology AI).

Today we’ll review iRobot’s newest model Roomba – the Roomba 980.

I’ve been using the iRobot Roomba 980 for since I bought it for Christmas last year – now my house is kept clean and with little effort. If you can afford the extreme price tag, this is the best robotic vacuum money can buy. 

Earlier (and cheaper) Roomba models:

Roomba 614  |  Roomba 690  |  Roomba 860  |  Roomba 890  |  Roomba 960

The brand name Roomba is synonymous with robotic vacuums. Roomba Robo Vacs have a patterning algorithm originally created for national defense. Most people don’t know that. The original concept was to have robots that can scan a surface in search of landmines, modernly called IEDs.

How does it work a robotic vacuum?

It’s remarkably simple to get started. At first I was pessimistic about how easy the setup would be – It personally took me about 5 mins.

First, insert the Roomba 980 into it’s charging station and align it with the charging dock. (iRobot says that it takes up to 3-hours for the vacuum to fully charge)

Each charge lasts about 1.5 hours, but the the Roomba will use up more energy, if the area is messy or super dirty. This is because of the turbo-suction which automatically detects the flooring type (wood floor vs. carpeting).

One of my favorite things is the mobile app which provides a map overview. To use it, simply download the app and register your Roomba.

After you have it on your phone and registered, push the Clean button and you’ll be ready to roll! Even if you’re not at home, your Roomba 980 will leave its charging dock and start cleaning.

You’ll be amazed by how smart and clever this little machine is – it’s able to intelligently bypass obstacles, move in patterns that cover the entire room area, and return to its charging dock when finished (or when it’s low on battery.

I was also amazed that it didn’t damage wood furniture. You’ll notice that when it comes within inches of a chair or dresser, it’ll significantly slow down and gently bump into it – No damage! It’s absolutely incredible!

If you have an open layout house your Roomba occasionally get a little lost. The problem with an open layout for digital mapping is that room specs are more vague and room entrances are considered extra-wide doors. 

Fortunately the folks at iRobot anticipated this issue which lead to the innovation of digital wall barriers. 

The Roomba 980 will come with 2-barriers.

When you turn them on, the Roomba won’t cross the invisible line. You can also use them in a traditional home layout to clean only a specific area or room of the house. 

If you choose to buy the Roomba 980 and can afford the steep cost, I really think you’ll love it. It makes life super easy.

(It’s also a nifty gift to showoff to friends and family!)

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