Shinco 10000 BTU Portable AC Review : Shinco SPF2-10C

Shinco 10000 BTU Portable AC Review : Shinco SPF2-10C

Shinco 10000 BTU Portable AC Review.

The Shinco SPF2-10C Air Conditioner is quickly becoming one of the top sellers online.

As a compact AC unit it offers fast cooling and quick installation — it arrives mostly preassembled.

Cooling: 10,000 BTU

Room size: 300 – 450 sq. ft.

Installation: 5 – 10 mins

It’s also very quiet and operates below 52 decibels (on low speed).

Buyers love using as a bedroom or living room air conditioner.

Shinco SPF2 air conditioners are avail in 3 sizes:

Shinco Air Conditioner Power Room Size DehumidifierSPF2-08C8,000 BTU200 – 350 sq. ft.60 pints dailySPF2-10C10,000 BTU300 – 450 sq. ft.75 pints dailySPF2-12C12,000 BTU450 – 550 sq. ft.90 pints daily

All units have the same functions, but come equipped with different size motors.

For this review I’ll refer to the Shinco 10,000 BTU air conditioner (SPF2-10C).

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Shinco SPF2-10C Air Conditioner:

Portable Air Conditioners are gaining in popularity due to their affordable price + easy installation.

They have similar cooling capacity as window units, but are less noise and don’t require hard lifting. They’ve especially gotten popular in city apartments (especially apartment bedrooms).

As a 10,000 BTU portable unit, the Shinco air conditioner is trending to be very popular in .

It’s affordable + high powered.

In terms of cooling capacity, the Shinco 10,000 BTU air conditioner is ideal for rooms 200 – 350 sq. ft. in size.

And to make operating even more convenient it includes a fully functional the remote control — adjusting the timer, speed, and mode (including the dehumidifier!).

The Shinco AC comes mostly assembled, taking 5-10 mins.

Shinco 10000 BTU Portable AC Review:

The Shinco SPF2-10C portable air conditioner weighs 55 lbs, but has a compact size.

It sits nicely in the corner or along a wall (making it less obtrusive).

AC motor is high-powered and automatically disperses cooling throughout the room.

Very simple digital controls light up, allowing you to change settings in the dark — you can also use the remote control to change function, speed, or operation mode.

It comes with a built-in dehumidifier which removes 75 pints (or 9-10 gallons) of moisture per day.

Buyers love the silent mode which is the lowest AC setting — it cools the room while staying below 55 dBs. Excellent for bedrooms, especially baby bedrooms.

What’s included:

When you purchase the Shinco Portable Air Conditioner, here’s what you can expect to get.

  • Shinco Air Conditioner (55-lbs)
    • R410a cooling refrigerant
  • Installation kit + hose
  • Remote Control
  • Washable filters (not all acs offer this!)
    • Remove and rinse reusable filters

Shinco SPF2-10C Review:

  • Cooling: 10,000 BTU
  • Area size: 300 – 450 sq. ft.
  • Price: Affordable
  • Self-evaporative system
  • 3-in-1 air conditioner
    • AC, Fan, Dehumidifier
  • Dehumidifier = 75 pints per day
  • Silent Mode
    • Noise: below ≤ 52 dBs
  • Washable ac filters
  • Includes 3 fan speeds

Shinco Portable Air Conditioner Review:

Even though the Shinco SPF2-10C air conditioner is newer on the market, it’s received mostly all positive reviews from buyers — from what I can tell it’ll be a top seller this year. 

Personally I think the Shinco air conditioner offers a lot of value.

It cools rooms quickly, comes with a powerful dehumidifier (removing 75 pints!), and is very affordable (compared to similar portable air conditioners).

If you’re looking for a medium size air conditioner for your home, I think the Shinco SPF2-10C is worth considering.

Shinco SPF2-10C Portable Air Conditioner:

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