Shinco Portable Air Conditioner Review • SPF2-08C ; SPF2-10C

Shinco Portable Air Conditioner Review • SPF2-08C ; SPF2-10C

Shinco SPF2-08C Reviews.

The Shinco Portable Air Conditioner is newer to the market, but already has very positive buyer reviews.

It’s available in 3 BTU sizes, but the 8000 BTU is the most popular because of its versatility — perfect for small or medium size rooms, especially bedrooms (because of its quiet operation).

Power: 8000 BTU

Rooms: 200 – 350 sq. ft.

In terms of noise level, the Shinco SPF2-08C is quiet and operates below 52 decibels.

Buyers say it has a calm ambient sounding noise that’s unobtrusive at night-time or if using for a home office.

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Shinco Portable Air Conditioner Review:

The Shinco portable air conditioner units are more affordable than similar-size units.

For cooling, they have similar capacity as top window ac units — they’re also easier to install (no carrying) + much quieter, making them better for bedrooms.

As a 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner it’s very versatile for residential use.

bedrooms, small basements, home offices, apartments, dorms rooms

For cooling, the Shinco SPF2-08C is ideal for any room 200 – 350 sq. ft.

And to make operating even more convenient it includes a fully functional the remote control — adjusting the timer, speed, and mode (including the dehumidifier!).

Shinco Portable AC Review:

With its compact size , the Shinco AC can sit along a wall, or snuggly in a corner.

Very simple digital controls light up, allowing you to change settings in the dark — you can also use the remote control to change function, speed, or operation mode.

It comes with a built-in dehumidifier capable of removing 60 pints of moisture (per 24-hours)

Buyers love the silent mode which is the lowest AC setting — it cools the room and is much quieter than similar units when maintaining room temp.

Noise Level (dB): ≤ 55 decibels

Good option for bedrooms, especially baby bedrooms

Light sleepers will appreciate it the most!

As a compact AC unit it offers fast cooling and quick installation.

Install time: 5 – 10 mins

Temp range: 75°F – 98°F

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Shinco Portable Air Conditioner:

The Shinco portable air conditioner comes 90% preassembled. Buyers say it takes only 5 – 15 mins.

In the box, you can expect to receive the following.

  • Shinco air conditioner unit (46 pounds)
  • Window installation kit
  • Hose connector
  • Remote Control
  • Washable filters (not all acs offer this!)
    • remove and rinse, reusable air filters

Shinco SPF2-08C Review:

  • AC Cooling: 8,000 BTU
  • Room Size: 200 – 350 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable temp: 75°F – 98°F
  • Self-evaporative system
    • Increases cooling efficiency
    • Reduces water in tank (less emptying)
  • Air conditioner on wheels = portable
  • 3 modes of operation
    • AC, Fan, Dehumidifier
    • Silent Mode (Noise ≤55dB)
  • Dehumidifier = 61 pints per day
  • Includes 2 fan speeds

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Shinco SPF2-08C Air Conditioner:

Even though the Shinco portable air conditioners are newer to the market, they’ve already received top buyer reviews and are trending to be very popular in .

Buyers say it’s very quick to cool rooms — many are located in Florida and other southern states. They like to switching back and forth between air conditioner and dehumidifier mode.

Many buyers also love it as a bedroom ac unit (because of its silent operation).

Overall, the Shinco portable air conditioner is a high-output unit that’s offered at a reasonable price.

Shinco Portable Air Conditioner Review:

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