Sleek bathroom wastebaskets that will elevate your bathroom design

Interior designers agreed on one thing: everything matters – from tiles to toilet seats and every single detail in between. New trends like framed bathroom mirrors, brass finishes, deep soaking tubs, marble surfaces were a must-have in the last few seasons.Transform your bathroom into a nice and pleasant spa corner and don’t underestimate the power of small bathroom accessories. The possibilities are limitless so don’t be afraid to get creative.Replace old, boring plastic wastebaskets with new classy models. Brass finishes for example are a great idea. Marble gives a touch of luxury and never goes out of style while wooden wastebaskets are always trendy and eco-friendly …

From a simple trash can to a decorative detail

A wastebasket is an indispensable member of your bathroom. Any ultimate bathroom furnishing guide should address this topic, don’t you agree?You can never go wrong with timeless and functional details. But make sure that the interior characterizes your personal style.Feng shui advice: In order for energy to flow freely, it is necessary that the bathroom is tidy and that there are no unnecessary items. Always keep a trash can clean. Broken ones must be replaced with new ones.Here are some models we would recommend:Décor Walther: DW 112 Square Open Top Trash Can, Stainless Steel Wastebasket W/O Lid Cover This Steel Lady has a capacity of 11,6 Liters. The elegant metal surface easily fits into any interior. The simplicity and beauty of this model makes it timeless. Polished chrome is all over it, including the bottom so it will last for a very long time.This wastebasket is minimalistic and modern, with sharp lines, sleek polished steel surface and cool metallic glow that gives it a special character.It’s practical for two reasons – you will easily put wet wipes, swabs and other waste in it and can fit tightly against the wall. If you’re looking for a simple and elegant basket look no further, this model is top choice, especially for contemporary bathrooms.But…this wastebasket has an open top. That can be inconvenient because the contents of the basket are always visible. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly keep it clean and empty.Bella by AGM Home Store: BA Folie Swarovski Round Trash Can for Bathroom – Brass In case you are searching for a beautiful model which is more like a decoration than a bucket BA Folie Swarovski Trash can is the right choice for you.This Italian masterpiece is made of brass and decorated with Swarovski crystals. It’s very stylish and beautifully crafted, tasteful, impressive, and brings a sophisticated look to the room.This wastebasket can come in silver and gold finishes so you can fit it easily into your bathroom design.It’s available in two sizes: small (6,5 W x 6,5D x 12,6 H in. – capacity of 5 liters)and large (8W x 8D x 14,2 H in – capacity of 8 liters).Aquanova: Laura Round Stainless Steel Pedeal Wastebasket Trash Can for Bath, Kitchen, & OfficeIts design is a true measure of the futuristic and functional. You can place it in the kitchen, bathroom, workspace … It will easily fit into any corner of your home.This model comes in elegant Polished Chrome and authentic Polished Copper.It’s made of stainless steel and rubber. This round floor-standing model has a cute pedal so you can avoid touching the lid.Another bonus, It’s an easy to clean model because of the smooth surface.Dormic: Neli Square Polished Stainless Steel Wastebasket Trash Can W/ Swing Lid Bin Hm, how to describe this small practical wastebasket in a few words? She’s stable, solid, reliable …This wastebasket is a master of camouflage. Its gentle reflection will unobtrusively and humbly fit into any interior.She has lines with rounded angles and a nice swing lead.It fits perfectly in bachler pads decorated in a minimalist style. You may not notice this beauty at first sight, but when you do, it will take your breath away.The only problem can be keeping the surface clean because the waste material still comes into contact with the swing lid when it is put in the bin. This means that you will have to clean the surface more often, but this wonderful piece definitely deserves it, because it is the detail that will modestly radiate beauty and elegance every time you step into the room. Windisch: Lisa Round Wastebasket Trash Can for Bathroom, Kitchen W/ Swing Lid This trash can with a swing cover is practical and beautiful. It’s actually too pretty to be hidden in a bathroom. Genius design and smooth lines make it a real work of art.The interiors in which this wastebasket would fit best are those who have clean lines and a modern vibe. For example something like a combination of white and light grey, marble surfaces and crystal details complemented by the Windish bathroom collection.Made of solid brass, this piece will breathe elegance into your bathroom. You may choose the final touch: polished chrome or polished gold.If you have interesting silver shiny tiles Lisa round wastebasket in the color of polished chrome will blend in perfectly.Extra tip: If you have a bold approach to decorating your bathroom choose interesting patterns and gold details. Every room can benefit from shiny accessories.

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