Smart Tips on How to Store Bathroom Accessories and Toiletries

Bathroom necessities are constantly evolving, and your business could heavily depend on keeping up the pace with latest trends. They go both ways: Towards the aesthetics and in the direction of functionality.Let’s start with the latter.  After all, all those everyday essentials like toothbrush and soap should be easily accessible. However, it’s so easy to lose track of all these tiny items or let them be perched on the edge of the tub or windowsill. This is more than a minor inconvenience because the mildew can quickly start to accumulate at the bottle’s bases.  Thus, our main priority is to keep mess and clutter at bay. So, with the permission of a bathroom owner, you can begin the good old purge.  Get rid of expired and unused items as well as bulky packaging. There is no need to retain original soap package when you have a soap and lotion dispenser at your disposal.Next, assess how much storage you are going to need. It is highly advisable to measure twice and cut once. Although you have to factor in the functionality, it is a good idea to think about the looks right off the bat.   For now, just get clear on what to keep out of sight and which items deserve to be displayed.But, first things first: One of the main dilemmas is if cabinetry fits inside or not. If the answer is yes, strive to maximize these heavy-duty pieces. I would go for custom-built cabinets with sliding doors that can be squeezed even in tiny toilets. Likewise, go built-in every chance you get: There is hardly a better way to work your magic in spatially limited space.Then again, a classic wall cabinet could works like a charm, even more so if it sports additional storage in the form of a built-in towel bar. Moreover, this option is a good way to showcase designer bathroom accessories, pretty perfume bottles, and décor.And if there is a double vanity, give it a storage boost with a countertop cabinet. That way, all those toothbrushes, styling products, and grooming accessories have their proper place.

Nothing wrong with thinking big

Provided that there is enough space, you should make a big difference with wardrobes.  A pair of matching pieces is sure to anchor the aesthetics nicely and provide loads of storage. Notice that top shelves are typically used for towels and toiletries. Seldom used items can go in baskets on the top of the wardrobe..I personally adore models that have an open space at the bottom, which is a great spot for frequently used items. One pitfall to avoid when using big storage, though, is letting any space go to waste.Well, where there is a vision, there is a way: Hang a set of hooks in between wardrobes to keep towels cleverly stored.

Baby steps and smart tricks

Don’t worry if the cabinets and wardrobes are out of questions. There are a plenty of other innovative options that set order to the smallest room in the home. As a pro, you always have to keep an eye on detail without losing sight of the big picture.When faced with a small bathroom, see if you can enhance the existing solutions before adding new storage capacity. How about you let shower rod perform double duty, as a storage space for your towels? Simply put a rack on an existing rod or install an extra one.What is more, bear in mind that with a fresh coat of paint, a rack can boost the visual appeal and breathe some life into monochrome spaces.You need to be smart about your storage and don’t let it contribute to the problem that plagues many bathrooms, a lack of space. There are many neat solutions and storage hacks that blend seamlessly with design elements and the layout of the room.For instance, you can outfit the cabinets with holders like back-of-the-door racks that are not visible at all.

As simple as ABC

Furthermore, the ultimate trick, especially when working with a small bathroom, is to make the most of vertical space, most notably the walls. So, in case you need to complete a project on a shoestring budget, you can opt for inexpensive tools like adhesive bathroom hooks.Floating shelves are a popular solution and for a good reason too. They allow us to supplement and make up for a lack of space in existing storage units like medicine cabinets.  I have seen many amazing uses of glass shelves that almost disappear into the backdrop and don’t attract more attention than needed. And if you do think they could use some visual identity, place pretty glass jars and decorative containers.This brings me to another point.Namely, to bring some unique flavor, you can repurpose ordinary household items. A set of unused mason jars, when used as hanging storage compartments, are a perfect solution for makeup brushes, cotton balls, and other knick-knacks. But of course, different storage solutions work best for certain styles. For example, a stainless steel soap dispenser oozes the industrial and contemporary charm and it’s perfect if you’re looking for a more elegant solution.

When everything starts to fall together

Next, it is time to consider drawer dividers and inserts. They simplify activities such as morning makeup search and prevent the annoying disarray in the drawers. Here, it is best to put items that are needed several times per week or once per day. And in case there is an insufficient drawer or cabinet space to begin with, utilize over-the-door shoe caddy for lotions, brushes, and other items.Similarly, note that you can add glass canister to the cabinets and allow owners to store more than just towels there. Elegant-lidded canisters can also stand on the countertop, and make mundane items like soaps, sponges, and bath salts display-worthy. Along the similar lines, you can put baskets open shelves to store candles, soaps, and other toiletries. Use matching baskets to pull off a cohesive style or play a bit with materials and colors to spark visual interest. Trays, on the other hand, are ideal for items like perfume bottles or all the supplies needed to cut nails.And to take utility to the next level, label all trays. This is a great strategy to improve shelf life. Just avoid overloading them because that would beat the whole purpose. It is always a safe bet to limit the number of items on each shelf.

Dazzle of the spotless style

All in all, don’t neglect a single spot, no matter how awkward it is. Conquer any type of space, including the space under the sink or over a toilet.Once you sorted out main storage problems, you can start focusing your attention on accents and details. They can help you make the space look like a true designer bathroom.Remember that every bit of storage has to fit the overall bathroom design and style: You should try to blend style and function seamlessly.In other words, when cherry-picking storage solutions, you need to consider aspects like size, type of finish, shape, color, and material. This may seem like a lot, but take it slowly. Complete the projects to the utmost satisfaction of your clients and let the bathroom emit your signature look.

Make it work

A bathroom is a space that should help us make our worries and stress go away, not add fuel to the fire. Therefore, try to get the best of both worlds: Create an organized bathroom that features good-looking, space-saving storage solutions.Add on existing storage and compliment the overall style of the bathroom in the best possible way. Make every inch count and serve a clear purpose. See if anything can do double duty. Create storage space where there seems to be none.Keep everything within easy reach, clutter-free, and stored conveniently. The sky is the limit if you play it smart and use every storage piece to its maximum potential.

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