Soap Dishes vs Soap Dispensers, what would you choose?

Whether you opt for a simple ceramic soap dish with a metal strainer, or you’re planning on buying an expensive crystal glass holder, be sure to consider all the features.If a soap holder doesn’t have a dish or a basin to collect water that will be a major problem. A very common disadvantage of most models of soap dishes is the deposition of water that drains from the soap. The liquid stays in the bowl until it evaporates, and the soap is sticky and viscous. What is very important is that there is a strainer on which the soap will stand. That way it will keep its shape and it won’t be wet all the time.The water will flow into the tank from where you can easily remove it. If the soap holder is made of ceramic or stone, it’s necessary to have holes into which the remaining water can flow. So far it’s 1:0 for the soap dispensers because they don’t have this problem.

Let the bathroom accessories whisper your name

The variety of soap holders is so big that it is impossible not to find ‘’The One’’.If you like natural, non-toxic materials, you can also choose holders that are a combination of wood and stone. Some designer specimens look as if they are torn from nature (holders in the shape of a floating leaf, untreated stone, etc…). Bamboo is also a popular choice for bathroom decor because it’s very sophisticated and relaxing.  Prefer to keep your soap in the shower? Vacuum suction cup soap dish is the ideal solution. Just place it where it’s easiest for you to reach it while taking a shower.*Keep in mind you can also screw the holders into the wall.

Soap dispensers are definitely a more hygienic solution

Unlike soap holders, dispensaries contain a pump and are the favorite choice for fans of liquid and foam soaps. Regular soap is constantly touched by the (often many different) hands and you will admit that it is not very hygienic.Many soap dispensaries have interesting titles on them, such as: “Spread kindness, not germs”, “You know what you touched”, and some are even funny “Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere”.They come in many shapes and styles and you can choose your own slogan.

Which material to choose?

If you need durable materials choose stainless steel, brass, or stone. If you have small children, the best choice is indestructible acrylic. If you have a very tight budget then opt for a plastic model (but only if you have no other choice)Word of advice :

  • Button on the soap dispenser must be made of non-slip material.
  • Pay attention to the surface of the bottom of the vessel and make sure it’s wide enough, for stability reasons.
  • Transparent materials let you see when the soap is running low.
  • Glass soap dispensers (best for kids-free homes) are the perfect way to modernize your bathroom space.
  • Soap dispensers with an automatic sensor are a great solution if you want to take extra care about germ protection.

Be creative!

If you have enough space next to the sink, place a tray on which you will put the bathroom accessories of the same color. Ceramic marble soap dispensers and dishes are a favorite choice of many decorators. They are simple and refined, and cannot go unnoticed, especially those in white and black interspersed with gold and silver veins. If the dispensary is made of transparent material  you can match the color of the soap with the bathroom interior. You can even add sequins to the liquid soap to make it more beautiful.

Make sure you never run out of soap…

One of the disadvantages of soap dispensers is that they can surprise you unpleasantly …With opaque material dispensers you are definitely in trouble.Soap dispensers must hold enough soap so they don’t need constant refills. That is why it is important that at least the lower part of the dispensary is transparent.

Attractive-yet-functional wall dispensers are an excellent option.

For fans of minimalism, wall mounted soap dispensers are an excellent choice. Wall mounted soap dispensers are known for being secure, elegant, and convenient for any bathroom design, and the best part is that they can be fixed to the wall in 2 ways: drilled-to-the-wall or self adhesive. 

In the end it’s just a premonition with a little math

We hope we have helped you decide which bathroom accessory to use for soap disposal. As both have their advantages and disadvantages and the difference is only in the details, our advice is not to look only at the appearance. The most important thing is that the soap holder or dispensary is adapted to YOUR bathroom (functionally & aesthetically).So weigh your needs well and add a touch of your personal style, so at the end you can be sure you have made the right choice.

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