Sony Wireless Headphones Review WH-CH700N | Consumer Guide

Sony Wireless Headphones Review WH-CH700N | Consumer Guide

Sony wireless headphones review.

The Sony WH-CH700N are high-end wireless headphones.

Equipped with newly upgraded Noise Cancelling Tech you can escape a noisy crowd or get into the zone at the gym.

Battery life: 30 – 35 hours

Recharge: 3-4 hours

Upgraded tech allows you to sync to your device + listen for long hours on a single charge.

It’s a perfect solution for long commute to work (or even a long, international flight!).

Best of all, they’re moderately priced and comes with a long lasting battery — 35-hours of play time (50 hours with wired connection).

Below are additional features I think you’ll love about them.

Sony WH-CH700N Features + Functions:

  • Pure NC Technology (noise canceling)
  • Headphones auto adjust to back ground noises
  • Fast charge lithium ion battery 
    • 60-mins of play for 10-min charge
    • 35-hours play wireless headphones
    • 50-hours play when plugged in
  • Built in microphone for bluetooth connection
  • Sony voice assistant (for taking calls)
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming with  NFC 1-touch tech
  • Near Field Communication (NFC by Sony)
  • Makes setting up bluetooth very easy!
  • 1.57″ dome drivers = high quality bass

What Customers Say:

According to reviews and my own personal findings, the Sony Wireless Headphones fit superbly + comfortably.

Good sound quality with excellent noise-cancelling ability.

Buyers use them for working out, digital piano keyboards and long work commutes. They’re also great for traveling (especially long flights!)

I also love the sound adjusting technology which allows perfect pitch! 

** Note: to protect them, you’ll want to purchase a case separately. It’ll come in handy if you’re traveling long distances or throwing it in a carry-on suitcase

One downside is the design – they look a little bulkier than other models. For example I think the Sony Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones (model # WH-H900N/B) look a sleek, modern look.

They’re more expensive so it depends on your budget and what you’ll be using them for.

I’m not sure if the Sony WH-CH700N would make the best workout headphones but I think they’d be great for long flights or regular work days.


You’re going to love this pair of Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones — if you’re looking for clear, crisp sound quality with well-balanced bass and excellent noise canceling tech… this is the pair for you!

The Bluetooth function makes it so easy to stream music from your phone or another device, and the sound can be adjusted to suit your needs perfectly!

Listen to your favorite music anytime anywhere for as long as 35 hours without the disturbance of background noise, or just have some soothing peace and quiet!

In terms of price, it’s a pretty solid deal – even though they’re upgraded, they cost a lot less than similar bluetooth headphones made by Bose and Dre Beats.


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