Summer Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The graceful arrival of summer gives us an opportunity to see our homes in a new dazzling light. After all, that is when bathrooms become even more important as soothing sanctuaries, where we can escape the heat, and relax. The good news as well is that you do not even have to go out of your way to witness the magic and assemble an inviting environment.There is no shortage of simple and easy ways to breathe life into the tired old bathroom design. On the other hand, you can also go big and spend more on larger-scale projects. In any event, the options abound, regardless of whether you are working with a huge master bathroom or a small powder room. Here are some of the trends and ideas making a big splash in the realm of bathroom design this summer.5 Luxurious Celebrity Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind

1. Start with the accessories

Outdated and bland bathrooms are a deadly sin during summer. To make a positive change, get inspired by the weather and natural bounty outside. Come up with a budget. Know that one of the biggest challenges in every bathroom is related to organization and space layout. But, if you play it smart, you should be able to overcome any obstacles on the way to the dream bathroom. sourceBesides, it is not like you have to carry out a complete renovation. There are many upgrades that go a long way towards boosting the visual appeal of the space. For example, for starters, you can invite the outdoors in. Indoor plants bring the much-needed splash of greenery and colors. Fresh peonies are one of my personal favorites, albeit far from the only option.  sourceFurthermore, fill the basket with white towels that bring a crisp and fresh sensation. You can also add white curtains to windows to infuse the bathroom with airy flavor. The sunlight gets diffused through them in the most beautiful way. Those who want can also use accessories like towels and soaps as splashes of color that disrupt the monochromatic palette.The Art of Decorating and Styling a Bathroom for Summer

2.Turn the bathroom into a livable space

Bathrooms are getting even bigger, more luxurious, and versatile. If the budget allows it, why not take the living room to the bathroom? The trend of “bathroom living” is gaining momentum around the world and allows homeowners to spend plenty of quality time in their indoor oasis. There is no better time than summer to make it happen. The project revolves around adding amenities and features you typically see in hubs of domestic life.


So, think in terms of comfy sofas, fireplaces, bookshelves, artwork, wall-mounted TVs, etc. Bright furniture is a must-have, as it brings forth the unexpected, bold twist to the standard setting. To squeeze it inside, though, you may have to rethink the floor plan and arrangement of furniture in the bathroom. Of course, some people will find it necessary to expand the bathroom. This could cost a small fortune, but it could be well worth it.

3.Northern adventure in the middle of summer

If tropical style is not your cup of tea, do not fret. There are some less-obvious summer remodeling ideas that actually work all-year-long. Such is the case with the timeless classic, the Scandinavian style. It is hailed for its airy, light-filled and relaxing vibe. To set the right stage, use colors wisely. Stick to neutral hues that feel cozy and serene. If you know what you are doing, foster the contrast of blacks and whites. sourceA lot of different décor and design elements can work well with such a backdrop, including rustic furniture, midcentury vanities, and classic-style, gleam hardware. Scandinavian style encourages us to experiment with lighting, so make the most of it.  Splurge on a striking centerpiece such as a pendant light, which emits warm metallic glint.  Those who want to follow other staples of Nordic design school can add faux fur and other fuzzy elements that can remain inside all year long.Creative Cleaning Products for your Bathroom Sinks & Vanities

4.Re-think the basics

A standalone bathtub is always a blast, a true statement piece. It makes one never want to leave the bathroom and face the heat. The beauty of it is that free-standing bathtubs come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. We have seen some majestic examples of Victorian, contemporary, and Jacuzzi style tubs. And if you think it is a viable option, install also a shower to accommodate all your wants and needs. sourceOne other hot trend to check out is open vanity. With neatly folded towels, they can look absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, they help you put together a clutter-free environment. Also, note that a smart, custom vanity can make the best use of available space and enable you to store items like stools underneath.  Furthermore, it is always possible to find several solutions when it comes to the position of the vanity. It can be tucked away, put in between sinks, serve as a small table or extra counter space. sourceAt last, think water-resistant and explore different tile options. Apart from prime functionality, they can also bring graphic details and spark visual interest. You are free to go for anything that floats your boat, as long as it fits the overall summer theme. Finally, see if you want to add texture and color with beautiful printed wallpaper. They are easy to install and can be removed once the summer is over or you get bored with them. The only problem is that they are not capable of enduring heavy-moisture climate for long.

Get the creative juices flowing

When warmer months roll in, it is time to take advantage of hot seasonal trends. Make no mistake: this is an opportunity to give the bathroom a seasonal makeover and soak in the opulence. You can go for a complete overhaul or make a difference with a handful of tweaks. I would certainly not miss a chance to swap the accents and accessories for an instant shift of mood and ambiance.Through it all, try to keep things elegant and hip. Amazing trends of 2022 should help you revamp the bathroom and turn it into a true extension of the living space. At the same time, put an effort to create a unique bathroom style that celebrates personal favorites and captures the joy of summer.    Read More Interior Design and Decor Articles

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