The 10 Best Roomba Vacuum Cleaners [ Top Picks 2022 ]

The 10 Best Roomba Vacuum Cleaners [ Top Picks 2022 ]

Best Roomba Vacuum Reviews

The iRobot brand is the dominant producer of robot vacuums.

Since the first model in 2002, iRobot has developed dozens of Roomba robot vacuum cleaners. Today’s offer the latest in technology – from mobile app controls to super suction power.

Below is my list for the best Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Prices range from, $279 to $1049 .

  • Roomba S9+ Reviews
  • Roomba i7+ Plus Vacuum
  • Roomba 985 Vacuum Reviews
  • Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum
  • Roomba 890 Vacuum
  • The Best Roomba Vacuum

     Top #1 Pick:  Roomba S9 Robot Vacuum

    As the latest model, the Roomba S9 is the best smart robot vacuum cleaner.

    Super easy controls – simply press CLEAN to begin or use the map to send it to a specific room!

    Battery: 75 mins

    Pricing: Expensive

    The Roomba S9 will automatically detect floor type and will increase up to 40X the suction power as needed.

    Equipped with multiple sensors it automatically knows when to increase or decrease power – for carpets, it auto switches to MAX power , allowing it to lift and suck-in pet hair and embedded dirt.

    Buyers love the new Imprint Smart Mapping  – command it to clean specific rooms!

    As a smart robot vacuum, the iHome app lets you use your smartphone to control the Roomba S9 vacuum.

    The app offers free updates ~  with your smartphone you can send it to clean a specific room or area!

    Ex: Roomba S9 will know what kitchen means.

    Super user-friendly with lots of positive buyer reviews!

    #2.) Roomba i7 Vacuum Reviews

    iRobot Roomba i7 is the best Roomba vacuum for large homes .

    It comes with an extra-large base that allows it to hold 30X the debris .

    Battery: 90-120 mins

    Pricing: Expensive

    Lots of upgraded features, but buyers love it because it for picking up dog hair – even clumps of dog hair!

    Power-Lift Suction is great for homes with large carpeted areas. It will increase to 10X suction power , picking up dog hair and embedded dirt.

    You can also direct it to clean specific areas using the iRobot Home app.

    Lots of positive reviews!

    #3.) Roomba 985 Review

    Roomba 980/985 is the best Roomba vacuum in terms of value.

    Technically a model, it includes many of the newest software and mobile app updates.

    Battery: 120 mins

    Pricing: Medium

    As a WiFi enabled robot vacuum you can command it using the mobile app or voice control.

    Voted the best Roomba vacuum in , it is designed for larger homes – extra power suction is automatically detects carpeting and is great for removing pet hair or long hair .

    The downside is that the dustbin is a little smaller.

    Additional features include:

    dual brushes, edge cleaning mode, realtime status updates

    Fair price and lots of positive buyer reviews!

    #4.) Roomba 960 Vacuum

    Roomba 960 is similar to the new Roomba 985 vacuum — but more affordable.

    It is designed with increased suction power + mobile app controls.

    Battery: 75 mins

    Pricing: Medium

    Battery is a little shorter at 75-mins per charge, but should be enough – if not, it returns where it left off once charged.

    Also comes with new AeroForce that increases 5X power suction for carpets, rugs and dirtier areas. 

    It is fairly low maintenance. Dustbin can last 2-4 cleans!

    Buyers love the mobile app & medium price.

    #5.) Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

    The Roomba 890 is perfect for pet owners. It loosens, lifts + picks up 99% of particles (and hair)

    New surface-detection will auto boost to 5X power.

    Good option for carpeting or pet hair!

    If want to clean specific areas, Roomba 890 includes barriers which create virtual boundaries. You can also sync with the iRobot Home App .

    Another unique feature are the tangle-free brushes .

    Good option for cleaning borders and corners!

    You can also control remotely using the Roomba mobile app .

    Read our post on Best Robot Vacuums.

    #6.) Roomba 877 Vacuum

    The Roomba 877 is a more affordable model for medium size homes.

    It comes all the basic features you’d want:

    tangle-free brushes, scheduler + mobile app functionality

    It includes floor-detection sensors ~ will auto increase to 5X suction for carpets or high-dirt areas.

    Roomba 877 was the first to use edge-sweeping feature for corners + borders.

    Buyers love its price & mobile app controls.

    #7.) Roomba 870 Robot Vacuum

    The Roomba 870 moves your home using iRobot’s most updated nav mapping.

    It is not as popular as the 890, but I think it’s because not many retailers sell it. Amazon does though!

    Reading the buyer reviews ~ it offers 95% of the functionality , but for a better price!

    Buyers say that it’s very efficient and doesn’t require multiple passes. Many users are dog owners too.

    The vacuum is good at detecting walls and obstructions.

    Also includes a tangle-free extractor preventing hair + debris from clogging suction.

    No mobile app function, but you can easily schedule cleaning sessions. (confirmed by buyers)

    #8.) Roomba 860 Vacuum

    The Roomba 860 sports brand new rubber extractors, and advanced Airflow system and a more powerful vacuum. It comes with AeroForce Cleaning System for more suction where needed.

    Produces up to 5x more air suction power and is very low maintenance.

    It can be programmed to clean up to 7 times per week.

    The Roomba 860 is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for homes with high traffic areas that need regular cleaning. 

    Good option for city dwellers who live in apartments.

    There isn’t a mobile app, but it does use WiFi for mapping + navigating your layout.

    You can also setup your weekly schedule.

    #9.) Roomba 761 Vacuum

    Equipped with Roomba’s first HEPA filter, the Roomba 761 series is an affordable model for mid-size homes.

    The Roomba 760 features iAdapt responsive cleaning technology, dual HEPA air filters that capture 97% of dust and 50% longer battery life than previous series. On board scheduling lets you program it to clean up to 7 times a week.

    Good for houses and apartments.

    It includes upgraded sensors to help detect the areas in which more dust piles up compared with other places. It is programmed to do extra passes back and forth between these affected parts of a floor to keep them clean.

    Buyers say it’s excellent for hardwood floors .

    Roomba battery lasts 2 hours – should be enough for most homes. If not it’ll return to the docking station and resume where it left off when charged. 

    Personally I think the Roomba 761 is the best intro robot vacuum (for first time buyers).

    Review on Best Robotic Vacuum .

    #10.) Roomba 690 Vacuum

    Equipped with WiFi the Roomba 690 is one of the first models to have app compatibility.

    While researching I noticed that it’s one of the most popular models being sold — even though it was released 2-3 years ago.

    Buyers write that the price-point is perfect for their budget and is a solid model for first time robovac users.

    For performance, it uses a 3-stage cleaning system — better on hard floors and somewhat reliable on carpets.

    It doesn’t have the increased suction of the top Roombas, but that’s expected given it’s affordable price — costs a fraction of the Roomba 985 or 960.

    For those on a medium budget it’s a nice intro robot vacuum.

    Notable – Roomba 652 Vacuum

    The Roomba 652 is the most affordable on my list.

    In terms of performance it’s not much different than the 690 model, but is a little louder when operating.

    Like the 690 it has a 3-stage cleaning system which you can schedule daily/weekly.

    If noise isn’t a problem, I think it’s a good starter robot vacuum. You can always schedule vacuum runs while you’re at work to avoid the noise too!

    Good price for basic cleaning features.

    What is iRobot and Roomba?

    The Roomba series by iRobot is an advanced group of robotic vacuum cleaners that are redefining the way we live. Each robot vacuum cleaner is a state of the art; lean; mean; cleaning machine that pushes the boundaries of technology and luxury lifestyle to the limit.

    Lots of reasons to buy a robot vacuum, but choosing a Roomba is a bit special.

    Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Models

    The iRobot Roomba family is broken into a three groups — 600, 800, and 900. The various versions within each series (for example, that the 614, 650, and 690) share similar levels of power and controllability, all which get updated in following series.

    1. Roomba 600 SERIES

    First-generation iAdapt and Aerovac technology signifies fundamental dirt-detection abilities and brushes that are typical: the type with fingernails which do a reasonable job at scratching debris up however are super vulnerable to getting ensnared in hair. While their navigation mode is arbitrary, 600 models exhibit iRobot’s patented cleaning algorithms which permit the apparatus to cover a whole space (given sufficient time) by locating perimeters and then rebounding between barriers.

    2. Roomba 800 SERIES

    IAdapt 2.0 enables Roombas to browse numerous chambers and monitor down dirt in which it hides, with both acoustic and optical sensors. Extractors (textured rubber brushes) knead the ground to raise debris, however, avoid becoming caught in coils of hair. The extractors alone create the 800 show a large step up from the 600 since they remove a whole lot of human maintenance period.

    3. Roomba 900 SERIES

    Exclusive to the 900 series, recharge-and-resume technology assists extend upon the multi-room navigation capacities of this 800s: Creating a pit stop to recharge before going back means that the 900-series Roomba can clean an whole amount of your house with the only push of a button. From the 980 version,Carpet Boost mechanically raises atmosphere wattage when it senses thicker-pile flooring.

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